To all Kenyon Hall users – we need your help.

We are planning to have the electrics in the hall rewired to bring them up to current day standards.   The project will deliver safe and reliable circuitry, LED lighting and up to date safety features such as emergency lighting in all areas.  

We are applying for a grant to meet part of the cost and your involvement is key to securing a grant.  Clearly updating the electrics is in everyone’s interest but what are your thoughts on the hall more generally. 

Please would you spend a few minutes letting us know what you think!

  1. What does the hall mean to you? 

Do you see yourself using it going forward?

Do you see it as a very good community space?

Do you think it serves the community well?

Whatever you think – please let us know.

  • The hall is 130 years old with original features that make the interior very special.

Should we make every effort to protect this building and if so why?

  • Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Please send your responses to:

[email protected] 

or – use the hall’s letterbox (located on the side wall – left of the entrance)


Thank you for your help.

Jill – Kenyon Hall

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