Holt History Society Award

The Society for Museum Archaeology (SMA) Awards 2021 have been chosen Wrexham museum and Holt Local History Society as the WINNER of the ‘exhibition, display or interpretation project’ category for ‘Hidden Holt: The Story of a Roman Site’.

The judges were all very impressed with the application and overall project. Here are a few of their quotes:

“A fantastic example of a collaborative project to bring dispersed collections back home to be displayed in context and with recent finds”. “Great to hear about the local ownership and that lasting relationships have been built between the museum, local history society, national museum and university, and to marvellous to keep it all going during lockdown”. “The Hidden Holt initiative seemed to have genuinely engaged a community and given voice to local enthusiasts. Like the others in the category this project had to work its way around COVID”. “Good partnership work between local museum, national museum and local people. “I’m a big fan of objects returning to their local area to help tell everyone’s history”.

Congratulations to all involved with this amazing achievement.

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