Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – January 2010

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - January 2010

Venue: Holt Community Centre
PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Ms. Shone, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Evans, Mr. Lewis, Councillor Morris, P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield-Jones, Councillor Morris.
APOLOGIES: Mr. Pridding, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Williams, Mr. Gibson.
CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, welcomed everyone with Good New Year wishes.
DEATHS: A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Margaret Brown and Mr. Frank Chadwick.
MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Mr. Evans seconded that the minutes of the last meeting, be signed and approved as a true record.

Poppy reported that November and December had been quite quiet although there had been 3 burglaries which is always cause for concern!
Dog Fouling is a big issue in the village and this is to be worked on with WCBC.
A Police/Village liason meeting is to be held in the Kenyon Hall on 19/1/10
Work is being carried out by the police in the community with an older residents function to be held – buffet/bingo and this occasion is to be used to hand out panic alarms and torches.
A visual audit of the village is to be carried out with WCBC on 3/2/10.
Youth Work – The T.V. has now been purchased and installed thanks to the generous donation from the Holt Website – many thanks to all involved for their hard work!
A discussion took place over a youth visit to Carden Park that had fallen through and it was asked if perhaps another date could be arranged with more notice.
The members of the Council were very disappointed to be told the newly re-furbished toilets have been vandalised and therefore have had to be closed. Discussion on this is ongoing to try to get a solution and the members would like the police to be extra vigilant in this area!

1. HOLT/FARNDON – LINK STEPS: Mr. Payne confirmed that the contractor will install the steps soon and his original price of  £664-50 still stands. Mr. Payne would therefore like to use the remainder of the £1000 set aside by the council for the steps to provide an information leaflet. Mrs Jones proposed this be approved, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
2.TIDY TOWNS GRANT – PICNIC AREA: The table had been delivered to Mr. Roberts before Christmas without notice even though the clerk had requested this. Mr & Mrs Roberts had kindly stored this, for which they were thanked. Mr. Roberts has kindly offered to work with G.H. Lewis on the surface of the car park here and to get the table installed on a concrete base. The fencing is to be done when weather permits. The scheme has to be finished by 31/3/10.

3. NEW VILLAGE SIGN: Mr. Gaade brought a sample and this was discussed. Colours need to be sorted – This is ongoing.

4. GENERAL MATTERS: Permission given for the grass to be cut in the woodland – Mr. Roberts proposed this, Mrs Roberts seconded.
Drainage by cemetery – a ne drain had been installed shortly after the last meeting and we are very grateful to WCBC for this.
During the bad weather the roads had been gritted on the Fairway estate and the salt bin on Dee Park was emptied and refilled twice.
Not everything gets done but since street scene was introduced things have been better and we are lucky with our Supervisor Mr. Mike Jones. Letter of thanks to go to WCBC
Gates on Primrose Cottage, Smithfield – no work has been done on these yet – clerk will contact planning again.

Paul is to meet with the Vicar to discuss these. The Chairman apologised for forgetting to wear his Chain of Office at this service!

6. REPRESENTATIVE TO SERVE ON HOLT TOWN TRUST: Clerk has drafted a letter to go to the Trust. This was approved and is to be sent.

The letter was discussed and this scheme would require funding from the Community Council of £3000 + A site for this to take place would also be required! Mrs Jones to ask the headteacher for her views on the possible use of the school and the gentleman from WCBC to be asked to the next meeting to give more information on this.

Request for financial help from Gresford Bowling Club – noted.
Street Lighting – asking for member for Task and Finish group – noted.
Lunch Club – this already dealt with in the village!
Youth Delivery – new model of  service – noted.
Northern Marches – Community Enterprise – leaflets handed around.
Ombudsman Leaflets – handed out.
Local Government views on provisions for disabled elected members – noted.
9.MEMORIALS: Mrs Roberts proposed that the requested memorials for Hanley family and Tilston family be granted, Mrs Jones seconded this.
This was requested to help with running costs and after discussion it was proposed by Mr. Gaade, seconded by Ms. Shone that £500 be given. All in favour. This year we are losing houses (income) and already support our village hall and car park is now smaller also centre used for education.
11. BOWLING GREEN: Clerk asked if permission could be given for the green to be scarified at a cost of £334. Mr. Gaade proposed this be done for this year, Mrs Jones seconded. There are a lot more members now and the clerk is to do costings for last year and Mr. Gaade to speak to Mr. Kettle. This is to go on the agenda.

- Holt Hill, Green Street – Conversion of domestic outbuilding to single dwelling – no objections.
- 16 Forest Pines, Holt Road – erection of single storey extension – no objections.
- 12 Ashley Court, Holt – Fell 1 Silver Birch & reduce the height of leylandii – no objections.
- Dee Meadows – detached dwelling – plans re-submitted with change of style to match surrounding dwellings – the appeal here may be withdrawn!
- Barn Cottage, Bryn Estyn – erection of double garage and new vehicular access – renewal of unexpired permission – no objections.
- West End House, Francis Lane – variation of condition to allow operation of 2nd private hire vehicle on a permanent basis. No problems experienced here therefore no objections.
- Plas Devon Farmhouse, Rossett Road – Re-sited field shelter (in Retrospect) views on planning in retrospect sent to WCBC.

An annual risk assessment was carried out and issues such as the door of the notice board and railings at playing field are in the process of being repaired. The Financial orders, Standing orders and Risk Assessment were formally re-accepted and will stand for 2010/2011 without amendment. Mrs Jones proposed this, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

14.GENERAL MATTERS: Lights needing attention.
Holt Castle – Clerk had done a letter supporting WCBC on their application for a Rural Development grant for further works. Mr. Lewis brought the request to the meeting.
Oil by School Lane – letter to go to resident responsible.
Notice put up by Dee Villas – pull in - ‘No Parking’ The members support the no parking but the notice is unsuitable in a Conservation area! Clerk to contact Streetscene.
30m.p.h. sign – lights up before 30 i.e. on 26 or 27.
Pole by Plum Tree farm – creeper to be removed.
Toilets – Mrs Jones proposed new locks be purchased Mr. Jones seconded.
Signs missing for Dee Park and Smithfield Street one in residents property. –Mike to be notified.
Accounts:  Plantscape   Picnic Table & Fixings   £908-50, Scottish Power £18-32.
Kenyon Hall  grant  £50-00, Bathtimes repairs to toilets £282-00, Macmillan Nurses grant £100-00, Mrs J. Pierce salary £29-69, WCBC  contribution to Community Centre £500-00.


At the end of the meeting a card was given to Councillor Morris for his birthday and then a Surprise Presentation of a bouquet of flowers and a voucher, were presented to the clerk by the Chairman, Mr. Paul Gaade on behalf of all members of the Holt Community Council to thank her for 30 years service to Holt and they hoped she would serve for many more. The Clerk thanked everyone and said how the years had flown and how things had changed since she started and sadly how many people were no longer with us who had served the community!

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