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HELD ON TUESDAY, 30th MARCH, 2020 AT 7.00 P.M.

The Zoom meeting was kindly set up by Mr. J. Cubitt using the membership set up by HLHS. The HCC record thanks to John and HLHS for this.


A separate Zoom interview was held at 6.30pm to Interview Mr. David Powell the applicant:

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Pridding,  Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis, D. Munnerley. J. Hughes.

Mr. Powell had sent his CV which had been forwarded to members. Mr. Pridding opened the meeting and welcomed Mr. Powell and members present. Questions were asked by different members regarding ‘What David felt he could bring to the council, what his hobbies were, if he had sufficient time to be a member as he is a family man and in full time work. Mr. Powell has lived in Holt approximately 3 years and has recently moved within Holt to a home he considers to be long term and he and his family wish to be involved in Village life. He was thanked for attending and answering everything and then left the meeting. The members present had a brief discussion Mr. S. Lewis proposed Mr. David Powell be co-opted onto Holt Community Council, Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed.



PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Pridding, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mr. J. Hughes, Ms. A. Shone.  Councillor Morris,  Mr. B. Campbell (joined later).

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the following: Late Mrs Doris Norman, Mr. Ronald Lewis, Mr. Deryk Frost, Mrs Marie Bithell, Mr. Roger Crabtree and Reverend Tudor’s father.

APOLOGIES: Mr. P. Hinchliffe.

MINUTES: Mr. P. Gaade proposed, Ms. A. Shone seconded, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.


1.CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLOR: Mr. Pridding reported that Mr. Powell had been appointed and briefly gave an account of the interview for members not present. The Clerk will now write to confirm this to Mr. Powell. All agreed.

2.COMMUNITY AGENT: CARYS HUGHES: MINDFULNESS WALKS: The Clerk informed the members that sadly Holt CC are to lose the services of Carys as she is leaving but an advertisement has already gone out for a replacement and hopefully someone will be in post. We wish Carys every happiness in the future and thank her for her enthusiasm and hard work in Holt (in a particularly difficult time.) Mr. Pridding proposed, Ms. Shone seconded this. All agreed. The Penley Consortium confirmed the Mindfulness walks could be paid through them and Carys is to organise this before she leaves. The cheque for £200 is to be paid in April. Mr. Gaade proposed this Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed.

3. NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST; Henry had contacted the clerk regarding the Grass cutting of the paths in the Copse. 2020/21 was £350, Clerk to check the amount for 2021/2 and if the same agree. Henry is also sadly leaving his post and he will be sorely missed as he and his team have completed many imoprovements especially The Copse, Riverside seating in the Meadows e.t.c and most recently a Bug Hotel which there was a splendid turn out of parents, grandparents and children all bringing items to add to the hotel. He has also worked with the Holt Community Gardeners. Thanks will also be extended to Henry wish good wishes. All agreed.

4. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: The gardeners as always have been very busy and the Cross especially has looked lovely. The New Village Entrance Gates are now in place and many compliments have been given for these. Requests have been made for something to enhance the entrance to the village from the Frog Lane end and whilst this is too narrow for a structure, Mr. Gaade will speak to the Gardeners to see what could be done. The hole at the end of Chester Lane/Frog Lane is very bad and efforts are being made to sort this. Letter received from the gardeners to ask permission to plant a creeper on the Bier House. Mr. Gaade proposed this be granted but care be taken that the roof tiles are not loosened by whatever planted, Mr. Hughes seconded this. All agreed. The gardeners thanked the HCC for the £300 for the planters.

5. POLICE MATTERS: There had been problems with cyclists being served beers on the Cross and an incident of Anti Social behaviour was witnessed by a member of the public. The police did visit and the Cycling Club in question were contacted. The police are to visit over the Easter weekend break. The possibility of a Public Space Protection Order was discussed but this takes a long time. The question of the problem of the full litter bins was also discussed and Jeremy offered to put his bin on the Cross for litter over the holiday. He is already emptying the bin nearest to his shop into his bin. This gesture is much appreciated as the other bin gets full from Cleopatra’s. He was thanked.

6. ALLOTMENT RE-GENERATION GRANT: The work at the allotments is progressing and the fencing looks very good. The Clerk and Mr. Gaade had been approached to see if the remaining fencing could be replace but this isn’t included in the grant. Mr. Gaade reported this would be about 6 strips and cost roughly £2000. The Clerk is to contact Nicky Ellis, WCBC to enquire if any small grants are available for  2021. Mr. Gaade reported 2 new small allotments formed from number 3  tenants relinquishing part  of their larger allotment. These are to be 3a and 3b and F. Grimes is to take tenancy of 3a and J. Cubitt tenancy of 3b. The rent to be £10 a year as they are smaller. Mr. gaade proposed, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.                                                                            7. FINANCIAL SHEET: Mr. Cubitt proposed the Financial Sheet and cover note, for February 2021 be accepted and approved as a true record, Mr, Munnerley seconded.  All agreed.

8. GENERAL MATTERS: Handrail footpath from Francis Lane to by-pass. To be reported again. Litter Bin at Holt Castle. Was emptied but full again. Fencing – Academy Garage site – Clerk had written to planning and reply stated an e.mail will be sent to owners to request painting and that the fence needs to be set upright. Noted. Holt Hill – dangerous wall – the road has been closed and WCBC & Scottish power are working together to sort this. The road sweeper,/gully cleaner  had visited Holt again and  had difficulty with parked cars. The Clerk is to ask if she can be contacted in advance of a visit to notify councillors to alert residents. Mr. Hinds has finished work in village for the year.

9. PUBLIC TOILETS: Mark Frost had quoted £850 for painting the Public Toilets, Bier House and railings and is to begin early April. Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded this. Mr. Gaade had moved some guttering . The toilets had been cleaned by Clean Police.

10. CEMETERY: Mr. E. Jones had worked hard here and praise also received about the appearance of the cemetery which the Clerk will pass on. The stillborn graves have had a border around them and Mr. Gaade proposed the Clerk try to obtain small crosses with names on, if known for the 8 graves. Ms. Shone seconded this. All agreed.


11. ELECTRIC POWER POINT – Public Car Park: Clerk had contacted Emma again but no reply received. She will try again.

12. MEMORIALS: An application for an added inscription was received for Mrs. B. Littlewood (fee paid in error to be refunded.) Agreed.

13. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: F. S. Jones, Abbey Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate – Extension to existing storage facilities. No objections. Hill Cottage, Green Street, Wrexham – Provision of Handrails to front of property. No objections, 2 Holt Lodge Cottages, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – outline application of (all matters reserved). WCBC dealing with this Holt CC support their decisions.                                    3 The Gardens – It is not clear if this application goes to April Planning committee but the Clerk has requested a member be notified.

14. Holt Town Trust – Membership Renewal: Ms. A. Shones’s term of office ceases in May and Mr. Gaade proposed Ms. Shone be re-elected for a further term, Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed. Ms. Shone accepted.

15. DEE PARK PLAY AREA – EXTRA LIGHTING: A letter has been received requesting extra lighting here for a very dark spot by conifers where footpath runs to the Archway entrance to Dee Park. This has been previously discussed but now with recent sad incident in London raising safety of females at night time this is to be re-assessed. Mr. Gaade proposed the Clerk contact Mega Electrical to meet to obtain a quote Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

16. FORMAL RECEIPT OF THE ANNUAL RETURN FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31ST MARCH, 2021. Mr. Lewis proposed this be received and the Clerk accordingly complete and present with accompanying documents to Internal Audit. Mrs Jones seconded. All members agreed. Correspondence received from Audit Wales reported that the audit suppliers had reported that the 2019-20 audits for almost 200 councils had not been completed. Noted.

17. LOCAL GOVERNMENT & ELECTIONS (WALES ACT 2021) Correspondence noted.


18. NEW VILLAGE WEBSITE: Mr. Hinchliffe had done some background work on this and contacted WCBC Data section then spoken to Bob Campbell and Councillor Morris and members had received options on this.  He was thanked for this. After discussion with Bob Campbell Mr. J. Cubitt proposed that the agreed set up be as follows 1. The Holt Community Council will fund the domain and posting i.e First 3 years (domain name and hosting) will be £74.40 although year 1 will be £62.50. For subsequent years, at current costs, this will be £164-44. The Clerk’s will approve only material to be placed on Holt Community Council Section minutes, audit notices e,t,c, related directly to the Community Council business and these will be supplied by the Clerk. All other material in the website will be under the control and responsibility of the administrators of the website. Mr. Cubitt proposed this. Mr. P. Gaade seconded and members fully agreed and supported.

19. BOWLING GREEN: Work for March has been carried out by Mr. S. Coupland and the Clerk is to ask for a quote for work for 2021/22. The fee for Bowling Membership is to be increased to £20 for 2021/22. Mr. Kershaw asked for permission to start bowling on 6th April, 2021 with Covid notices and list of players each day taken for tracking purpose (Covid regulations) Mr. Munnerley proposed these actions Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.

20. PUBLIC TOILETS: Contract for cleaning 2021/22. This was discussed and it was agreed Mr. Gaade speak to Andrew Newton from Clean Police and have possibly basic clean every 2 months. Major clean in July 2020 was because of Covid and the toilets have received a basic clean every 3 months since. This was agreed.

21.CLERK’S EXTRA HOURS: Continuation from 1st April, 2021. The Clerk left the meeting for the discussion and on return was informed this was granted. Mr. Gaade proposed this Mrs Jones seconded. The Clerk thanked members.


22. GENERAL MATTERS: Deeside Footpath: Clerk to check with WCBC if a letter was sent to ensure the grass could be cut. Wrexham Road – problems being experienced with vans etc from the development, being parked on the pavement by Bellis’s. Hopefully this should soon be improved. Speed Limit, Commonwood – Councillor Morris was asked if there was any progression on this. He reported the Welsh Government had put a freeze on Speed Limits so nothing planned for near future. The         of Borras Road to last bungalow on B5102 Rossett Road as cars turning right from Holt on Borras Road overtaking slow vehicles. Lights had been seen in allotments at 9p.m.. This to be kept under observation.

ACCOUNTS TO BE APPROVED FOR PAYMENT – Ms. Shone proposed these Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.

2726 – AVOW           Wages & Salary                        £725.03

2727 – Buckley Mem.   Refund fee in error                    30.00

2728 – S. Coupland    Bowling Green – Treatment & cuts      300.00

2729 – E, Jones       Turf on Grave & various work          474.00

2730 – JDH            Data Audit 2020/21                    480.00

2731 – Holt C.G.      Cheque Cancelled

2732 - Holt C.G.      Grant 5 Planters                      300.00

2733 – J. Pierce      Annual expenses & monthly             598.86

2734 - J. Hinds       Work in village                       800.00

2735 – A. Newton      Clean of Public toilets                60.00

2736 – S. E. Jones    Water Supply and taps – allotments    745.00

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