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PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Cubitt, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. J. Hughes, Ms. A. Shone,  Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Cubitt, the Chairperson took the Chair and welcomed everyone, a silence was held in respect of the following – Late Mrs Margaret Ince and late Frances Cheatham.

APOLOGIES: Mr. D. Powell, Mr. D. Munnerley.

MINUTES: Mrs. G. Jones proposed, Ms. A. Shone seconded, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.


1.COMMUNITY AGENT: MINDFULNESS WALKS: The post for Community Agent has been re-advertised. There is someone covering Holt meanwhile and the Clerk has the details for contact, should anyone require them. The walks have finished in Holt and it is not intended to carry these on in Holt sadly.

2.NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST: COPSE: Thanks to the very kind offer of the grass being cut here voluntarily, by Mr. D. Bithell, the Clerk has contacted Henry and the quote for cutting the hedge, by hand, inside and out would be £264. This quote was agreed.

3. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: Planning Application for Wind Turbine – allotment 6B. Councillor Morris has helped re-start this and the necessary forms are to be submitted to WCBC under Holt Community Council. The half fee for planning is £230 and Mr. Pridding proposed the Holt CC pay this and Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed. Clerk to work with Mr. B. Goodwin to sort forms e.t.c.

4. POLICE MATTERS: The PCSO has been contacted on a couple of matters and have visited the areas required. It was not possible to pursue anyone for incidents at the Public Toilets but extra vigilance is being taken there to prevent further incidents!

5. ALLOTMENT RE-GENERATION GRANT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Cubitt, Mr. Hughes and Mr. G. Taylor had between them laid the rubber pedestrian path and it looks very good. Thanks to all of them for their efforts especially Mr. Gaade who offered at the start to supervise the grant work but has spent many hours doing everything. 3 extra boxes of pegs were ordered and also Holt CC owe more money to Mr. S. Jones when invoice arrives. Clerk to contact all allotment tenants and ask if they need to drive a vehicle down the path to unload heavy goods then they ensure the wheels run on the stone surface. Holt now have allotments to be proud of thanks to Farm Gardens and everyone involved with the grant work.

6. GENERAL MATTERS: Handrail footpath from Francis Lane to by-pass now repaired but gate doesn’t shut. Litter Bin at Holt Castle new double bin ordered and arrives in August. Clerk is liaising with Greg.  Litter Picking Group –Clerk has contacted Shane Hughes and he has sent the necessary Insurance forms and risk assessments. He does not deal with this. The first year is free then a nominal charge. It was agreed the Clerk fill these in. Bollards Wrexham Road – The Clerk is to ask Greg to have the holes filled where the bollards were. Mr. Hinds to be asked to clear the Fairview footpath and general tidy in the village also the Car Park. Mr. Gaade had trimmed the hedge along the Car Park. Thanks expressed.

Memorial – Late Mr. Noel Belmont – Ms. Shone proposed, Mrs Jones seconded. Agreed. Seat at Cemetery: Clerk has tried to trace owner of seat which is rotten. Eric to remove it and Mr. Jones be allowed to put replacement in memory of Mrs B. Jones. Plaque to be saved. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded. Agreed.

7. FINANCIAL SHEET: The sheet for May 2021 had been sent to members. Mr. Hinchliffe explained the figures on the Information sheet. Mr. Lewis proposed this be approved and accepted, Mr. Hughes seconded. All agreed.  Mr. Gaade proposed the Risk Assessment amended to include Managing the risk of Procurement Fraud and Financial Policies and Procedures add on for Supplier account set up & change procedures be approved (as requested for follow up by Internal Audit 2021/2) Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.

9. DEE PARK PLAY AREA – EXTRA LIGHTING: Mr. Gaade declared interest. Noted. A meeting had taken place on site with Gareth Jones and Carl Williams from MEGA Electrics. They gave some alternative suggestions as didn’t think the Solar lighting would be a suitable option. After discussion the following options were suggested 1. Turn the lamp head on the existing Fairview lamp in order for it to shine on path and Holt CC get trees cut back where dark spot is (it will be insured no birds affected). Option 2. Should this not work then a stronger lamp to be fitted. It was proposed by Mr. P. Hinchliffe that Joe Hughes cut the trees and Mega turn the lamp.14. Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

10. DEE PARK & CHURCH GREEN PLAY AREAS: Replacement of Bark to rubber matting. - The members had agreed to Carry out the work Church Green Play Area first and Carla from WCBC will arrange all work for us if agreed. Mr. P. Hinchliffe proposed the go ahead be given to Carla and thank her, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. Clerk was given the name of the new Clerk to Holt Town Trust to approach them for half the cost as this play area belongs to them. Holt Community Council took over the maintenance service agreement with WCBC.

11. DEFIBRILLATOR – This was serviced via Helen McCarthy and the members were very grateful and unfortunately it was used just afterwards.

12.HOLT CASTLE: Meeting arranged with Steve Grenter on Thursday 15th July, 2021 at 10 a.m. Chairperson, Mr. Hinchliffe and Mr. Gaade to attend.


13. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Longfield Barn, Buck Road, Commonwood, Holt – Erection of outbuildings, no objections. 11 The Orchards, Holt – single storey extension, no objections. Land west of Wrexham Golf Club, Holt Road, Llanypwll, Wrexham – Erection of 1 Drive through Retail Unit (class A1 use) & 1 drive through restaurant (class A3 use) Concerns were voiced with this application. Mr. Hinchliffe praised the new Software used on the WCBC planning Portal and passed on thanks via Councillor Morrris.

14. INCIDENTS WITH  COUPLE OF GRAVES – CEMETERY: Clerk had received communication as to a couple of upsetting incidents and a request for CCTV had been received. The Holt CC are unable to do this as only a handful of incidents received over many years. Clerk will put the family in touch with PCSO if this is what they agree to but sadly we cannot help further.

15. SARAH ATHERTON M.P. – The Clerk has been contacted by Sarah who would like to meet the members. The Clerk is to extend an invite before the meeting on Tuesday, 27th July, 2021.

16. ELECTRIC CHARGING POINT: Clerk to check the spec of the proposed new charger to be installed by WCBC.


17. HGVS TRAVELLING THROUGH HOLT: Clerk to contact Mr. R. Tomlinson to ask for help in re-routing the vehicles to exit onto the A534 by Holt Lodge as causing chaos in village.

18. GENERAL MATTERS FOR WCBC: Clerk is to report several matters to WCBC Supervisor for attention – Pothole and road surfaces from Frog Lane junction with Cross Street out of village up Commonwood Road to Borras Head except for small patches repaired last year. Entrance to Fairview, Kissing gate on Fairview Footpath to Meadows (rotten needs removing).  Former Academy Garage Site – fence has been reported as is leaning. Request for Double yellow lines at the entrance splay to Castle Mews. To stop parking and create safe visibility when exiting not Castle Street. Pavement by Chip Shop. Shop frontage re-surfaced by owners, Grass verges cut on footpath on A534 from Gourton Hall to village. Mr. Gaade asked permission to have Holly Tree by toilet removed – Mr. Hinchliffe proposed, Ms. Shone seconded. Agreed. Mr. Cubitt proposed Allotment 2 b be strimmed until new tenant appointed. Mrs Jones seconded. Mr. Gaade to contact Eric Jones. Previous tenant unabe to work on it owing to family circumstances but will be free to apply to go on the list again in future. Holt U.5s and Cool Cats grant aid will be considered if they apply for July. If they need help before October Grant Meeting. Mr. Cubitt proposed, Mr Gaade seconded.

ACCOUNTS: Mr. Hinchliffe proposed the following accounts for May be approved and paid, Mr. Powell seconded. All agreed.

2749 – Zurich           Insurance 2021/22                                        £684-16

2750 – AVOW             Wages, Salary & charge                              £715.81

2751 – S. Coupland      Grass cuts - bowling                                  £192-00

2752 – E. Jones         Grass cuts – Burial                                       £240.00

2753 – M & L            Grass cuts – Castle & Village entrance.    £384.00

2754 – E. Jones         Grass cuts – Burial                                      £240.00

2755 – WCBC             Play Area half year maintenance            £332.40

2756 – GB Sport         2 x boxes pegs – matting.                        £ 62.40

2757 – Hafren D.        cancelled cheque                                       £152.80

2758 – Hafren Dwfrwdwy  Water supply toilets                      £152.80

2759 – S. Coupland      Grass cuts – bowling                            £190.00

2760 -J. Pierce         Expenses – Outlook x 4 months.            £  45.12

The next meeting of the Holt Community Council will be held on Tuesday, 27th July, 2021 and everyone agreed it would be held in the Kenyon Hall, restrictions allowing. Any problems it would be a Zoom Meeting.

N.B Meeting with Sarah Atherton at 6.30p.m. if confirmed by Clerk!