Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 28th Mar 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 28th Mar 2006


PRESENT: P.C. Muldoon and Community Support Officer, Mr. Mike Jones. Mr. Gaade, Mrs Penny, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, Mr. Lewis, Councillor Morris.

APOLOGIES: Ms. McConville and Mr. Williams and Mr. Gibson

A welcome was given and P.C. Muldoon updated everyone on developments since the last of these meetings:

Speeding Enhancement: - This had been held in the village and was very successful. 3 people were stopped & cautioned on Wrexham Road and 2 people were stopped on Frog Lane and cautioned. The radar gun has to be shared with Wrexham North but further visits will be made.

There were no further developments with the solution to the parking on the corner in Church Street as Mr. Lewis had been on holiday!

The meeting closed and the next one will be June.

Everyone remained and the MONTHLY COUNCIL MEETING began.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone, a silence was then held in respect of the late Mr. E. Huxley.

MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with the alteration of a name to Mr Atoumi, the clerk apologised for this error. The minutes were then signed. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded this


1.POLICE MATTERS; There had been some trouble in the village in evenings when the youth club was closed for a couple of nights. This was dealt with.

There had been some trouble in the village in evenings when the youth club was closed for a couple of nights. This was dealt with.

Only 1 crime reported! Cars are parking on the corner at the top of Dee Park and also on the pavement again at Fairview.

Youths are playing football on the wall of the empty cottage in Green Street causing annoyance to the elderly lady living next door.

P.C. Muldoon explained the changes to the anti social behaviour plan the police have!

Mrs Penny asked for a visit to be made to the Polish community in Hugmore Lane. P.C. Muldoon did think the problems here had been dealt with but would check. Letter of Complaint from Mr. & Mrs Derbyshire regarding comments made by the clerk in a previous meeting. The Clerk was very surprised and troubled by this and was asked to reply sending a copy to housing in WCBC, the Police and to The Derbyshires. This letter is to state no evidence was given to the council and that P.C. Muldoon would visit them. This is to be countersigned by the Chairman!

A notice is also to go in the Notice Board asking for the clerk not to be contacted at home at weekends except for burials or emergencies. Mrs Jones proposed this, Mrs Clays seconded it.

P.C. Muldoon to take up issue of safety flashing lights.

She has also arranged a trip for the Youth Club to the Police Helicopter Base but needs help financially for transport.

Wrexham Football in the Community are arranging inter village matches. Points given or deducted for Sportsmanship!

Shelter at Mill Mount – monitor also mini bikes at Castle.

Sect 59 – home visit can be made also for scooters.

List Councillors names and telephone numbers to be done for P.C. Muldoon.

The Police left with our thanks.

2.PROPOSED CAR PARK EXTENSION: Mr. Roberts has kindly done sketches. These are to be sent to Wrexham to ask if they would be willing to do costings and plans and part fund this. Northern Marches might contribute to this.

3.PROPOSED FUTURE OF PLAYING FIELD: Clerk has written to Mr. Tomlinson for sketches and more details.

4.ALLOTMENTS: Mr. E. Jones has cleared these. Clerk to contact people who were waiting for these. Need rotavating. Ask Steve Pugh to spread any soil from Cemetery onto end allotment. Tenancy of the two allotments free for a year.


5.HOLT ENDOWED SCHOOL TRUST: Vacancy for trustee to replace the late Mr. J. Norman. Mr. Gaade proposed Mrs Gillian Jones, Mr. Roberts seconded. All agreed.

6.TRAFFIC ISSUES ON CROSS: Letter received, Councillor Morris has spoken to highways and they have agreed to do two other ends markings. All in favour for this to go ahead. Mrs Jones proposed, Mrs Roberts seconded.

7.LEASE ON BURGAGE FIELD: Letter thanking us for signing and clerk has sent for land registration forms.

8.GREEN STREET: No signs for elderly people and play area. Mrs Jones proposed these be requested and Mr. Roberts seconded.

9.GENERAL LETTERS: Revised Race Equality Scheme, Local Government Ombudsman, Tarmac Meeting cancelled. Cheshire County Council Planning proposals.

10. PLANNING: Laburnum Cottage, Church Street – rear kitchen, bedroom extension, no objections. Ridley House – erection of agricultural building – no objections. 3-6 Francis Lane – removal of boundary to change use to extend private gardens of part of informal landscape buffer area to formal private garden amenity space. No objections.

6 Cherry Orchard – erection of garage – no objections.


11.TOILETS: Urinals very stained. Need checking and updating.

Urinals very stained. Need checking and updating.

12.TREE IN CEMETERY: Tree by grave of Mrs Lloyds family not doing damage.

13.REPORT FROM SCHOOL: Mrs Jones, Governor kindly reported – 12 children in nursery all going to Holt school in September. Health and Safety report done, no school sign on Wrexham Road to direct people. Been in touch with the new housing developers to inform them regarding the school and they have offered to put up a board.

14.TIPPING: - Borras Hall Lane and by Cannister Cottages.

The next meeting to be 25th April, 2006.


Farndon Band - £50, Mrs J. Pierce salary & expenses £306-42, Blue Loos hire £123-38, Scottish Power supply £24-90

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