Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 28th Feb 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 28th Feb 2006

January Minutes agreed so can publish in full

The content of the following report is a personal account of what was
discussed and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Community
Council. The official Minutes will be published by the Community Council
following the next scheduled meeting.

Matters Arising -
Planning for workshop on Frog Lane – satisfied is for domestic use only
Car park extension – need to get plans drawn up
Update on play area – CC to part fund
Holtonline – several CC members have visited – very good
Cars on corner in front of old Post Office, corner of Dee Lane/School Lane – meeting with resident to improve situation was held
Congestion on Cross  - newsletter (church) will contain information about planned improvements. Businesses will be contacted directly

Police Matters

Kay Muldoon in Kenya – Vanessa Griffiths was introduced - she is community beat manager.

Nothing to report except 3 car break ins this week – no suspects as yet
2 letters from public (one in attendance) regarding neighbourly dispute – “anti-social behaviour” – advice sought from police.  Wrexham Council Tenancy Enforcement to be contacted. CC has no power to intervene.
Next Neighbourhood Policing Panel meeting on 28/3/06 at 6.45pm in Community Centre.
Suggested Kay Muldoon email information to Church Newsletter
Police informed about “dangerous” parking on corner of Dee Lane/School Lane
Borras Hall internal alterations
Is-y-Coed – demolition & rebuilding of farmhouse
Extension in Whitegate Fields
Agricultural Building in Commonwood
Pitched roof to building in Is-y-Coed
Chimney Stack to Vicarage Court
Rebuilding of Utility Room
Concerns raised about:
1 Bellis extension –  delivery of goods appears to be next to road – unsightly
Baby changing only provided in Ladies
A1 agricultural land changed into car park
2 Cross Cottage erection of garage & study above- vehicular access, affects conservation area, obstructs views of old school


Phonecall from Chester Tourism – 10/3/06 boating tour to see if temporary landing stage at Farndon for boat trips from Chester during summer will be possible
24/3/06 National Assembly meeting in Criccieth
Planning permission granted for:
Commonwood Farm
Caravan Park (with conditions)
Garden Project
Units at Barras Hall
Planning permission refused for:
Barn Conversion
Borras Hall Pond & restoration of buildings
Village of Year Competition (not entered)
Restructuring of Police Force – will re-affirm CC’s opposition
Meeting for Racial Equality in Wrexham on 1/3/06
Standards Committee Regulations
Offer for servicing of lawnmower
Bills – noticeboard repairs £1000
Street lighting repairs £300
Toilet cleaner

Playing Field Lease – documents signed for lease to continue for 5 years
A discussion ensued regarding provision of a playing after this 5 year period

Damaged gate to CC’s woodland on bypass – need to get insurance details of car
Cutting of hedge & grass at woodland completed
Allotments – letters sent – one tenant will be asked to give up their allotment
Smithfield St – damaged sign still needs to be put back up
Fence by the bypass is down
Chapel St – road surface in poor condition
Illuminated street signs appear damaged and could pose potential danger on cross
Francis Lane/.Bottom Road full of litter
Provision of tarmac/lights for footpath leading from Fairview to bungalows requested
New housing opposite Bellis seems very near road. No longer “building line”, but development was moved 2m back from road

Next meeting 28/3/06 at 7.00pm in Community Centre

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