Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 27th June 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 27th June 2006


PRESENT: P.C. Muldoon, Community Support Officer Mike Jones, Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Mrs Penny, Ms. McConville, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Ratcliffe, Councillor Morris and Mr. Campbell (Holt Website)

APOLOGIES;  Mr. Williams & Mrs Clays.
A welcome was given to the Police and their report was as follows:

Speeding in the Village:- Patrols have continued to operate on the Cross, Frog Lane. No extreme cases of speeding. It was reported that cars going to the housing estate on Green Street are speeding. P.C. Muldoon offered to take a councillor along to see how the radar works, She will contact Mr. Gaade when she goes on the Wrexham Road and Frog Lane. The poice offered to get the school involved, with Arrive Alive and Mrs Gill Jones is to mention this in the Governors meeting.
There were only two incidents of crime – 1 theft in June and one Public Order resulting in arrest. There were 2 anti-social cases. 1 on new development and 1 a noisy party on Smithfield.
There is still a need to set up a need to set up a management committee on the Holt Road Estate with ideally  representatives from the estate, company and police involved. WCBC are waiting to see what happens before possibly serving a section 106 for breach of contract.
Checks on youngsters by underpass were negative but it is a bit intimidating for people walking on their own to pass around 12 youngsters!
New Matters Arising:-

Mr. Gaade reported police station very poor at getting back to people if call made. We were advised to ask for contact back.
A white car for sale on Cross for over a week has been parked blocking the lowered kerb for disabled or prams – police to investigate.
Borras Hall Lane – Inconvenience along here with car rallies. One to be held next month. Mrs Penny to contact Police with the date.

A 4x4 is parked outside the chip shop at weekends, on pavement.

Police thanked, next meeting September.

Police left everyone else remained.

CHAIR: The Chairman, Mr. Gaade, took the Chair and a silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Needham and Mr. D. Ennion. It was nice to see Mr. Gibson back with us after ill health.

MINUTES:- Mrs Jones proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signd and approved as a true record, Mr. Roberts seconded this.


1.REMOVAL OF BEECH TREE: Clerk had written to WCBC and Ms. McConville reported that the council are to work closely with the residents involved. Mr. Gibson did not agree the tree was a danger but Alistair Henderson from WCBC had inspected it.

2.DEE PARK PLAY AREA – NEW EQIPMENT: 2 quotes and designs were received but neither was exactly what was wanted here and concern was expressed over the concrete area. The clerk is to give Jonathan Price’s number and he will arrange to meet him on site, Gill Jones also to attend if possible.

3.CLAY’S GOLF CLUB – TREE REMOVAL: The clerk had contacted Mr. Larvin who assured her no trees had been removed, indeed 1000 plus had been planted which were supplied by Mr. Len Murray. There have been sheds removed from Bryn Villa so the view is more open.

4.HOLE IN FIELD BY RIVER: This has not been repaired and no-one is quite sure who is responsible therefore the clerk is to contact Mr. R. Thomas the landowner.

5.PLANNING OFFICER’S REPORT: The planning officer intends to recommend that planning permission be granted for the following even though the Community Council and some residents have objected:
Trade Effluent Services, Hugmore Lane, Wrexham – siteing of 3 silos (in retrospect) Waterways Garden Centre – illumination of advertisement sign.
2 Lilac Cottages, The Cross – change of use from residential to holistic and beauty salon. Additional correspondence received. Community Council had not objected to this as internal alteration.

6.GENERAL MATTERS:- Mr. Gaade had attended the Mayor’s Service and it was very nice. Kenyon Hall – bin collection being sorted.
Clerk to contact Mr. Marchant for a idea of the price of improving the surface of the footpath from the bungalows. Mr. Jones proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded this. Removal of storage tanks at Academy Garage – Clerk had spoken to the Contaminated Land Officer who was supposed to find information on this. Thought special conditions would have been set with planning! Reply from WCBC regarding the house on Hugmore Lane stated nothing they could do – had visited. Mrs Penny reported only 2 residents in house now and things slightly improved. Castlegate: Mr. Gaade had followed this up and was told the same as the clerk. A letter was sent on 23rd December, 2006 consulting the clerk on the name but this was not received.
With it being so close to Christmas it would appear it had gone astray. Developers not willing to change now. Castle – letter confirming graffiti removed and bin put here.

7.PUBLIC FOOTPATHS SURVEY: Clerk to contact Mr. Brian Payne who has done valuable work on the footpaths in the area.

Bank House, Frog Lane – demolition of garage – no objections.
Plot 13-17 Castlegate, Wrexham Road – variation in design (addition of conservatories) no objection – Councillor Morris had looked into this.
Orchard Cottage, Castle Street – change of paving from tarmac to match rear of property – no objections.
7 Forest Pines – 1st floor extension to provide bedroom and ensuite.
Wrexham Golf Club, Holt Road – new junior golf academy building – no objection.
Bryn Estyn Cottage – land adjacent to  outline planning for dwelling – clerk to ask if this outside the settlement area?
4 Borras Hall Court, Borras Hall Lane – erection of double garage – no objections.

a. check on 2 footpath signs by bridge – Dee Lane.
b.skips on School Lane – full. Ms. McConville reported license obtained from WCBC.
c.Fence, playing field – West End side – Paul to phone Stuart or Jonathan Price also Wrexham Road.
d. Van from Castle Garage parking on car park of playing field.
e.2 posts by existing 2 posts, new post damaged and no sign, sale notice on chevron.
f.Chapel Lane – reply received but clerk to ask for work to be done in school holidays as it is urgent!
g.Bridge Street – by pull in , nettles growing out of the wall.
h.Hedge by hairdressers (Bridge Salon also Cappers Land.
Hedge at Bovium.
i.Pavement just past Holt sign.
j.Church Green needs bark renewing around equipment.
k.Borras Hall Lane – weeds.
l.Sand Wagons – do they need covering?
m. Request for railings at junction of Dee Lane with short cut from Dee Park. This is dangerous but not an official path!
m.Gredington – land at back very untidy. Car left here.
n. Village Sign – clerk to approach a painter.
o.By-Pass –railings on footpath repaired but sign for people crossing needed.
p.School Lane: is level 5 and needs attention. Councillor Morris to E. Mail Mr Lewis with boundary. Is It within the adoptable quota?

10.ALLOTMENTS:- Number 5,6,7 let and Paul has phoned Eric Jones to strim 9 & 10 which are ours now. Clerk had liased with Chairman over this matter. The members decided to give everyone a chance to work on these and then review the situation. Mr. Pridding to be contacted regarding overhanging trees.
11.ACCOUNTS FOR 2005/06:- These have now been officially balanced and are ready for audit. These were received and Chairman to sign sheets and accounts book. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded.
Next meeting 25th July, 2006.
Blue Loos     Hire     £105-75.    E.M.J.   grasscutting     £220-00,
Greenthumb    treatment, moss     £102-00, Scottish Power  energy  £44-24
A. White salary – May & June   £305-00, Scott

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