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HELD ON TUESDAY, 27th APRIL, 2021 AT 7.00 P.M.

The Zoom meeting was kindly set up by Mr. J. Cubitt using the membership set up by HLHS. The HCC record thanks to John and HLHS for this.

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Cubitt, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mr. J. Hughes, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. D. Powell. Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Cubitt, the Vice Chairperson, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the Late Mr. John Ellison.

APOLOGIES: Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J. Pridding.

MINUTES: Mrs G. Jones proposed, Mr. P. Gaade seconded, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.



1.CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLOR: Mr. David Powell, our new Councillor verbally gave a Declaration of Office and agreed to adopt the ‘Model Code of Conduct as adopted by Holt Community Council. The Clerk will get the necessary signatures from David.

2.COMMUNITY AGENT: MINDFULNESS WALKS: The Clerk has now paid the cheques to the Rainbow Centre for the wage increase of the Community Agent and the Mindfulness Walks. The first of the walks is to take place soon. Interviews have taken place and the Clerk was consulted as unable to attend the Interviews. The successful candidate has to work a months notice but someone is in place to cover until they begin. The Clerk has expressed to the Penley Consortium our gratitude for the excellent work they do.

3.NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST; Clerk has contacted Henry again to confirm it is £350 for our Holt CC contribution for grass cutting. It was reported that paths have been cut. Mr. Gaade suggested that the hedges both sides be cut manually in the Autumn. All agreed.

4. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: As always this group are very active and busy. Planting at the Frog Lane entrance has been mentioned to the gardeners and they will look at possibilities for what can ‘safely’ be done here.

5. POLICE MATTERS: The Police were called to view footage of the CCTV cameras at the Public Toilets as on 5th April, 2021 coffee was thrown over tiled walls in Gents and then on 6th April, 2021 youngsters (Boys & Girls) were caught in Ladies toilets where they had been eating chips and consuming drinks. The Holt Community Council pay for regular extra cleaning of the toilets every three months and had just paid for the March one on the 30th March, 2021 so this is particularly annoying and can’t be allowed to continue. A notice was put up immediately to close the toilets at 6.30p.m. and after discussion mr. Gaade proposed, Ms. Shone seconded, the committee agreed the following times for opening the toilets: April to September 7a.m. to 6.30p.m.  October to March 7a.m. to 5p.m. The police will be looking at the images and when identified the people responsible will receive home visits. Councillor Morris had kindly looked into the process of obtaining a Public Protection Order on the Cross and he explained that this is very lengthy and difficult. Councillor Morris was thanked and it was agreed this would not be pursued.  The PCSO had spoken to the Site manager on the New Development, Wrexham Road with regards to vehicles parking on pavements and this should be stopping as access onto the site for parking will be available.

6. ALLOTMENT RE-GENERATION GRANT: There has been some delay here mainly caused by the Covid situation as the contractor had to finish a job that had been started before the last lockdown. Mr. Jones will however get the gates done and then begin on 5th May, 2021 and complete his part of the work. The Clerk has completed the necessary form for Farm Gardens. The rubber matting has not been delivered yet as the Clerk is insuring Farm Gardens have paid before we take delivery. Once we have this volunteers will be needed to lay it as this is HCCs part of the Volunteer hours pledged. Councillor

7. FINANCIAL SHEET: Mrs Jones proposed the Financial Sheet and cover note, for March, 2021 be accepted and approved as a true record, Mr. Cubitt seconded.  All agreed. This had gone to Internal Audit.

8. GENERAL MATTERS: Handrail footpath from Francis Lane to by-pass. To be reported again. Litter Bin at Holt Castle. As this is still getting full and sometimes WCBC are missing emptying it, the Clerk is to contact WCBC and ask if the bin there can be replaced by a larger one. Members are aware HCC will have to fund this. Councillor Morris offered some spare high vis tops and litter pickers as he had some spare also about 200 green litter bags. Mr. Gaade offered for these to be dropped at his house and he would organise getting them to anyone who wanted to volunteer. Councillor Morris and Mr. Gaade thanked for this.

9. PUBLIC TOILETS: The Clean Police had given a quote for 6 cleans a year @ £100 per clean plus VAT. This would enable them to keep the toilets to high standard. Mr. Gaade proposed this be accepted, Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed. Clerk to confirm this with them.

10: VILLAGE CLEANING: The Clerk had been contacted on a Friday night as Mr. Hinds wanted to spray the weeds in Holt whilst weather was suitable, on the Saturday. She had given approval but now needs to confirm Mr. Hind’s hours of work in the village. Mr. Gaade proposed the same hours as 20/21 if the price is still the same. Mr. Munnerley seconded. All agreed.

11. ELECTRIC POWER POINT – Public Car Park: The Clerk had contacted Emma Williams WCBC again and she had replied to say hopefully work will begin this summer as additional funding has been granted from the Welsh Government and as soon as this is released, Holt is on the list. This was noted.

12. MEMORIALS: An application for a slab in memory of the Late Mr. Leslie Mitchell, on his parent’s grave was approved. Ms. Shone proposed this, Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed.

13. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 2 Holt Lodge Cottages, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – outline application of (all matters reserved).  This application had been refused by WCBC.

14. DEE PARK PLAY AREA – EXTRA LIGHTING: Mr. Munnerley and Mr. Gaade had declared interest and Mr. Gaade had apologised for not doing so at previous meeting but was unaware he needed to when an in – law was concerned.) Clerk had contacted Carl Williams, Mega Electrical and he had advised 2 solar lights here and mentioned around £400 plus each but members questioned whether this was for complete lights and also need installation price. Clerk to obtain full quote from Mega. Ms. Shone proposed this, Mrs Jones seconded. Agree.

15. BOWLING GREEN: Mr. Coupland had provided a full quote and the Clerk had looked at past costs and the Budget for 2021/22 as a comparison. If accepting the quote as set out the costs would be £1920 approximately and the Budget is £2205. Mr. Gaade proposed this be accepted with the condition that we don’t need a full cut and a half cut every week but leave to Shane’s discretion and also that he oils the Mower but doesn’t sharpen the blades as we have always sent the Mower to Cheshire Plant for servicing and this is a specialised job. Any extra work needed is to be approved by the members first. Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed. The Green is looking good thanks to work already carried out by Shane.

16.CLERK’S EXTRA HOURS: The Clerk had been made aware after the meeting that the extension of extra hours was until 30th September, 2021. After contacting members it appears that this was not clear to members when agreeing to this as some thought it was until 31st March, 2021. As there was confusion the Clerk will put this on Agenda for discussion again in July for the period 1st October, 2021 to 31st March, 2022.               :

17.GENERAL MATTERS: Right of Access Footpath 31 (Public Highway). The Clerk had received a reply from WCBC who had visited the site March 2020 but then Covid hit. The gate is classed as an obstruction and this is to be passed to the maintenance and Enforcement Office. The other issue is a police matter but until WCBC have visited the grass will not be cut. Agreed. Double white lines on B5102 on approach to Junction with Borras Road – Darren Green had replied to the request but this does not meet the Highway requirements for the placing of white lines but Darren did agree to review the area as a whole and if necessary install or upgrade  the signage at the junction. Clerk to write to gentleman who passed this concern to Holt CC through Mr. Gaade.                    ITEM 2 – CORRESPONDENCE:

18. PLAY AREAS – DEE PARK & CHURCH GREEN: Carla from WCBC had sent quotes for the required replacement of the Bark areas with grass mats and seed. The Clerk had thanked her and asked if she could get 2 more quotes and she sent a list of 10 firms approached and on Ace Play were willing to quote for the work. The Clerk asked for this to be left until the next meeting in order for Mr. Hinchliffe to draw up a plan and also for her to discuss the possibility with him of moving another project to free up finance. This item is to be put on the Agenda for May.

19. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 1 Holt Lodge Cottages, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrexham – Single storey extension to form annexe, no objections. Holt Lodge Farm, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrexham – Use of land as commercial fishing pool, erection of toilet block & formation of car park. There were no objections to this but concern as the entrance was to be from Francis Lane. Presbyterian Church, Castle Street, Holt –       1. Listed Building consent for Internal alterations in connection with change of use of building from Class D1 to Class A1 use. 2. Change of use from Class D1 (non – residential institution) to Class A1 (retail). These planning applications had been sent to members for them to have time to think about them and lots discussion took place. Whilst no member wanted to see the Church be derelict and decay it was also felt this was too involved for the Community Council to make a decision on and it was agreed to leave this to WCBC planning authority. Mrs Jones proposed, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.


20. FORMAL RECEIPT OF INTERNALLY AUDITED ANNUAL RETURN 2020/2021 & RECOMMENDATIONS FRO FOLLOW UP: There were three recommendations.   1. Procurement section of Financial Regulations needs to be amended to £3000 to be consistent with ‘Orders and Contracts requirement of quotes for contracts above £3000. Mrs Jones proposed this be actioned, Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.

2. Risk Assessment Register needs to be updated to include Supplier (procurement) fraud including adequacy of supplier onboarding controls. This to be dealt with.

3. Clerk had included expenses in Staff Costs on Annual Return – to be corrected as advised. Mr. Cubitt proposed the Internally Audited report be accepted and recommendations actioned. Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.                                             ITEM


22. GENERAL MATTERS: Bollards by Bellis end of Castle Gate by dropped kerbs, removed by builders. Mr. Gaade asked for agreement to speak to Mr. Hinds and ask him to weed and feed at the Village entrance once cut and take the £80 cost out of allocated hours once agreed. Mr. Cubitt proposed this be done , Ms. Shone seconded. Agreed. Pothole by the Equestrian Centre, Llanypwll on Holt/Wrexham Road. Alan Skip Hire to be contacted as wagons collecting ash from businesses using the Holt/Farndon Bridge which has 7’ width restriction. Clerk asked Councillor Morris for contact above Kevin Edwards in WCBC as Mr. Doyle from Francis Lane and the Clerk have received no reply from several e.mails regarding the problem he reported. Councillor Morris did say WCBC were proposing to place a Trash Screen in the ditch but gave the Clerk a contact name.

ACCOUNTS: Mr. Gaade proposed the following accounts for April be approved and paid, Mr. Powell seconded. All agreed.

2737 – AVOW     Wages, Salary & charge    £715.81

2738 – The Rainbow Centre    S.137 Grant ‘Wellbeing Walks’    £200.00

2739 – The Rainbow Centre    Increase of minimum wage Community Agent  £250.00

S/O    ICO   Annual subscription    £  35.00

D/D    Scottish Power   Energy Public Toilets   £118.82


The next meeting of the Holt Community Council will be held on Tuesday, 25th May, 2021 and everyone agreed it would be held in the Kenyon Hall, restrictions allowing. Any problems it would be a Zoom Meeting.

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