Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 25th July 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 25th July 2006

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, Mrs Penny, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Lewis, Ms. McConville, Councillor Morris, Mr. B. Campbell, 2 representatives from Holt U.5 and Mr. Haynes – Northern Marches Cymru – Social Business Advisor.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened by welcoming everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs B. Holt and Mr G. Chaloner.

Mr. Gaade welcomed Mr. Haynes who went on to give a concise account of his role as Business Advisor. He left brochures to be passed on and would like a record of where they went to and asked for feedback. Mr. Haynes was thanked for his talk and left the meeting.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Williams, P.C. Muldoon. Mr. & Mrs D. Roberts (on holiday)

MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Ms. McConville seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.

1.POLICE MATTERS: Reply to letter regarding ‘Speed of Motorbikes on the By-Pass’ (letter to be sent to Cheshire Police regarding this, on North Wales Police suggestion!)
Letter to be sent to Occupiers of Elwood, Castle Street regarding 4x4 parked every Saturday and Sunday on pavement. Clerk to express concern that this is being done on a regular basis. Mr. Gaade proposed, Mrs Jones seconded.

2.BEECH TREE: Letter from WCBC to confirm they are working with the residents.

3.PROPOSED EXTENSION TO CAR PARK: Quote received from WCBC in region of £40,000 plus. It was agreed to get two more quotes, Mr. Roberts to be asked to quote and draw up specs.

4.DEE PARK PLAY AREA: Discussion took place on this and it was agreed that two new quotes be asked for. Mrs Clays, Mr. Lewis, Mrs Jones andMr. Gaade to be sub committee and have permission to give go ahead if satisfied, subject to September meeting.
Church Green – this is to be re-barked.

5.PLANNING FEEDBACK: Waterways – refused – lighting, Lilac Cottage – granted for use as shop, Trade Effluent – Hugmore Lane – allowed 6 months to find alternative premises for silos.

6.GENERAL MATTERS: Skips gone, School Lane. Stuart Jones to be asked to repair fence in car park at playing field, temporarily, price to be sought for metal railings. Van is to be removed from gateway to field.
Re-surfacing, Chapel Street, to be done this summer.
Village sign – need to get it painted.
School Lane is an unadopted road – confirmed by Councillor Morris.
Allotments 9 & 10 to be cut by E.M.J. Sevices.

7.HOLT UNDER 5S: Letter received giving details of a required outdoor play area which is being looked at through WCBC and will be part funded. This was discussed and it was agreed that a grant would be considered if they approached the October meeting. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded.

8.DOG FOULING: E.Mail sent from Holt Website to Clerk regarding the above and lack of bins. Clerk to contact Wrexham and ask for bins at Dee Lane, School Lane and Church Green also some metal and self adhesive labels which members of the council will put up.

9.GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Clerk’s Society membership - £84 – to be paid.
Consultation Rules – How to consult. 1st stage.
Waterworld Car Park – off street parking order.
Broughton Rally – letter to say residents along route to be approached. This has been re-routed from Borras Hall Lane.

10.REVIEW OF COMMUNITY BOUNDARIES: Information from the Welsh Assembly was that:
1.Caia Park C.C. would like the new Holt Road estae in the Caia Boundary.
2.A Bieston Community Councillor would like Bieston in Acton or Gresford.

The Chairman did point out that he was disappointed this had come from a member without consultation with the Holt Community Council.

To be fair and to act on the wishes of the new estate it was agreed and proposed by Mr. Lewis, seconded by Ms. McConville that a questionnaire be drawn up giving suggestions and these will be hand delivered to every house and the result acted upon next meeting.

Land between 5 & 6 Sandy Lane – erection of 1 pair of semi-detached houses. Questions to be raised – Is this infill? Is it outside the settlement limit? Is frontage substantially developed?
Wrexham Rugby Club, Bryn Estyn Lane, Wrexham – Change of use of Unit 1 to a driving Test Centre – Objections were raised to this on the grounds of highway safety as this is a heavily used, narrow lane which walkers use.
Parking would also be an issue as all the parking would not be available just for the Test Centre.
2 & 3 Borras Hall – applications to site garden sheds – no objections.
West End House, Francis Lane – operation 1 private hire vehicle – no objections.

Soil in Cemetery – to be tipped by railings where there is a gap in the netting.
Mr. Gaade has put notice in board after receiving late telephone call – approved action.
Outside old Police Station – brick protruding half inch.
Light Vicarage Court – flickering.
Hedge Mill Mount needs cutting.
Sign – white arrow left in Bellis’s gateway, Frog Lane.
Digger lorry used without warning signs – Sandra Murray – Health and safety, should be cordoned off.
Bottle Bank – concern at use after 10.30p.m. no action at present.
Speed of cars, Borras Hall Lane – Clerk to ask P.C. Muldoon to contact Mrs Penny.
Matter with youths and empty property – P.C. Muldoon to contact Mr. Lewis.
Hedges owned by WCBC all need cutting.
36 Dee Park – dog barking constantly, heard across village. To be reported.
A.G.M. notification of meeting received on 19th and meeting on 17th.
Mr. Lewis had been on the Boat Trip with Cheshire Tourist – Farndon are looking at opening up the River.

Mrs J. Pierce   salary July & August plus £50 underpaid on increase £600
Mr. R. Price    cutting bowling green 13 cuts @ £30 £390 April to end June

Accounts proposed by Mrs Jones seconded by Mrs clays.

Next meeting 19th September, 2006.


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