Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 25th Apr 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 25th Apr 2006


PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Williams, Mrs Penny, Ms. McConville, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, Mr. Lewis,
Councillor Morris, 2 members of Public, P.C. Muldoon and P.C. Kettle.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Ratcliffe. (apologies were added to the minutes of the March meeting for Mr. Ratcliffe).

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the meeting, opened with a welcome to everyone and then a silence was held in respect of the late Mrs S. Tomlinson and Mr. R. Jackson.

MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Mrs Jones seconded, that the minutes of the last meeting be proposed and seconded as a true record.

1.     ALLOTMENTS: - Mr. Gibson to ask his grandson to rotavate these and then they are to be offered to the people who were waiting. Clerk to find out if number 2 is to be planted! Mrs Roberts proposed, Ms. McConville seconded this.

2.TRAFFIC ISSUES ON THE CROSS: The clerk has contacted WCBC to ask them to go ahead with work that doesn’t interfere with boundaries. The situation here is to be reviewed at the June meeting. Police to pay special attention here.

3.POLICE MATTERS: A welcome was given to P.C. Muldoon and P.C. Louise Kettle, who was introduced to the members.
Crime in the village was still low for April but there had been : -
1 theft of a motor vehicle and 2 instances of damage.
P.C. Muldoon did point out that they were trying to educate people, with the summer months coming, that doors needed to be kept locked even if they are in the garden as there are sneak thieves around! This warning is to go on the website to particularly warn the vunerable in the community.
P.C. Muldoon had visited and spoken to the Darbyshires and the problem is dog nuisance which is a District council matter. This matter is now in the hands of solicitors and feedback will be given to P.C. Muldoon. The clerk had written to the Darbyshires, the police and the housing section, WCBC.
School Leavers: Work is to be done before the end of May, with police visiting Off Licences, this is to be done in conjunction with trading standards.
It was reported that Grafitti is bad at the Castle and bins are needed.
The car parking at Dee Park has been sorted.
Clerk to contact Bellis’s  regarding their empty house in Green Street as youths are playing ball games and annoying the neighbour. They are to be asked to erect a sign.
Hugmore Lane – Police had visited but Mrs Penny reported the situation no better. A police operation was carried out and are monitoring the situation. Clerk to contact Environmental regarding Mr Fenn as there is rubbish in garden of house next to the one which the owner is having difficulty selling.
Helicopter Visit with Youth Club – not arranged yet.
New Farndon Officer is P.C. Cooper.
Bikes being ridden dangerously with no lights on at night.
Car on the left of school lane blocking visibility.

4.PUBLIC TOILETS: Clerk has contacted Andrew White who will use a jet wash on the toilets. Price to be obtained for two electric hand dryers through WCBC.

5.FLYTIPPING: Most of the rubbish has been cleared but there is still some by Cannister Cottages and Borras Hall Lane.

6.PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Peal O’Bells – contruction of play area – gentleman from the pub present and clarified that the area would not be used after 9p.m – no objections.
15 St. Mellion Crescent, Wrexham – conversion of garage into bedroom – no objections.
Pear Tree Cottage, Smithfield Green, Holt – single storey extension to provide lobby and W.C. – no objections.
The Hollies, 1 Smithfield Drive – conversion of garage into room (photographs provided) no objections.
1 The Gardens – demolition of single storey extension and erection of 2 storey extension to the side and single storey extension to rear. – no objections.
Cross Cottage, Castle Street, Holt – further amendments to the original application – our views were sent in and Councillor Morris was going to try for a site visit here.
A letter received asking for £1470 being our agreed contribution to these works which are now complete.

8.HOLT ROAD ESTATE: Grasscutting here is done by a private contractor. Councillor Morris has written but will chase this up.

9.BORRAS HALL: Barns planning refused. This will probably be discussed with the owner and they may appeal. If this fails they may have to come down.

Councillor Morris had to leave at this point but announced that 1.2 million has been given towards the ring road to fund work up to the planning stage.

10.PLAY AREA – DEE PARK: Letter received, Jonathan Price will meet, clerk to arrange to meet with him and Mrs Clays.

11.CODE OF CONDUCT: Meeting for clerk 22.5.06.

12.GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Wales – A safer country – noted.
Newsar – noted. Nat. Ass. Councils, meeting – noted. Police P.C.C.G.
11/5/06 – noted.

Clays Farm – trees removed? Gredington Arms – Llanypwll – Banners and signs. Llanypwll Farm – 2 ‘No Parking’ signs disappeared.
Light shining all night – Dr. Altrees.
Dee Park – name sign rotted. Sign for Children playing – Wrexham Road, sign removed.
Diesel running into river – reported to Environment Dept and being dealt with! Cottage on the Cross – thick ivy hedge needs cutting back.
New members need Code of Conduct. Low cost housing – to be put on agenda. Bin needed for top Mill Mount.  New development, Wrexham Road advertised as Castle Gate – contact and ask for The Burgage.
Sign for Car Park  could be put on pole in Green Street.
Sewer System: Mr. Gibson expressed concern, as he has done before, regarding the ability of the existing sewage facilities to cope with all the new properties.
Bridge along the meadows (Well Field?) hole formed – Thomas’s field.
Railings by the by pass still not done!

The next meeting will be Tuesday, 23rd May, 2006 at 7p.m.


1401 – Mrs J. Pierce     salary – April               £275-00
1402 – Community Centre Committee            £1470-00
1403 – E.M.J. Services  grasscutting               £  460-00
1404 – Dee Valley         water supply              £    76-33
1405 – Allianz Cornhill  insurance 06/07        £1080-57
1406 – Greenthumb       fertilizing                   £  102-00
1407 – Scottish Power   supply                        £    43-96
1408 – Mr. A. White     salary – April             £  150-00

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