Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 24th Oct 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 24th Oct 2006

PRESENT:Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Mrs Clays, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Lewis, Ms. McConville, Mr. Gibson. Mr. Campbell, P.C. Muldoon and Inspector Chesters.

APOLOGIES: Mrs Penny, Mr. Williams and Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Mrs G. Jones proposed, Mr. Gibson seconded the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.


Mr. Gaade had apologised to P.C. Muldoon for his abruptness at the previous meeting but he did so again in the meeting. He explained his frustration was with the system not her but she had received the backlash from it. Inspector Chesters took up all the comments and confirmed the police were as frustrated with having such large areas. He promised to pass on the comments regarding diversion of telephone calls.

Hopefully with the introduction of Community Beat Officers things would improve slightly!

The following general police matters were then discussed: -

Remembrance Day – Road Closure, Football on the Cross, late afternoon on Saturdays. Mr.Gaade was asked to press once again for ‘No Ball Games’ sign to be erected on the Cross at the next Town Trust meeting. Mr. Gibson would support him.

Two yellow cards have been issued to bike owners. A cause for concern was the school had plans for a shelter on their playing field, this could lead to youths congregating. Cottage belonging to Bellis’ P.C. Muldoon had spoken to youths here and clerk asked for a sign to be erected.

Holt Road Estate: 5 cars broken into on 1 night and vehicle stolen. It would be appreciated if a police vehicle could drive around the estate occasionally.

The changing rooms appearance had been mentioned to police but Mr. Gaade explained they were boarded up because the windows had been smashed. Crime shield can be purchased for £100 a window.

P.C. Muldoon informed us that the youngsters would like somewhere to meet and sit and that other communities had Shelters. This is to be put on the agenda.

The police matters were concluded and Inspector Chesters informed us he

Has a new post and will be leaving. He thanked us for our support and he was thanked for his work and wishes well for his future. The police left.


1.PROPOSED EXTENSION TO CAR PARK: Mr. Roberts has done a spec but needs comparison of materials from WCBC. Nothing received. Need 3 quotes.

2.CHAPEL STREET: Clerk had written again after the last meeting and a reply received and work started.

3.GENERAL MATTERS: Dog signs – not received yet. Review of the Boundaries – Acknowledgement received.


4.NOTICE BOARDS – HOLT ROAD ESTATE. Mr. Ratcliffe had kindly given the address of the management committee to the clerk and she has written asking for permission to site these.


The clerk asked for Mrs Penny’s letter from the previous meeting to be read out again at this point as she was quite upset and concerned with the part saying advice from the legal section of WCBC was to get copies of all letters sent and records of all telephones calls for Bieston Matters. This to her insinuated she was not doing her job properly! Unfortunately Mrs Penny was not present. Mrs Jones proposed for a vote of confidence in the clerk and Mr. Gibson seconded this. It was also asked that no councillor write letters or say or speak on council matters on behalf of the community council without first clearing it before Committee.

6.DOCTOR’S SURGERY – FARNDON: Mr. Ratcliffe mentioned that he was not allowed to be a patient at Farndon because he was on the Holt Road Estate even though this is in the Holt Boundary. Ms. McConville is to check on this but thinks the radius is 5 mile!


7.BORRAS HALL – FARM BUILDINGS: to go to appeal.

8.BUSINESS RATE RELIEF: Clerk read out the letter received regarding the Welsh assembly’s plan to re-introduce a percentage payment of rural business rate. This would affect the public toilets and bowling green, both of which are non profit making. The clerk had sent objections to these proposals because of a time limit for replies. The letter was read out and approved.



Mrs Roberts had attended the meeting for this and nominations are needed for someone to sit on the board. We need representation to make sure we get whatever money available for Holt. Mrs Jones proposed Mrs Roberts and Mrs Clays seconded. Mrs Roberts was thanked.


Letter and financial statements received for the above and a request that we consider contributing financially to the upkeep. Mr. Lewis proposed, Ms. McConville seconded that we reply saying we already have contributed financially and also contribute to our village hall (Kenyon Hall.


Vernon’s application was refused even though the Community Council didn’t object and Mr. Ratcliffe thought they provided a good service to the village and couldn’t understand how the planning works when things are passed if we object and things are not passed when we don’t object.

The clerk explained we are NOT the planning authority but merely consulted.

The clerk was asked to try to get a member of planning to come to one of our meetings to give some explanations to clarify the situation.

Baker;s Cottage: erection of single storey extension – concern expressed over this additional extension and if granted could we have assurance it will remain single storey.

Ridley Wood Farm – erection of 2 workers cottages (agricultural condition) (Mrs Jones declared interest)

Clays Golf Club – erection of 32 bedroom hotel and leisure facilities: - Concern over highway issues and accessibility with road system.

7 Forest Pines -1st floor extension – no objections.

Rockingham – extensions and alterations to dwelling – no objections.

5 Vicarage Court – change hardstanding to block paving – no objection.

Sunnycroft, Holt Road, Llanypwll – erection of new dwelling and new vehicular access to serve 3 dwellings and closure of old access.

Objections to this as this is back filling not infilling and great concern on highway issues at such a dangerous spot.


After passing plans around the members it was agreed that Option 2 was preferred with the concrete removed. Clerk is to find out about funding and also ask if the price includes removing the concrete. Mrs Jones and Mrs Clays to be kept up-dated on this.


The clerk presented the financial sheet to 24th October, 2006. Each member received a copy. Mr. Gibson proposed this be accepted Mrs Jones seconded.


Holt Castle further investigative work – need to know more detail.

Holt U.5s – reconsider when approached. Marie Curie Mrs Clays proposed £100 Mrs Jones sec. 7 in favour. Starlight Mrs Jones proposed Mrs Clays sec £100. Shelter Cymru – no donation. Hope House – Mr Gaade proposed £100 Mrs Jones sec. 8 in favour. Bobath Cymru (cerebral palsy) Mr. Ratcliffe proposed £100 Mr Lewis seconded. Kenyon Hall – letter asking for extra help on top of their usual grant, ( Mr & Mrs Roberts declared interest)

Mr Gibson proposed £2000 Mrs Clays sec. Mr Lewis proposed an amendment £1750 Mr Ratcliffe seconded.

Votes on amendment 4to3 against. Votes on proposal 5 in favour therefore carried.

Royal British Legion £125. St. Chads’ Church £300 Mr. Gibson proposed Mrs Roberts seconded.



Lights – 23 Dee Park, Kenyon Hall, by Newbridge.

Cottage on Cross – hedge across pavement.

Bridge Court – name sign faded also hole in road here, flooding by dropped kerb.

Bryn Estyn – painte red strips for slow by 2nd exit from estate. Need speed humps.

No plans to be put through Mr. Lewis’s door this month.

Mrs Murray had not stuck to planning and been made to alter. Planners do pick some things up.


This was carried out as follows:-

Playing Field: Work on interior and exterior carried out as in last report. Portaloo now rented. Windows boarded up for safety as vandalised.

Notice Board – new doors and roof repaired.

Street lights – not a safety issue but the posts need painting.

Allotments and cemetery – written report from Mr. Lewis. Allotments which were very neglected now rented out and in better order. No. 10 maintained by Mr. Jones from E.M.J grasscutting services when he does the cemetery.

Bowling Green – this is in good condition but Mr Lewis expressed some concern with two trees on the west boundary which are leaning. Some branches that are overhanging the path, may need removing to clear the path at head height and reduce the weight.

Play areas – Dee Park – under review for a new scheme.

Church Green – badly needs new safety bark – reported to WCBC twice as they are responsible – not done as at 24th October, 2006.


Mrs J. Pierce salary October + £25 to pay K. Burningham playing last post = £300

Marie Curie £100.

Starlight £100. Hope House £100. Bobath Cymru £100. Mr A. White salary October.

Dee Valley Water £157-16

WCBC lights £333-29.

Scottish Power energy £63-74

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