Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 23rd May 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 23rd May 2006


PRESENT: Mr Gaade, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Ms. McConville, Mr. Lewis, Mrs Penny, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, P.C. Muldoon and Website representative – B. Campbell.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Williams and Mr. Gibson – both ill.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the retiring Chairman, took the Chair and opened the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Wadsworth and Mrs Hughes.
Mr. Gaade gave a short speech to thank the Councillors for their attendance and support to him, over the last 12 months of office. The main issue dealt with had been planning, with a lot of people improving houses not moving!
There had also been new developments. It was hoped the Cross could eventually be improved with everyone’s help, including the businesses. He thanked Councillor Morris for his unfailing support, Holt Website for passing on matters of importance to residents and P.C. Muldoon who is very dedicated to Holt and the other officers who also help especially for Remembrance Day. Lastly he thanked the clerk for her help, whenever he needed it. The clerk wishes to record her thanks to Mr. Gaade for being such a strong Chairman who is always ready to support the Community Council and her against criticism.

Mr. Lewis proposed Mrs Roberts and she declined to stand because of her heavy load of commitment personally and in the village already
Mr. Lewis then proposed the existing Chairman, Mr. Gaade, should be re-elected for a further 12 months. Ms. McConville seconded.
Votes 8 in favour – 1 abstention Mr. Gaade thanked everyone.

Mrs Roberts did not wish to stand as Vice Chairperson either!
Mr. Roberts proposed Mrs Penny, Mr. Ratcliffe seconded. All agreed.
Mr. Gaade welcomed Mrs Penny to the position of Vice-Chairperson.

MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Mrs Roberts seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and proposed as a true record.

This was give to each member and was an estimated balance (as correct as possible without balancing exact income – did not include savings interest!)
Mrs Jones proposed the acceptance of this, Mrs Clays seconded. Mr Gaade thanked the clerk for working out the financial sheet they had received.

1.P.C. Muldoon reported 2 incidents of criminal damage and 2 burglaries (not houses) 1 theft. 3 incidents of anti social behaviour on the Holt Road estate had been dealt with. A successful operation with the school leavers had been carried out. Police had received a couple of calls from village over youths in fields and Mrs Penny reported trouble with traffic at a farm sale in Borras Hall Lane – police had attended but after the worst was over. Clerk had contacted Bellis’s regarding empty house in Green Street and youths causing inconvenience here. P.C. Muldoon to be contacted with this.
Mr. Gaade had thought P.C. Muldoon was supposed to cover Isycoed as well as her other areas but this is to be covered by 1 Industrial Estate policeman. Mr. Gaade proposed a letter go to Inspector Mark Chesters to thank him. Mrs Jones seconded. Youths had been congregating on footpath down to castle – Mr. Lewis spoke to them.
Is it illegal to put up posters on highway? Clerk to find out.
Speeding traffic around Cross and up to by-pass, in evening also mororbikes speeding on by-pass on Sundays letter to be sent re: bikes on by pass.
Letter regarding Cross – work to re-commence probably end June.
Thanks to P.C. Muldoon for attending.

Peal O’ Bells – copy of letter from Church re: planning for play area – both sides reached compromise. Cross Cottage – planning approved after alteration to windows. Play area, Dee Park – Mr. Price, Mrs Clays and clerk met here. Mr Price to draw up two choices with prices.
Clays Golf Club – clerk still to check on tree removal?
Hole in field by Chester Lane – reported to Welsh Water!


3.LARGE BEECH TREE ON SANDSTONE CLIFF TO REAR OF 4 CASTLE COURT: Ms.McConville declared interest – Letter received from WCBC and copy of letter to them from Dr. R.N. Hobbs and Ms. McConville in reply. These letters and pictures were studied and discussed and it was agreed a letter be sent asking for a decision which was acceptable to residents of property. Copy to Ms. McConville.

4.GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Reply from Mr & Mrs Derbyshire – read and noted. Chester City Council – Adopted planning laws – noted.
Mayor’s Church Service – Mr. Gaade to attend. Northern Marches – invite representative to July meeting. Community Centre – room needs to be ready for meeting when booked. Memorial late D. Jones – Mrs Clays proposed, Mr Roberts seconded this be approved. E.Mail received by clerk from Mr Campbell regarding trouble with youths with golf balls causing damage at 3 Church Street – noted. Health Challenge and Play Wales – noted.

5.PLANNING: Waterways, Holt Road – illumination of V board sign – Mr. Lewis proposed objections as there is no justification to light a sign when property closed and already security lights and highway light, distracting at this dangerous junction Mrs Penny seconded.
Trade Effluent Services, Hugmore Lane – temporary storage of silos for 12 months – objections as this is in retrospect, what is to be stored here? Already experience of smell and flies from this property. Mrs Penny proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded.
Laurel Grove – no objections. Lilac Cottage, the Cross – house to holistic salon – no objections. Bakers Cottage – extension 2 storey – no objections.


6.GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: - Mr Ratcliffe thanked the clerk for getting a light fixed so quickly.
Bins – Kenyon Hall bins not emptied. Can bin at Castle be emptying Cross ones? Letter to Mr. Mitchell – Bethesda re: scaffolding and large Christmas decorations. Bollard removed – footpath to Castle, motorbikes used the path. Public Footpath sign needed.

7.TARMAC: The runway had been dug up and the equipment used was very noisy. This was on Bank holiday. Mrs Penny phoned Enforcement but was not very satisfied with response and would like this site monitored more effectively! Mrs Penny proposed a letter, Mr. Ratcliffe seconded.

8.DOG FOULING: Visit to be asked for on footpath from Fairview to field at the back of bungalows Dee Park and also the Castle footpath.

9.ACADEMY GARAGE: Clerk to check on method of removal of tanks here. Do they need special documentation. Concern with fumes.

10.VERNON’S: Lost appeal and some people have blamed the Community Council but because Wrexham County Borough couldn’t deal with this it went to an Independent decision. The Community Council are only consultees NOT the planning authority!

Accounts: Mrs J. Pierce                    salary – May              £275
Taylor-Made                    computer repair          £119
E.M.J. Services                grasscutting                £220
WCBC                             services                       £920-72


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