Holt Community Council – Minutes of Meeting – 19th Sept 2006

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Meeting - 19th Sept 2006

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson. Ms. McConville, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Williams, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, Mr. Campbell and 1 member of the public. P.C. Muldoon.

APOLOGIES:  Letter from Mrs Penny giving apologies as she was on holiday. Letter also complained that her complaint regarding speeding, from the July meeting had not been dealt with by the Clerk. This was not the case as the clerk had contacted P.C. Muldoon before going on holiday and reported Mr. Lewis’s matter and Mrs Penny’s.
CHAIR: Mr. Gaade opened the meeting and welcomed everyone after the break. A silence was held in respect of  Mrs E. Parry. At this point there was no representation from the Police so the normal meeting proceeded.


1.CAR PARK: Mr. Roberts to look at details of materials to be used in order to do a comparison.

2.PLAY AREA – DEE PARK: More quotes are to be sent to the Chairman. Information already received to be passed to every member. Price needed to remove concrete. Arlene to look at plans and ask others for feedback.
Church Green Play Area badly needs more bark as metal is sticking up from the equipment. This was reported in writing and to Mr. Price at the first meeting on Dee Park but has not been done! Strong letter to go to Mr. Bradbury.

3.CHAPEL STREET/SMITHFIELD STREET: This still not done and a copy of an E. Mail to Councillor Morris was read out to say it would be done August 2006. Mr. Gaade had been onto highways and apparently kerbs need to be replaced before work can start. Clerk to write expressing dissatisfaction and Mr. Gaade to keep chasing up. Gentleman in meeting to represent residents from this area who are not happy.

4.DOG BINS AND SIGNS: Clerk has requested these and asked for three areas to get bins first. Signs also requested.

5.REVIEW OF THE BOUNDARIES: A meeting had been held to which Mrs Penny and Mr. Ratcliffe were invited. Mr. Gaade, Mr. Lewis, Mr. & Mrs Roberts Mrs Jones and Councillor Morris attended. A letter was drawn up and Mrs Roberts kindly typed this out. The letter was then delivered to every house on the Holt Road development.
140 + replies were received with 100% wanting to stay in Holt Community Council area.
Some residents also contacted Councillor Morris and wrote to Boundary Commission.
Thanks to Councillor Morris for his advice and everyone who attended and distributed the slips. Mrs Jones proposed contact Boundary Commission giving this result saying 100% of 140+ replies do not wish to change. Mr. Ratcliffe seconded.
P.C.  Muldoon Apologised for her lateness. She began her report with:
Staffing: - The police are 500,000 in debt and very short staffed but by April 2007 Community Support Officers are to be in place. 1 per ward. P.C. Muldoon should be having 3, to cover Gresford/Marford and Holt. They will integrate into the Public Sector but can’t arrest people but can detain them. The uniform is very similar to the police one.
Lack of Policing in Holt: P.C. Muldoon apologised for not being in Holt as much as she would like to but there had been severe problems in Gresford. The members were not very happy with this as they felt that the good work done previously by P.C. Muldoon would be wasted as word would get around and we could have a backlash from lack of policing. The police need to be seen around the village! Letter to be sent to Inspector Chesters expressing these concers and asking him to attend the next meeting.

Matters reported to Police – Parking on Pavement – Castle Garage and take away.
Dee Park – after 9p.m. motorbikes and youths drinking.
Car at Bakers Cottage on pavement.
Crime in village: - 5 cars broken into at Holt Lodge between 10 – 11p.m. when Presentation taking place.
2 caravans stolen.
6 Chickens Stolen from Chapel House.
Motorbikes on the Cross still causing trouble.
Remembrance Sunday – Clerk to contact highways about road closure then police.
12th December, 2006 at 7p.m. at Guildhall – meeting North Wales Police – Police Funding, Presentation of Plan.
P.C. Muldoon was asked to visit the Bowling Green if on duty at night in the village as youths gather here. She pointed out the toilets have been open at 10p.m. at night – clerk to contact Mr. White. Cars speeding in Cross Street.
Arrive Alive to visit Wrexham Road, Frog Lane in October. Paul to be contacted.
Halloween and Bonfire night are causing concern and visits are needed to Waterways regarding purchase of fireworks.
2 matters of criminal damage were also reported.
Concern was expressed again regarding cars for sale by Acton/Llanypwll roundabout.
P.C. Muldoon was thanked and left.
Item 3 – Bieston Matters:
Mr. Gaade had asked the clerk to put Bieston Matters first on the agenda after Matters Arising.
Bieston Resident refused trees: - Mr. Gaade had kindly looked into this and Mr. Murray had not realised the person came under Holt area. Mr. Gaade had telephoned Mrs Penny to give her the message.
Copy of a letter sent to Mr. Roberts from Mr. & Mrs Brereton suggesting road closure of Borras Hall Lane. It was proposed by Mr. Lewis and seconded by Mr. Ratcliffe that this remains as it is as this route is a necessary route to the Industrial Estate sometimes when accidents occur on Holt Road. All in favour.
Notice Board – It was thought to erect 2 notice boards on the Holt Road Estate but permission must be sought from the Management Committee. Hedge at Highfield needs cutting back from pavement.

ITEM 4 – CORRESPONDENCE:6.HOLT CASTLE: Letter regarding finance to do further work here received from B. Payne. Clerk to seek advice on this from Councillor Morris to see current situation.
7.PLANNING: Longfield, Commonwood – an application was received in summer recess requesting an extension but this was refused because of 40% ruling.
Little Lodge, Castle Gardens – porch extension – granted.
4 & 4 Laurel Grove – refused.
Spring Grove, Hugmore Lane – demolition of existing Dutch Barn and erection of garage with storage above – clerk to write asking what is to be stored here?
Vernons’ Fresh Food Hall – Varaiation of condition 6 Planning Permission to allow the kitchen, coffee shop and W.C. to be used from 000 to 1900 hours Monday to Saturday. The Community Council had no objections to this as other businesses opened early.
Removal of 1 Cedar Tree, Castle Gardens – ( Ms. McConville declared her interest)
She was allowed to give an explanation for the removal and this was the large tree was inappropriately sited for its size. No objections.
Erection of single storey cottage at rear Smithfield Cottage – Objections were raised to this on 1. highway grounds, 2. Affect on adjacent properties as right on boundary 3.Will remove garden at front of property and feel this is an  inappropriate development. Mr. Gibson proposed Mr. Lewis seconded this.
Construction of new access road to Gourton Hall – no objections.
Cottage on Cross – installation of double glazing in Conservation area – white timber. No objections.
8.MATTERS TO REPORT: Blocked drains all around the village.
Signs – House for sale signs are legal until 14 days after the sale.
Sign on Wrexham road not legal.
Double Hedges – nettles and hedges need cutting. Footpath on Wrexham Road  - brambles.
Kenyon Cottage – bush hanging onto pavement.
Request for lighting in country areas – Mr. Williams asked to come to next meeting with specific areas.
School Lane – missing lock up post.
Peal O. Bells – notice – 1 rule for everyone!.
Bend sign at entrance to village from Wrexham Road – Mr. Gibson supplied photograph.
Car using cemetery drive – this was an elderly person and is not a frequent problem.
Dee Park – grass on play area.
Bridge Street sign hidden in Mr. Priddings hedge on Bridge by salon.
Dee Lane – children speeding down on bikes.
Next meeting will be 24th October, 2006.
Dee Valley Water  supply £85-02.  WCBC lighting 333-29. Blue Loos hire 282-00. Mr.A White  salary £460-00 July – Sept. Mrs J. Pierce salary Sept £275. Mr. R. Price grasscutting July – Sept. £390-00. E.M.J.Services grasscuting £440-00. Royal British Legion wreaths £125-00. Greenthumb treatment £102-00. Mr. P. Gaade expenses weedkiller £29-96. Taylor-Made printer ink £33-00.J.D.H. Audit fee 2005/06 £174-37.


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