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PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Cubitt, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. J. Hughes, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. D. Powell. Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairperson took the Chair and welcomed everyone.

APOLOGIES: Mr. P. Gaade (Paul wished to pass on to the new Chair & Vice Chair, wishes for ‘A Successful and trouble free year in Office’. Mr. S. Lewis & Mr. D. Munnerley.

MINUTES: Ms. Shone proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.

ITEM 1A.: ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON: Ms. Shone proposed John Cubitt, Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed. Mr. Cubitt accepted and Mr. Pridding handed over the Chain of Office and Mr. Cubitt took the Chair.

ITEM 1B. – ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRPERSON: Mrs Jones proposed Paul Hinchliffe, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed. Mr. Hinchliffe accepted.


1.CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLOR: Mr. David Powell, our new Councillor, signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office & Model Code of Conduct.

2.COMMUNITY AGENT: MINDFULNESS WALKS: The last walk is due to take place this week and these have gone well. The new Community Agent has not taken over but Holt is being covered by the Rainbow Centre.

3.NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST: Letter received from Mr. D. Bithell who has offered to do the grass cutting of the paths in the Copse free. He has also done several jobs in the Copse and the Holt Castle Field. The Holt CC accepted his very kind offer as it will free up the £350 pledged. The Clerk to write to Mr. Bithell.  Henry had confirmed the £350 and also gave the good news that he is still our point of contact on part time hours.

4. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: The group have been working very hard getting ready for the Wales in Bloom Competition and the Village is looking lovely. Thank you also to all residents helping with making their properties very attractive. The Judges will be visiting Holt on 20th July, 2021 in the afternoon. They have successfully obtained another grant award. Their efforts are appreciated and praised.

5. POLICE MATTERS: The PCSO reported that thankfully the month had been very quiet. She had visited the Development on Wrexham Road and hopefully the vans by Bellis’s will soon be able to park on site. Mr. Gaade had updated the Clerk that there has been no success identifying the culprits with trouble at the Toilets. Police will visit the area when in Holt to keep a check here. Problems also being experience with Male cyclists using the Gents Toilets at weekends and propping the door open to save them paying 20p to use them. This is very annoying as Holt CC pay for cleaning and Council Tax etc to provide these facilities. The door money is the only income. If any Councillors or members of the public see this being done please would they be kind enough to remove the stick and close the door.  Sgt. Katie Davies is now back in post but any issues should first be raised with Local Community Beat Officer.

6. ALLOTMENT RE-GENERATION GRANT: Mr. S. Jones, as promised completed all the work at the allotments, Fencing, gates and water supply. Paul has purchased 8 extra removable tops for the taps as only 5 supplied. Thank you to Stuart Jones and Paul Gaade for the excellent result here. The Rubber Matting has been delivered. This was unloaded by Mr. Gaade, the Clerk and her husband. Thanks to Mr. R. Boyle who was passing and helped get the load up the cemetery drive safely. The matting now needs laying to complete the grant work and the volunteer hours committed to by the HCC on the grant application. The Clerk will contact members. This has been a long process since the grant applied for but now near completion and the allotments will be ones to be proud of thanks to Farm Gardens Grant.

8. GENERAL MATTERS: Handrail footpath from Francis Lane to by-pass (still not repaired) To be reported again. Litter Bin at Holt Castle. The Holt CC are to purchase a double one and the single one to be placed in Dee Lane under the bridge. Mr. Pridding proposed this Mr. Hinchliffe seconded this.  Litter Picking Group – this has been organised by Mr. Gaade and thank you to everyone who came forward. Mr. Gaade has organised them into different areas and drop off points for the Litter Bags collection has been agreed with WCBC. Mr. Gaade has purchase extra equipment needed as Councillor Morris supplied some and 3 extra litter pickers when contacted. Thank you to Michael for this help. The Clerk was advised by Councillor Morris to contact Shane Hughes to inquire regarding insurance to comply with Health and Safety. It may be able to be included with Wrexham one. It was decided to leave the ordering of ‘Litter Notices’ for now. Councillor Morris had sent a copy of one but there were mixed feelings regarding this. Bollards Wrexham Road – The Clerk had looked but could not find where these were. It was thought they were in the flower beds at Bellis Garden Centre. Pothole by Equestrian Centre had been filled. Clerk had put Mr. Doyle, Francis Lane in touch with Kerry Williams, WCBC and he is to meet to discuss the problem with flooding.

9. PUBLIC TOILETS: The first of this year’s cleans will be done on 26th May, 2021 and Mr. Gaade has obtained a spare set of keys to give the Clean Police to save him meeting them every time. The Clerk will meet them tomorrow and hand these over.

10: VILLAGE CLEANING: Mr. Hinds has confirmed the same quote as last year. He  is to be requested to carry out work for the same hours as last year. That will be 4 days x 8 hours (2 men) Total £800 Ms. Shone proposed this. There is a little bit extra budgeted should we need it.

11. FINANCIAL SHEET: The sheet for April 2021 had been sent to members. Mr. Hinchliffe explained the figures on the Information sheet. Mrs Jones proposed this be approved and accepted, Mr. Hughes seconded. All agreed.

12. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: The Clerk had been contacted by Simon Greenland regarding putting Holt CC comments regarding planning applications on their website. The Clerk had contacted members and as replies mixed had refused this.  Mr. Greenland had replied to say this was not a problem but they are reviewing their Website and thought our letter could be used as an experiment. Noted.

13. DEE PARK PLAY AREA – EXTRA LIGHTING: The quote of £2980 + VAT was received for two solar powered lights. It was thought one might suffice here but the positioning would be vital. The Clerk to arrange a meeting here with Carl Williams from Mega.

14. BOWLING GREEN: This is looking in very good condition thanks to Mr. S. Coupland who is carrying out the grass cutting and treatment now.


16. CASTLE PATH – BEECH TREES: The Clerk had been contacted expressing concern over the condition of these trees and also the removal of an ancient hedge and the effect on wildlife. The Clerk had forwarded Jon Brewin’s reply to her as this had been brought up before, Jone was also sent the e.mail and kindly explained the situation. On a positive note Bellis’s Bros have plans to plant many trees and hedgerows which will re-dress the balance. The Clerk will forward this information.

17. HOLT CASTLE: The Clerk has contacted Steve Grentner regarding a meeting on site and he can do Tuesdays or Thursdays. A meeting is to be arranged in July after the first week.

18. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: : Clays Cottage Caravan & Leisure Park, Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham – Extension and Refurbishment of existing reception and facilities building. No objections. 2 The Cottages, Rossett Road, Commonwood, Holt – Alterations to front of property to provide 3 Dormer Windows. No objections.  5 Smithy Cottages, Sandy Lane, Llan Y Pwll – single storey, side extension. No objections. Brick Cottage, Castle Street, Holt, Wrexham. Removal of 1 Conifer tree (in Conservation area). No objections. Crossview, Castle Street, Holt, Wrexham. Installation of 3 roof lights to rear roof. No Objections. 7 Danetre, The Pinfold, Holt, Wrexham. Single storey side extension and new pedestrian gate. No objections. Rivermead, Church Street, Holt, Wrexham. Fell Copper Beech to ground level. Clerk to ask reason for this. Plum Tree Farm, Commonwood, Holt, Wrexham.   Land South of Holt Road, Wrexham. Outline Application for the Construction of up to 600 dwellings, with associated landscaping, public open space and on-site infrastructure, with all matters reserved. The Clerk had contacted the planning officer to get clearer information on this and he confirmed that as we already knew these proposed dwellings will form part of a total of 1680 properties which the KSS2 provides for in the forthcoming LDP. !580 are expected to be delivered by 2028. Some of this allocation comes within Abenbury. The objections sent to a previous application here were regarding Infrastructure i.e. school and healthcare provision. (N.B. this application has gone to appeal as refused by WCBC). This application was discussed and the Holt Community Council wish to object on the following grounds: At this point the infrastructure does not include Schools and Health care facilities. Each developer will be asked to contribute towards these facilities but with allowing small developments at a time then should any developer, in the future pull out of developing then this could all fall through. The Health Board have been contacted but with surgery’s already struggling with numbers and nearby villages having closed surgeries, this is a real concern. The local schools are likewise struggling with numbers and there is no assurance any children from the development would benefit Holt. The highway accesses is also concerning as main access onto busy A5156/A534 roundabout. Mrs Jones proposed these objections sent to planning, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.


19.  PLAY AREAS – UPGRADE FROM BARK TO GRASS MATTING: Mr. P. Hinchliffe in consultation with Clerk had looked at the Budget for 2021/22 and with careful management funds could be provided to carry out required work on 1 play area this financial year. All members had been sent the sheet kindly drawn up by Mr. Hinchliffe. This was discussed and Mr. Cubitt proposed work on Church Green area be carried out this year and money be re-allocated to fund this and also the Holt Town Trust be approached to fund half the amount of £7180.50. Mr. Pridding seconded this. All agreed.

20. ANNUAL RETURN 2020/21 – TO BE APPROVED AND SIGNED FOR EXTERNAL AUDIT. The committee approved this and Mr. Cubitt signed it as required. The Clerk will now follow procedure to prepare and send the required documents to the External Audit for approval.

21. HOLT WAR MEMORIAL (Cenotaph) – Repairs: Mrs Jones expressed interest – noted. A letter had been received from the Holt Town Trust itemising monies contributed towards the cost of restoration and asking for a contribution from Holt CC of £2000. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this be agreed, Mr. Hughes seconded. Agreed.


22. GENERAL MATTERS: Defibrillator – The Clerk had sent an e.mail and Mrs Jones had made contact regarding the service on this. Mrs Jones to chase this up. Zurich Insurance 2021/22. The Clerk had contacted Zurich with regards to the Street lights and Bowling Green and no extra charge was made for the lighting. The Bowling Green is covered under Public Liability for accidents but only if caused by anything belonging to Holt CC. It was agreed the premium be paid due on 1st June, 2021.  It was agreed to continue meeting at the Kenyon Hall if possible and the next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 29thJune, 2021. Frog Lane near to Capel Street – a 10’ to 15’ section of the road needs attention. The Clerk is to contact Greg to report leaves in the parking bay on Bridge Street. (The unloading area for Dee Villas). He is also to be asked if WCBC could re-visit with the Grid Cleaner on Dee Park but notify the Clerk first in order for cars to be moved. The Clerk has previously sent a request for other areas.

ACCOUNTS: Mr. Hinchliffe proposed the following accounts for May be approved and paid, Mr. Powell seconded. All agreed.

2740 – JDH               Internal Audit Fee 2020/21                                 £327.60

2741 – E. Jones         Grass cuts - cemetery                                            £240.00

2742 – WCBC            Business Tax – Toilets & Bowling Green.        £936.25

2743 – S. Coupland  Bowling Green treatment & grass cuts            £205.00

2744 – AVOW           Wages, Salary & charge.                                      £715.81

2745 – M&L              Grass Cuts at Castle and Entrance to village   £462.00

2746 – EDF               Street Lighting – Energy.                                   £197.91

2747 – Clean Police  May Clean of the toilets.                                    £120.00

2748 – P. Gaade        Various expenses (new keys, e.t.c.)                 £152.61

The next meeting of the Holt Community Council will be held on Tuesday, 29th May, 2021 and everyone agreed it would be held in the Kenyon Hall, restrictions allowing. Any problems it would be a Zoom Meeting.

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