Holt Community Council – Minutes of Actions Taken – March 2020

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Actions Taken - March 2020


I, Jean Pierce as Clerk, on behalf of the Holt Community Council, am sending our kindest thoughts and wishes to all residents of Holt during this current situation and hope you all keep safe and well, Holt is a very special community and I know everyone is looking out for neighbours and say a big thank you to them. A big thank you to Bob Campbell who is putting everything on the website to keep everyone updated – a valuable effort greatly appreciated especially by me! A Special thank you to Jeremy and staff at Nisa for all they are doing to keep everyone supplied with food e.t.c. Bellis Bros Garden Centre for arrangements they have made for collection of food, the Chemist in Farndon for prescription deliveries, and any other businesses doing what they can. The biggest thank you from all of us goes to the NHS, Care Workers, Police and other authorities. Keep positive, keep safe and keep smiling. If I can help in any way please contact me on 01978 359791.


Minutes: The minutes of the February meeting were sent to all members, electronically and approved as a true record and sent to the Holt Website.

Deaths: Condolences are sent to the family of the late Mr. Wilf Roberts.


1. NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST: Mr. Henry Cook: The Copse - After the last meeting the Clerk confirmed matters discussed and e.mailed Henry. He has now come back with an excellent plan for work at the Copse which the members were sent and approved subject to level of cost from HCC. Henry sent a cost breakdown of work and after discussion with him it was agreed that if the HCC could pay £350 as last year for a final cut, tidy Copse then Wildlife Trust would fund £600. This was approved by members. Clerk confirmed with Henry.

2. POLICE MATTERS: Very little on this but a report from the police has been received on their work during crisis. Speed checks had been carried out in March and the results were sent to members. These were quite pleasing so we thank all motorists who observe the 30m.p.h. in village however I believe Tractor drivers are not being so considerate for people’s safety. Some of these are ‘Contract drivers’. The Speed Gun has now been ordered by Rossett CC and this will be shared with Holt and we will pay half cost.

3. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: The Clerk has now received a copy of the Signed Agreement between the Holt Town Trust and The Holt Community Gardeners and the cheque of £550 has now been paid to them. Update has been received from the group who had held their AGM. The Covid 19 outbreak has resulted in Wales in Bloom being cancelled but their plan is still to continue with work to make the village attractive, work on Cross will continue whilst observing the guidance on social distancing. Thanks were received from the gardeners for the cheque and for everyone’s support.

4. COMMUNITY AGENT: The appointment of a Community Agent for Holt/Isycoed/Abenbury hasn’t been done yet but Delyth Pridding WCBC has stepped in as a temporary Agent to cover these communities whilst the Covid 19 situation exists. Delyth, responsible for setting up Community Agents and a former resident of Holt (well known to many) will do one day per week. We are very grateful to her and also the Consortium at the Penley Rainbow Centre who have already responded to calls in the area A welcome, uplifting piece of News gratefully received.

5. MEGA ELEECTRIC: The Clerk has contacted Mega for another quote for lights at Car Park. The light No. 43 Rossett Road has now been converted and the residents here are thanked for their patience. Mega had to wait for Scottish Power to enable them to convert this light.

6. CHARGING POINT FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES: A meeting was held, as, agreed, with Emma Williams – Senior Carbon Reduction & Energy Efficiency Officer, WCBC. The HCC were represented by the Clerk,  Mr. J. Pridding, (Chairman), Mr. J. Cubitt (Vice Chairman),  Mr. P. Hinchliffe & Mr. P. Gaade. The meeting was very successful and it was agreed a Charging Point be installed by WCBC at no cost to HCC and that the electric be used from the Public Toilets but reimbursed as it is possible to know how many Kw used by the charger. The site to the right of the car park entrance in corner, taking up 2 spaces was also agreed and         Mr. E. Jones is to be asked by HCC to remove the two straggly, spiky bushes behind the fence here. This was a very satisfactory meeting.

7. CASTLE FOOTPATH TREES: Mr. Brewin confirmed that HCC or WCBC are not responsible for these. Some tidying has been carried out. N.B. Fairview House, Castle Street, Holt. Silver Birch felled. This was brought to the Clerk’s notice and Mr. Brewin confirmed permission had been given under necessary ruling, to fell this as inspection deemed it rotten.

8. WCBC Matters: Some potholes have been done and Borras Hill where road very bad has had some attention so not dangerous which was HCC concern. Thanks to Councillor Morris for adding strength by reporting this also. There will not be a new litter bin by entrance to Dee Park as policy from WCBC now is apparently removing some litter bins not adding them! The B5103 Sign has been replaced sometime ago as sure everyone has noticed.

9. HOLT BOWLING GREEN: As Clerk received no quote from other two people she had sought them from it had been agreed for Clerk to ask Mr. K. Moult to carry out the quoted work for March 2020. He agreed to do this and then because situation ongoing work will have to be looked into.


10. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Borras Quarry, Holt Road, Llanypwll. Application for variation of condition no 3 imposed under planning permission P/2003/0579 to provide for the importation, processing & storage of plannings and the importation & storage of pre coated chippings at Borras Quarry – The following observations were sent – that whilst this was thought an interesting development which looks to be established within existing noise restrictions . The only concern would be whether the dust levels produced by the plant would adversely affect Borras Hall which is a listed building. No information could be found on that element of the project. The reply from the Planning Officer – The original planning was subject to 3 conditions relating to dust management. Public Protection Officer advises the conditions be up-dated & re-imposed in any new permission as a result of this application. The planning officer is awaiting comments from the Conservation Officer regarding Borras Hall which is in close proximity to site. 4 Ashley Court, Holt – Application for Variation of condition 2 imposed under planning permission P/2019/0581 to amend the approved drawings to allow the construction of a strorm porch to the front elevation and the installation of grey UVPC windows. No objections.

11. BUSINESS RATE DEMANDS: These have been received from WCBC for 2020/2021. Public toilets £695-50 and Bowling Green £240-75. Noted.

12. SECTION 6 REPORT – 2019/20 – ENVIRONMENT (Wales) ACT 2016 Part 1 – Section 6 – This has now been completed and displayed on the website. Grateful thanks to Councillor John Cubitt who undertook this to assist the Clerk.


13. NOTICE OF EXTERNAL AUDIT FOR FINANCIAL YEAR ENDED  31ST MARCH, 2020. This was received from Grant Thornton on behalf of Auditor General for Wales. The dates may be changed on this but the clerk will comply with instructions and keep the Full council aware of this.

14.INTERNAL AUDIT – This will go ahead but under different arrangements and once again the Clerk/RFO will comply with this on behalf of the HCC.

15. FINANCIAL SHEET: This was approved for February 2020.

16. FINNACIAL ORDERS (KEY) – Adapted from NALC Financial Regulations 2019. These have now been thoroughly looked into and Clerk and Mr. Hinchliffe have adapted them within regulations for HCC. The new Key Financial orders have been sent to members and are to be adopted from 1st April, 2020.

2638 – AVOW       Wages G. Crofts, Salary J. Pierce Feb. & Charge   £619-75
2639 – AVOW       Salary Clerk – March 2020                                        £348-03
2640 – Holt C.G.  Grant towards planters & water butt.                      £550-00
2641 – E. Jones   Grasscutting                                                                   £220-00
2642 – J. Pierce  Expenses                                                                         £  9-32
2643 – S. Power   Standing charge                                                           £ 32-47
2644 – AVOW       Charge for Clerk’s March salary                              £ 15-00

This record will be sent to Members of HCC and then after approval will be put on website. Jean Pierce – Clerk to Holt Community Council.

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