Holt Community Council – Minutes of Actions Taken – April 2020

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Holt Community Council - Minutes of Actions Taken - April 2020


I,  Jean Pierce as Clerk, on behalf of the Holt Community Council, am sending once again the  kindest thoughts and wishes to all residents of Holt during this current situation and hope you all  still keeping safe and well.  As I said in March, Holt is a very special community and I know everyone is continuing  looking out for neighbours and say a big thank you to them. I know some of the things happening in Holt are brilliant and many people going the extra mile to help in this Crisis. The 75th VE Day won’t be what it could be but I know there are lovely plans to celebrate (whilst observing the Covid Ruling.) I think fondly back to the 50th Celebrations when a Village Street Party was held for the Children and then a Party in the Holt Community Centre was held for Older residents (perhaps because I wasn’t one of the older residents then but a relatively young Clerk and in the Middle of everything organising and helping – Happy memories). Thank you to Paul Gaade who rang the Church Bells at Easter, which I know a lot of people appreciated. A big thank you to Bob Campbell who is still putting everything on the website to keep everyone updated – a valuable effort greatly appreciated especially by me! A Special thank you to AVOW who are co-ordinating volunteers to cover many services and send regular updates which are very informative. At times like these we have to think of many people for whom every normal day is a struggle and made even more difficult during this crisis which no one would have foreseen. AVOW are always there working quietly along with the volunteers  doing valuable work. The biggest thank you from all of us goes to the NHS, Care Workers, Police, Key Workers and other authorities. Keep positive, keep safe and keep smiling. If I can help in any way please contact me on 01978 359791.


Minutes: The report of the March meeting were sent to all members, electronically and approved as a true record and sent to the Holt Website.

Deaths: Condolences are sent to the family of the late Mrs Dorothy Powell, Mr. Peter Andrews and Mr. Clive Hughes Wilding and other families who have sadly lost loved ones.


1. NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST: Mr. Henry Cook: The Copse – Work has been carried out here with pathways made through trees and the Bluebells are looking lovely. People have enjoyed this area as they have been walking through it as part of their exercise. Thanks to Bob for the photos he published and to Henry and team for their work.

2. POLICE MATTERS: The Police have been regularly issuing their reports and unfortunately there has been a Scam incident in Holt which was quickly dealt with so once again we urge people to be aware and look after neighbours especially vulnerable ones.

3. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: I know the Gardeners are still very active in their quest to have the Village looking good and thank you to them and all who are supporting them in whatever way.

4.  COMMUNITY AGENT: Delyth Pridding and the Consortium at the Rainbow Centre have been busy and are doing a fantastic job. Leaflets have been printed and thanks to Paul and Jill Hinchliffe and Brian and Sue Payne for delivering these to all households in Holt Area. We are very grateful to Delyth and also the Consortium at the Penley Rainbow Centre for these and already they have received calls resulting from the leaflet drop.

5. WCBC Matters: Mr. Gaade reported the 30mph sign being knocked totally off in Frog Lane and this has been reported to the Area Supervisor.


INTERNAL AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS 2019/20 – This has now been completed by JDH Auditors but cannot be officially received until a meeting is held by the Holt Community Council. Instructions have been received from the Welsh Government regarding the procedure for carrying out requirements for External Audit. As before the Clerk will comply with rulings.

FINANCIAL SHEET: This was approved for March 2020.

7. FINANCE RELATING TO COVID 19: AVOW 3D Printer Appeal – Approval was given under Section 137 to grant £200. Purchase of Rubber Gloves was approved and Mr. Hinchliffe purchased these on HCC behalf to distribute for volunteers e.t.c.

2645 – AVOW             Wages G. Crofts, Salary J. Pierce & charge    £619-75
2646 – AVOW             Increase on wage G. Croft                                 £ 17-51
2647 – AVOW             Section 137 Grant -3D Printer                         £200-00
2648 – P. Hinchliffe    Purchase Rubber Gloves                                £ 63-98
2649 – Rossett CC       Re-imbursement of half cost Speed Gun.   £ 60-39
2650 – E. Jones         Grass Cuts & Removal bushes Car Park        £270-00
2651 – J. Hughes        Re-imbursement of Books Stamps sent to Clerk. £ 24-72

This record will be sent to Members of HCC and then after approval will be put on website. Jean Pierce – Clerk to Holt Community Council.

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