Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – October 2008

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - October 2008

PRESENT: Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. P. Gaade, Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. D. Ratcliffe, Mr. J. Evans, Mrs L. Roberts, Mr. J. Gibson, Mr. B. Williams, Mr. J. Floyd (member of public) P.C. Paul Davies and P.C.S.O. Dave Evans.

APOLOGIES: These were given for the last meeting by Mr. Williams.

CHAIR: Mr. Derek Roberts, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone. A silence was held in respect of the following recently deceased – Mrs U. Briffa, Mr. I. Hewitt, Mr. A. Eardley, Mrs Holmes. The cremated remains of the late Mr. Tom Jones were moved across the cemetery at the request of the family. This was agreed some years ago!

MINUTES Mr. Lewis proposed, Mr. Gaade seconded, that these be signed and approved as a true record.

1. This item was discussed first to enable Mr. Floyd to speak and then leave the meeting!
A letter was received from Mr. Payne regarding this and in his absence Mr. Floyd kindly explained matters. A grant from WREN is to be applied for and a lease naming the History Society and Holt Community Council as joint owners will need to be drawn up. The amount needed for this as match funding is £1000. Ms. Shone proposed this be set aside and Mrs Jones seconded this. All agreed. Letter of confirmation to be sent by 14th November. Mr. Floyd was thanked and left.

2. Reports were handed around and this had been a very good month!
Measures put in place for Halloween and Bonfire Night were explained and also an operation which is taking place frequently to combat crime.
A new piece of equipment was shown to members.
A couple of matters were brought to the notice of the police and also they were asked to put fresh numbers for contact in the Notice Board.
Remembrance Sunday – traffic will be controlled for the silence.
Timers and low energy bulbs available from police.
Dangers at the junction of Wrexham Road and by-pass were mentioned.
Mr. Gibson reported a trailer tipping sidewards whilst tractor entering a gate – noted.
P.C. Davies stated the respond time to the damaged notice board in Bieston was 19 minutes – this has now been repaired. The police were thanked and left.

3.STREETSCENE: Clerk had contacted Mr. M. Jones and several matters had been attended to

Mrs Roberts reported that the work on the toilets had started this week and the Car Park should start in 2 3 weeks but as yet no money has been released.
The clerk had rung for a quotation from WCBC for the 2 light columns on the Car Park extension but they recommended their contractor who was Deeco lighting where the quote we have was from! Mrs Jones therefore proposed accept their quote and Ms. Shone seconded this. All agreed. The clerk had been requested to order a portaloo to go on the car park whilst the toilet work was done. This action was approved. Fencing quotes were accepted from R. Parry. Thanks once again to Linda and Derek for all their hard work.

5. CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL IN PUBLIC PLACES: This is a general borough policy and the clerk had given Holt’s backing to this. It will not affect the front areas of Public Houses!


6. MEMORIAL: Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded that the Memorial application in memory of Crudge and Gibson be approved.

7. KINGSMOOR PROPERTIES: A presentation and lunch are to be held on 5/11/08 for the proposed development of 2 warehouses on Wrexham Industrial Estate. It was proposed the clerk write and bring up the concern over vehicles using the village and also lack of Lorry parking and toilet facilities for drivers should this application be granted.

Appeal to be held, Lodge Farm, Commonwood, Holt – noted.
Council Forum – meeting 9th December, 2008 – noted.
Signs on Wrexham Road – WCBC had been contacted and replied – noted.

Field at Hugmore Lane, Llan-y-pwll  - erection of 1 free standing post and panel system: - this application was objected to as it was felt it could encourage increased signage leading to the Industrial estate, in what is a Rural area.
1 Rock Villas, Holt – erection of an ornamental well – this was also objected to as it was felt the proposed structure was larger than usual and in a prominent location where it was likely to attract attention and could lead to other similar applications. Perhaps it could be reduced!
Exopack Advanced Coatings,Ash Road – erection of bike storage shed for factory – no objections.
4 Lytham Court, Wrexham – erection of conservatory to rear – no objections.
12 Dee Villas, Holt – erection of double garage – no objections.
5 Vicarage Court, Holt – installation of 2 roof windows in front bedroom to new extension – the members feel that this property would be out of keeping with the surrounding properties if this application was allowed and that this could start a precedent!

Roseacre, Daisy Lane, Parkside, Rossett – Enforcement notice to be served on the occupiers – noted.
Gate, Dee Lane – different thoughts on this – wait to see if any funding is offered from Wrexham before discussing again.
Playing Field, Wrexham Road, Holt – copy of letter sent by WCBC to owners’ solicitors received – noted.
Precept letter from WCBC – requirements for 2009/10 needed by end December, 2008
Request from Youth Club for flat screen T.V. – this was approved as £500 allocated to the Youth is held by the Holt Community Council from when the Holt Website won the Villages Communication Award. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Lewis seconded, all agreed.

A copy of this was given to each member. Mrs Roberts proposed it be accepted as a true record of our finances to date, Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed.

A list of all applications received since last October was handed out to each member. The following grants were made:
Royal British Legion            wreaths & crosses          £125    annual grant.
Kenyon Hall Committee       insurance                     £1500   Mr. Gaade proposed, Mrs Jones seconded (Mr & Mrs Roberts declared interest)
St. Chad’s                             grasscutting              £300  no declaration necessary!
Wales Air Ambulance          helicopters                     £100 Ms. Shone pr. Mr. Lewis sec
(carried) Mr. Williams pr. £500
No seconder.
Army Cadets (Rossett)         trips e.t.c.                    £100 Mr. Lewis pr. Mr. Gaade sec.
Holt U.5s                              running costs              £250 Mr. Lewis pr. £600 Mrs Jones
Sec. Amendment Mr. Gaade
Pr. £250 Mr. Ratcliffe
Seconded. Voting 4>3 for
Amendment – carried.
The U.5s can apply again for help if they are again in danger of closing but do have fundraising events for Christmas!

13.Risk assessment, Standing Orders & Financial Orders  - copies of these were handed to all councillors and are to be formally adopted at our November meeting.
A Risk Assessment on the Cemetery had been carried out by the clerk and it was noted that the side paths are covered in moss. Mr. Gaade proposed ask EMJ Services to tidy up here Mrs Jones seconded.

14. CASTLEMEAD HOMES: Footpath to Francis Lane not finished and hedge needs attention (height & width) Planting on left of footpath as you walk to Francis Lane needsattention!

15. NEW B.T. POLE ERECTED OUTSIDE KENYON HALL: This had been reported to the clerk who is in contact with B.T. as the situation of this is not suitable!
16.GENERAL MATTERS: Dee Villas – nettles grown again.
Light at Hugmore Lane – on all time.
Light on Back Lane, Commonwood, next to Redways – on all the time.
Van that was parked in gateway is now parked on Cross – for advertising purposes!
Cars are also being washed at the garage and there are no adequate drainage facilities so water is running on pavement which will be very dangerous in frosty weather!
Cremation stone with concrete protruding – clerk to check!
17. CLERK’S SALARY: This was up-dated by 2.45 % in accordance with NJC Interim Salary Scales for 2008-9 published on 23rd October, 2008. This was back dated to April 2008. The clerks salary is now £3471-21 per annum.

Mrs J. Pierce                      salary & expenses             £324-27
UHY Hacker Young          audit 2007/8                      £334-88
E.M.J. Services                  grasscutting                     £220-00
WCBC                               maintenance lights           £490-19
K. Massey                          repairs notice board          £  58-75
Kenyon Hall Comm          grant                                 £1500-00
St. Chads                           grant                             £300-00
Holt U.5s                           grant                              £250-00
Marie Curie                       grant                                £100-00
Wales Air Ambulance       grant                                   £100-00
Army Cadets (Rossett)      grant                                  £100-00
Mrs J. Pierce                      salary Nov & back pay          £381-63
& £25 to pay cornet player
For Remembrance –
K. Burningham.
Mrs Jones proposed these Mr. Gibson seconded.

Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, 25th November, 2008.

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