Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – February 2010

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - February 2010

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Pridding, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Gibson,, Councillor Morris and Mr. Richard Driffield (WCBC Playschemes)

APOLOGIES: Mr. Williams, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Evans and police.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened the meeting with a welcome, especially to Mr. Driffield.

DEATHS: A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Roy Hopkins and Mrs Vera Chadwick.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record. Mrs Jones proposed this, Mr. Pridding seconded it, all agreed.

Mr. Richard Driffield had kindly taken the time to come to our meeting and gave a very in depth verbal power point coverage of the scheme and its funding. The cost to the residents via the precept would be £3720 and a grant of £5000 would be added to this via funding which WCBC would obtain. Mr. Driffield was thanked sincerely for his excellent coverage of this and for answering all the questions asked. He then left the meeting and the matter was discussed. A general decision that the scheme is Not opened in Holt at this present time, was made. This was because of a couple of concerns such as 1. Children would be allowed to come and go from the scheme and
2. Some of the planned activities. 3. The cost to the residents and because there was no time to hold a public meeting to get overall views from the village.
The clerk will contact Mr. Driffield with this feedback.

The police had sent apologies and a message that P.C. Mark Davies is off for 6 weeks but the cover will be done by P.C. Gaskill.
Accident at exit to village: - Mr. Gaade to get details of an accident that caused a hole in the fence surrounding the woodland owned by the council.
Dog Fouling – Mr. Gaade had met Mr. Wayne Hughes, Environmental Officer for WCBC at a police meeting and the following day 2 WCBC representatives contacted Mr. Gaade to ask where the problem areas are. People will be fined for allowing their dogs to foul.
At the last Neighbourhood/police meeting there were more Holt councillors than public present. This meeting is for the public to discuss issues they have in the village, concerning the police. The councillors did however feel that the police need to publicise this meeting more!
Visual Village Audit: This was held in the village and several matters were brought up including signage and also the very bad condition of some road surfaces because of the recent bad weather! The main Holt Road is to be closed for 2 weekends, for work to be done on Brickyard bends and by the Hugmore Lane lights. A thank you letter is to be sent to Streetscene to thank them for their recent hard work in the bad weather and generally since they came into operation as faults are being dealt with faster and recently they put a new drain in Green Street after requests from us because of the bad flooding by the cemetery. Mr. Mike Jones is to get a special thank you as he is the foreman in our area.

1.    NEW STEPS TO BY-PASS:  Thanks, mainly, to the very dedicated and hard work of Mr. Brian Payne, the steps are now finished and look excellent. A brochure is now to be printed and as many people as possible encouraged to do the walk
2.    TIDY TOWNS GRANT: The fencing has now been done here and Mr. Roberts has kindly arranged a quote of £485 to erect the picnic table on a concrete base and lay hardcore on the car park here for £630. Mr. Pridding proposed we accept the quote from Mr. Jones as the quote from WCBC was a lot higher. Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed. The clerk will ask for more time for planting because of the bad weather.
3.    VILLAGE SIGN: A request had been received for the old sign when it is taken down. This was discussed and Mr. Lewis proposed, Ms. Shone seconded that a notice be put on the website asking for sealed bids to be sent to the clerk by anyone interested.
Mrs Jones proposed that we accept the new design outlined in black from Aph Signs and ask them to proceed to make the board, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
4    PRIMROSE COTTAGE, SMITHFIELD GREEN: The clerk has contacted planning again and apparently the gentleman paid to alter the gates and fencing here has been ill. This job should be done by the March meeting!
The members need some points clarifying on eligibility to serve in this post therefore the clerk is to contact the Trust and members of the council will think of a suitable candidate over the next month! This item to go on the agenda.
6.    HOLT COMMUNITY CENTRE: A thank you was received for the £500 granted towards the upkeep of the centre. A Scrutiny committee from WCBC will be looking into the running and upkeep of the Community Centres and a meeting will be held.
7.    DEE MEADOWS: An appeal granted permission for the original planning application here.
8.    LEAKING OIL FROM VEHICLE – SCHOOL LANE, A letter has been sent but no acknowledgement received.
9.    GENERAL MATTERS: Telephone Box – Commonwood, Cleanliness of Toilets – quite good. Lights needing reporting – clerk noted these!

10.    RURAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT 2007 – 13. This is available and a MUGA was mentioned but the school are not in favour of it being put on their field. Members to think of a possible alternative site.
Revised Local Development Plan – noted. Leaflets – balance your Bobbies ( these are to be passed to the P.C.S.O. for distribution) Tidy Towns and Best Kept Village – correspondence received. Wrexham Council Strategy – noted. Review of Electors – Councillor Morris thought areas would be a similar size with blocks of communities in each electoral area. Refuse Contract for Cemetery – Mrs Jones proposed this be signed and Mrs Roberts seconded. This was altered from 3 to 2 bins and no complaints have been received!

RETROSPECTIVE APPLICATION AT LAND (Fish Farm) AT BUCK ROAD, COMMONWOOD for erection of Brick wall and Pillars to form access – members objected to this and felt the gate and railings should be put back to agricultural ones. Mrs Jones proposed this, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed.
BORRAS QUARRY – Variation of conditions to allow continued importation and recycling of Asphalt Planings until 31st December 2012. No objection.
OAK TREE COTTAGE, FRANCIS LANE, HOLT for single storey extension to provide a utility room and W.C – no objections.
FORMER SITE OF ACADEMY GARAGE, CASTLE STREET, HOLT – erection of 4 dwellings ( already approved) revised roof design because of concern of height. Members discussed the designs and felt the original plans should be retained as the new plans were to mitigate against the height issue which they don’t. Concern was also raised regarding the properties at the rear of the site and just a standard 2’ fence being erected and the existing small wall retained. Councillor Morris mentioned the standard 22 metre distance regulation and the clerk is to check on this. Mr. Lewis proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded this.
13. GARAGE & STUDIO – Correspondence received regarding domestic use – clerk to ask what advice planning are to give?
14. BOWLING GREEN: The clerk has had applications for the post as caretaker and costings of the Green were supplied to each councillor. A discussion took place and Mr. Gaade has met Mr. Kettle, one of the bowlers and he will attend the March meeting.
15. CCTV CAMERAS: These are to be installed to counteract vandalism to Community Council property. 3 quotes were received. (Mr. Gaade declared interest and left the room during discussion of these)
a.F.M. Security - £1155 b.Gresford T.V. Videos £1189 c. Barlows £2489
Mrs Jones proposed we accept the quote from F.M. Security, Mrs Roberts seconded. All agreed.
Mr. Gaade returned!

16.  GENERAL MATTERS: Westend – planning granted for 2 houses.
Community Centre – parking of vehicles at weekends.
Condition of road – Bottom Road by Well House and Price’s old farm, now a farm conversion.


Dee Valley              water supply             £125-07
Mrs J. Pierce          Salary Feb
March + expenses   £613-38

R. Wynn & Co       Fencing                   £2467-50
WCBC                  Grasscutting          £1595-20
Blue Loos              Hire Toilet               £209-00
Scottish Power      energy                      £  16-00
Tomlinsons            rent                           £    1-00

The next meeting will be held on 23rd March, 2010.

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