Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 9th January, 2018

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 9th January, 2018


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. C. Cubitt, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. P. Lewis & Councillor M. Morris. PCSO A. Heron.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Duffy.

CHAIR: Mr. Steve Lewis, the Chairperson, opened the meeting.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: A warm welcome was given to the PCSO who had kindly attended. The Crime sheets for December were handed around and Alison explained the format of these would be altering. There had been a couple of burglaries which were ongoing and a couple of Burglaries other than dwelling and a vehicle theft. A couple of other matters were discussed including a vehicle causing concern – this is to be looked into. Alison was thanked and left


1.    CLEOPATRA’S – Councillor Morris had chased this up but it is still with legal department at WCBC.
2.    HOLT CASTLE – Grasscuttting – The Clerk had obtained the schedule from Steve Grenter but it had no costs on and great concern is felt by H.C.C. that some of these cuts may not be done or not done adequately with the right machinery! Mr. Gaade offered to get 3 quotes for the work and then ask Steve Grenter to attend meeting February to sort this. Mr. Cubitt proposed the actions Mrs. G. Jones seconded.
3.    ELECTRONIC PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Further to great concern expressed at a previous meeting with WCBC a further meeting to discuss this is to be held on 1st February, 2018.
4.    NEW NOTICEBOARD – CAR PARK BY TOILETS: This will be delivered to the Clerk on Wednesday and she will arrange with Mr. S. Jones to remove the two wooden ones and erect the new one where the one by the toilets stood. All agreed.
5.    KINGDOM LEISURE: The monthly report for December had been received and they will continue to visit regarding Dog Fouling, Litter and issue fines where necessary.
6.    WOODLAND COPSE AT ENTRANCE TO VILLAGE – Hedge Laying had been discussed here but Mr. Gaade explained his conversation with Jonny Hudson from Living Landscapes and it was proposed by Mr. Gaade and seconded by Mrs Jones that this be left for this year. It was also agreed to pay the remaining £250 allocated to bulbs e.t.c. here. All agreed.
7.    FINANCIAL & STANDING ORDERS: Mr. Hinchliffe had looked into the two orders and we are already working to the new orders as set out by SLCC. It was proposed by Ms. Shone seconded by Mr. Gaade that we approve these and continue to work to them. All in favour. Mr. Hinchliffe thanked.
8.    CEMETERY PATHS: Clerk had written to the contractors who gave quotes. E. Jones is carrying out work on trees and has permission to burn some branches e.t.c. in controlled fire. Clerk sent information to Mr. Roberts to ask for his professional opinion on specifications of tarmac e.t.c. She will follow this up.
S. Jones to finish Cemetery hedge.
DEE PARK – Broken rail removed for safety and will be replaced when sorted.

9.     TY PAWB – The new Arts, Markets and Community Space will be opening on Monday, 2nd April, 2018. The event will be a day long celebration with ‘Carnival Atmosphere’ featuring live music, performing arts, craft, food stalls e.t.c and will begin with a parade led by a Marching Band. Any groups or anyone interested contact [email protected] Noted.
10.BUS SERVICE: Report received from Environment and transport regarding Bus Services in Wrexham because of services of D. Jones being ceased quite suddenly. Presently ‘Stagecoach’ operating C56 route but not as many buses. Clerk to look into this.
11. MBNA CHESTER MARATHON & METRIC MARATHON: This will be held on Sunday, 7th October, 2018. There have been no problems experienced in the past with the marathon coming through the village and they raise a large sum for Charity. Mr. Gaade asked the Clerk to pass on our thanks to their committee for the excellent work they all do especially their clear up team who come around to pick all rubbish after the event. All agreed. The public toilets are left open for the race!
12.    REVIEW OF COMMUNITY & TOWN COUNCIL SECTOR IN WALES: An Independent Review Panel has been set up to consider the future of Community Councils in Wales. Please visit [email protected] to give your views on:
Q. What should Community & Town Councils be responsible for?
Q. How should they operate?
Q. What’s standing in their way to deliver for the Local Community?
Q. How do councils ensure they best represent their local authority?
13. MUSICAL FESTIVAL – This is to be held over two days in August, last year it was held in Marchwiel. The event is organised through the authorities with WCBC, Police, Licensing e.t.c involved. The Community Council had asked questions regarding safety e.t.c and felt quite satisfied with arrangements.
14. PLANNING APPLICATIONS – Red Hall, Plas Bostock, Commonwood, Holt - Application for listed building consent for amendments to consent ref: P/2016/0581 to allow insertion of 2 new window openings to the rear elevation & an additional roof light to the rear elevation, minor amendments to the internal layout & associated changes to front elevation windows & doors – no objection. Erlas House, Bryn Estyn Road – Tree Preservation Order. Noted. Land to west & north of Borras Hall, Borras Hall Lane, Llanypwll – Application for removal of condition 6 – relating to provision of licence pursuant to regulations 2010. Variation of condition 7 – to refer to the submitted GCN mitigation strategy & the recommendations identified within the report. No objections. Myrtle Cottage, Wrexham Road, Holt – application for conservation area consent for demolition of existing outbuilding. No objections

15. Budget sheets were distributed showing actual figures for 2016/17.  Actual expenditure and receipts to 31st December, 2017 and approximate forecast of expenditure to 31st March, 2018 and proposed Budget for 2018/19. This was fully discussed and the members discussed necessary reserves to be allocated. This included reserves for play provision £4000 (this is for playscheme ) should this continue – Aaron Jones to be invited to February meeting with costings as £8000 to be reserved for replacement play equipment or new equipment when. Mrs Jones proposed this Mr. Pridding seconded. Agreed.
Cemetery £11,000 for new cemetery paths and tree surgery (roots e.t.c).
Street lighting £10,000 for repairs, new columns and bulb replacement to LEDs when required. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed Mr. Cubitt seconded this. Agreed.
A maximum allowed of one years precept was also reserved.
Discussion took place regarding provision for community members with such things as a Dementia group being set up. It was then decided to make enquiries regarding a ‘Community Agent’ who works with dementia, lonely
e.t.c. with support and advice. Councillor Morris suggested sharing an agent with possibly Rossett. Clerk to contact Nigel Davies at AVOW.
After consideration of the Budget and variances and budget necessary for 2018/19 Mr. Gaade proposed on base rate of 830 on Band D property that the Precept be set at £31000 Mr. P. Lewis seconded, all agreed.
This is the same as last year as it was felt it was not necessary to add any further increases on top of the increase that WCBC propose and any unexpected expenditure is to come from Capital reserves.
HLHS have started the Roman Tileworks Project and there is an Exhibition on 11th January. The Clerk proposed the £500 pledge now be paid. Mrs Jones seconded this.
All agreed. Mr. Hinchliffe, Mr. S. Lewis & Mr. Cubitt had all declared interest when this originally set aside! There is also £2000 pledged to ‘Additional Needs Room’ at Holt C.P. School.
16. INVESTEMENT STRATEGY: This was discussed and the current interest situation to be looked into. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed we adopt our own investment strategy. Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

17. GENERAL MATTERS – Retirement card to be sent to Nick the Postman.
Grids e.t.c still not done – Clerk has reported these issues several times!
Clerk to contact school buses and ask them to use the bus stop to drop off children (safety matter) Defibrillator Box – leave this as it is for now, Mr. S. Lewis to keep a check on it.
18. HOLT TOWN TRUST: Representative to serve elected by Holt Community Council. Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. Mike Stenson, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.

ACCOUNTS – The following accounts were approved for payment Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.
2423 – AVOW           Wages G. Crofts Jan           £241.13
2424 – Metro Signs    New Notice Board            £930-00
2425 – HLHS           Grant – Tile Project            £500.00
2426 – WCBC           Repair Rope Walk              £218-93
2427 – EDF            St. Light – Energy                 £626.03
2428 – Mr. D. Kettle  1 cut Bowling Green        £ 30.00
2429 – Mrs J. Pierce  Salary & expenses January      £339.57
2430 – N.W. Wildlife  2nd Half Woodland Project   £250.00
2431 – AVOW           Wages G. Crofts – Feb                £241.13
2432 – Jones Lighting St. Lighting – Maintenance  £157-00
2433 – EDF            St. Lighting – Energy Jan.            £635.27

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 27th February, 2018.

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