Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 8th January, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 8th January, 2019


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J . Cubitt, Mr. J. Duffy, Ms. A, Shone, Mr. David Munnerley, Councillor M. Morris and 1 member of the public.

APOLOGIES: Mrs G. Jones, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. J. Pridding.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairperson, took the Chair and opened with a welcome for the New Year. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Margaret Broderick and the late Mrs Patricia Williams.

MINUTES: Mr. P. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: No representative present.
Mr. Gaade had arranged for the Hire of the Kenyon Hall on the 25th January, 2019 from 3p.m. to 6p.m. for another visit from Denise Edwards OWL CYMRU representative.
Mr. Hinchliffe proposed the hire fee be approved and paid Mr Duffy seconded this. All agreed. It was also agreed to get someone to attend for Training on Use of the Defibrillator and the Clerk had been contacted by Mr. A. Thomas from Groundwork N. Wales who will give advice on Energy Saving. He is also to be invited to attend and hand out leaflets. Denise Edwards will attend the White Lion before the meeting to chat to the Lunch Group who meet there. Speed – Mr. S. Sharkey had contacted the Clerk in December regarding speed and he had requested more speed control measures for B5102 between the Smithfield Street/Dee Lane Junction & the start of the un-restricted section of the road to the south west of Bellis Bros but a large sum has just been spent on 2 speed signs this year and the Council will have a large expenditure in 2019/20 replacing the Street Lanterns with LED bulbs. The Clerk had sent the e.mail to the PCSO with a request for a visit with Speed Guns and replied to Mr. Sharkey. The Council are always requesting Speed checks and a request is to be sent to ask that the PCSO count how many times in an hour the New Speed Sign flashes. Speed Check – Castle Street – This has been arranged with WCBC and is to be positioned on a light pole not on road. Clerk to Check when this to be done! PCSO to be asked to check on vehicles in early evening on Car Park.

1. ROCK THE PARK FESTIVAL 2019 – Notice of application of licensing hours received. This is for information – noted. The festival which is held on Borras Lane was discussed and there were a few minor problems in 2018 which will be addressed this year but it was noted that the organisers were slow taking Posters down after the event. Clerk to contact WCBC.
2. WREXHAM LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2013-2028 – a 6 week public consultation will be held on the Deposit LDP and Focused Changes from 7th January, 2019 to 18th February, 2019. Noted.
3. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Plas Bostock Farm, Commonwood, Holt – Listed Building Consent to renovate & restore to bring up to liveable standard including – various work on floors, restoration of chimneys and fireplaces & re-wire house – no objections. Aldersey Farm, Francis Lane – 2 storey & single-storey extensions with associated alterations. No strong objections but this seems quite large. 1 Vicarage Court & School House work on trees (these forms were mixed up with the wrong information given to us so Clerk to contact planning to investigate. Land west of Wrexham Golf Club off A534  Roundabout, Holt Road, Llanypwwll, Wrexham – Variation of condition no 2 to allow for an extended period for further submission of reserved matters also application forsubmission of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission – layout, scale, appearance landscaping for roadside services incorporating a petrol filling station with ancillary kiosk & ass. Car parking and works – the question was asked whether the kiosk was separate and also a copy of the Ecological survey was requested.
4. PROPOSED GARDENING PROJECT: The Clerk had sent a copy of this to all members and a request had been received regarding perhaps carrying out artwork on the panels in front of the Old Academy garage. Clerk is to look into this and reply. Would need Conservation Consent!
The main gardening project was discussed and a representative of the group answered questions. This is quite a large scheme and it was thought that if it happened it was a lot to take on but the Community Council verbally supported it but most area mentioned were Holt Town Trust property or WCBC.
The members did not decide to commit financially to this at this time. Agreed.

5. Financial sheets had been prepared by Clerk and Mr. P. Hinchliffe and the following was covered.
. Review 2018/19 year’s forecast.
. Review preliminary budget for 2019/20.
. Change preliminary 2019/20 budget for councillors input re: Additions, deletions & modifications to preliminary 2019/20 figures.
Unpaid items from 2018/19 dropping into 2019/20. Changes agreed to existing levels of service & new services to be added. Services to be terminated. Identify capital projects. Capital projects to be dealt with in 2019/20 are mainly Street Lighting – replacement of lanterns to LED and Play Areas – provision of new items of play equipment. Mr. P. Gaade proposed the costings be approved Mr. J. Cubitt seconded. All agreed. The precept Tax Base had been received from WCBC and had increased by 13 from 2018/19 to 843. This was discussed and in view of large increases in WCBC Council tax Ms. Shone proposed the Holt Community Council Precept be £31,000 the same as last year. Mr. D. Munnerley seconded this and all members agreed. Thanks extended to the Clerk and Mr. Hinchliffe for their preparatory work on the finances.

Rubbish bin at Castle. Lights and Road signs unlit (Mr. Gaade provided list.) Grids throughout village blocked. Dog fouling problem (very bad by school). Look into perhaps stencilling around areas! Numerous potholes. Clerk listed.

ACCOUNTS – The following accounts were proposed and approved for
Payment by Mr. J. Cubitt and seconded by Mr. P. Gaade, all agreed.
2530 – Jones Lighting    St. Light Maintenance     £160.70
2531 – Scottish Power    Standing charge                £  34.43
2532 – A. Pridding          Grass cuts Castle Field    £600.00
2533 – WCBC                   Play Area Inspection       £316.80
2534 – Mrs J. Pierce       Salary January & exp.     £412.50
2535 – Kenyon Hall        Hire for meeting              £  50.40
2536 – EDF                      St. Light Energy               £641.73
2537 – Hafren Dyfrdwy   Water supply                  £147.37
2538 – Jones Lighting   St. Light Maintenance    £238.03

The next meeting of the Council will be held on Tuesday, 26th February, 2019.

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