Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 3rd April, 2018

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 3rd April, 2018


PRESENT: Councillors – S. Lewis, P. Gaade, P. Hinchliffe, J. Pridding, Ms. A. Shone, Mrs G. Jones, J. Hughes, J. Cubitt, J. Duffy also PCSO C. Lawrence.

APOLOGIES: Councillor P. Lewis, Councillor M. Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairman, took the Chair, welcomed everyone and a silence was held in respect of the Late Mr. Cliff Lloyd and Mr. Porter. Warm welcome given to Mr. Jim Duffy after his long absence with ill health.

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record subject to 2 small amendments pointed out by Mr. Gaade, Ms. Shone seconded.

1.    Meeting had been held here over grass cutting contract and S. Grenter referred to collapsed masonry. This will be costly to rectify but he is trying to raise funding to re-establish this. There may be a shortfall in funding for grass cutting depending on the number of cuts needed therefore the members agreed to review this in 6 months. All agreed.

2.    PCSO C. Lawrence had kindly attended as PCSO A. Heron was on leave. The Community Crime Data sheet has been amended again but needs to be fine tuned as a couple of reported crimes did not state which ward the offences were in. Members are concerned that numbers on incidents in HMS Berwyn reflect on Holt and surroundings and may have a knock on effect for house sales e.t.c.
A couple of items were passed to the PCSO for follow up by PCSO Heron. PCSO Lawrence was thanked for attending and left.

3.    CLEOPATRA’S – No update received from WCBC on this therefore the Clerk to ask for this by the next meeting. The Clerk had received a telephone call from an ‘Irate’ gentleman on Easter Sunday, regarding Cyclists in general and at Cleopatra’s. She had dealt with this (not to his satisfaction) but refused to give any names of councillors so to cover herself she had contacted the Chairman to inform him of the call. Members agreed this had been dealt with properly.
4.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS ELECTRONICALLY: These had started coming through electronically in March even though it was agreed at meeting in Guildhall that it would be from 1st April, 2018. Difficulty had already been experienced as the Portal was down. Clerk to meet with lady from planning.
5.    NEW NOTICE BOARD – Car Park. Mr. Hinchliffe and Mr. Gaade have keys for this and Clerk will get a set as well.
6.    KINGDOM LEISURE – Report received for February but site visits dates were January 2018. Holt numbers were 15 Fixed Penalty Notices for Litter and 1 for Dog Fouling. They will continue to visit.
7.    WOODLAND COPSE: The Clerk had misunderstood that the ‘New Gate’ does not involve J. Hudson as the Holt Community Council are sorting this. One quote obtained but Mr. Gaade to get another.
8.    CEMETERY PATHS: A meeting had taken place here involving QPS, J. Brewin (Tree Officer, WCBC) E. Jones, J. Pridding, P. Lewis, P. Gaade and advice obtained from K. Edwards WCBC. Report meeting given and Revised Quote was £9030 plus skip hire e.t.c. Mrs Jones proposed we proceed with the work, Ms. Shone seconded. To ask for a start early May as two week period needed. All agreed. Sincere thanks expressed to Paul Gaade for all the work he has put in on this.
9.    BUS SERVICE C56 – Mr. Gaade reported that Stagecoach have a year’s contract and a couple extra buses have been put on. Mr. Gaade had kindly circulated timetables for new service. This timetable will be reviewed. Thanks to Mr. Gaade.
10.    ROCK THE PARK: Notification of application for ‘Music License’ received
From WCBC. Applicant had omitted to apply for this originally. Noted.
11.    COMMUNITY AGENT: The Clerk reported that the agent for Rossett had not been well and could not give extra hours to Holt but enquiries are now in place with Gresford.
12.    ADDITIONAL NEEDS ROOM – HOLT C.P. SCHOOL – The Clerk had received sincere thanks for the money given towards this and an invite was open to all to view this. Mrs Jones informed us this is nearly completed and very nice.
13.    INDEPENDENT REMUNERATION PANEL REPORT: - This was received at the last meeting but discussed at this meeting and Mr. Jones proposed that it be noted in the minutes that the general concensus  of the member’s is ‘they do not wish to claim the allowances available because of the adverse impact on the
Annual Precept for Holt. Mr. Cubitt seconded this. The Clerk needs to be notified of this by each member in writing therefore will construct a set letter for signature by next meeting. Thanks to all for this.
14.    GENERAL MATTERS: Grids still a problem despite being reported. Clerk to contact WCBC again. The Lilacs – Clerk to enquire how much longer work to carry on here as disruptive to highway.
15.    COUNCILLOR ABSENCE: Everyone had been very pleased at the return after illness of Mr. Jim Duffy and a very warm welcome was given to him with all good wishes for speedy return to complete good health.
16.    ANNUAL INTERNAL AUDIT J.D.H. AUDITORS – This was officially received and the Clerk will accordingly present all the necessary records and books to them on Thursday 12th April, 2018 as requested. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this Mr. Duffy seconded. All agreed.

17.    LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2013-2028: This is available for inspection from 9th April, 2018 to 31 May, 2018 by using link wrexhamldp.wrexham.gov.uk/portal
18.    DATA PROTECTION REGISTER: Clerk to renew the membership to this as it expires on 12th April, 2018. The cost is £35. Mrs Jones proposed this Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
19.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Spring Grove Barns, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – Approval of details reserved by conditions imposed under planning permission P2017/0411 Consent 9 – submission of scheme of Boundary Treatments. No objections. Oak Barns, Borras Road, Borras – Erection Electronically operated Wrought Iron Gates 2.45m high to be set (4.4metres back from highway in existing opening) In retrospect – no objections. 17 Vicarage Court – installation of replacement UVPC grey windows & grey front door, new black guttering, grey fascias & white UVPC soffits, white K-rend to property removing ivy & to cover mismatch in brickwork & replacement garage door with plain grey. No objections. Holt Hill, Green Street, Holt – levelling of driveway and laying of block paving – no objections.
The Clerk had been working on these with the expert help of Mr. Hinchliffe
Who kindly explained the sheets presented to each member. The Budget for 2017/18 had been re-estimated in the year and there was only a small amount of difference in the actual income and expenditure. This will always happen because Burial, Door and Bowling income vary. Reserves were set in place for 2018/19 at Budget Meeting and these include Cemetery Paths, Street Lighting and Play Provision. With Play Provision in mind the clerk was asked to contact WCBC for play ground equipment brochures including equipment for ‘use for disabled children’ The Clerk thanked Mr. Hinchliffe for his endless assistance and Mr, Gaade proposed the sheets be approved as a true record of Finances as at 31st March, 2018 Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.
21.    BURIAL FEES FOR CHILDREN: The Clerk had mentioned correspondence regarding free burial for children in Wales but has had no correspondence yet from WCBC. She will make enquiries.

ACCOUNTS: The following accounts were approved and proposed for payment by Mr. Cubitt seconded by Mr. Lewis.
2441 – Mossfords            Refund of overpayment Memorial Fee     £ 5-00
2442 – Metrosigns          2 New Keys – Notice Board                        £ 8-40
2443 – Mr. J. Jones        Repair to Clerk’s Computer                        £110-00
2444 – Mr. S. Jones        Work on hedges e.t.c                                   £775-00
2445 – Mr. E. Jones        Grass cuts – cemetery                                £220-00
2246 – Scottish Power    Standing charge                                          £ 28-02
2247 – Jones Lighting    Maintenance check                                    £450-47
2248 – Mrs J. Pierce       Salary & expenses                                      £298-30

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24th April, 2018.

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