Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 31st October, 2017

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 31st October, 2017


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade, Councillor M. Morris & PCSO A. Heron.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Cubitt, Ms. A. Shone, Mr J. Hughes, Mr. J. Duffy.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairperson welcomed everyone and a silence was then held in respect of the late Mr. William Ackerley and Mrs Sandra Morris.

MINUTES: Mr. P. Hinchliffe proposed that the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mrs G. Jones seconded, all agreed.

1.    Monthly crime sheets were handed out and discussed. Crime in Holt is quite low but there have been a couple of incidents that are very concerning including 1 burglary via cold callers and damage to property at a retail premises. All incidents are important to whoever it happens to so residents as always are asked to stay vigilant and also keep an eye on neighbours especially over the Festive Season. There had been an issue reported over a motorist but this had already been received by the PCSO. Remembrance Day Service – Alison reported that there would be her and 1 other officer on duty this year and possibly next year cover would not be supplied for Road Closure. This will be dealt with when time comes. Everything else is in place for the Remembrance Service and a special thank you to Mr. Gaade who is a big help always to see this runs smoothly and is great assistance to the Clerk. Alison was thanked and left.


2.  PLAYSCHEME – 2018. The play scheme has been a great success in 2017 and Aaron Jones from Groundwork has been asked to provide figures for funding necessary if the scheme is to be run in 2018.
3. CLEOPATRA’S – The Clerk had been back in touch with WCBC who are dealing with the issues here as it is a Highway matter. This was discussed and the Clerk to report back to suggest they have no objection to tables and chairs remaining but a 2 metre allowance must be left from edge pavement to furniture. All other items should be removed within 28 days of the order being served by WCBC. A response is to be requested from WCBC agreeing the recommendations be actioned.
4. HOLT CASTLE:  This was once again discussed at length and the Clerk had contacted S. Grenter at the Heritage to request another cut. Community Council need to know how many cuts are proposed next year before they set their budget. A meeting was requested for November,

5. STREET LIGHTING: The Clerk had received correspondence from Jones Lighting regarding the phasing out of SOX lights for LED by 2020. This was discussed as it will be costly for the Community and will need to be budgeted for. The Clerk had contacted Jones’s and the cost at present is approx. £170.The Clerk is to invite a representative from Jones’s to a meeting in the New Year and also contact a clerk in a community where they are replacing lights in one operation, not phasing out in order for Holt to get the best option.
6. CEMETERY DRIVE AND PATHS: This was discussed and Paul Gaade had three quotes for the work and it was decided to look into the one in the region of £7000 plus. Members to look at this. Paul Gaade has spoken to E. Jones regarding trees and roots and has spoken to WCBC.  Matter of disposing of branches etc by burning was discussed and will be discussed again as shredding is costly.
7. ON LINE PLANNING CONSULTATION: Correspondence had been received stating the service of paper copies of planning applications, will not be available from January 2018. The Clerk is to reply expressing our concern and disappointment that the on line service is not satisfactory and large planning applications are not going to be seen properly. Holt does not have facility to show planning at meetings. They quoted 30% of Communities already operate this way but this equates to 9 Community Councils out of 30!
8. INDEPENDENT REMUNERATION PANEL FOR WALES – DRAFT ANNUAL REPORT: This was received and Councillor Morris explained the impact on Community Councils in terms of extra work etc. The panel would lay set remuneration for councillors where as now community councils have discretion and most community councils including Holt pay no remuneration to councillors by their own agreement. Clerk to reply to this stating discussed objections. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. P. Lewis seconded.
9.ERLAS WALLED GARDEN: Correspondence received notifying us that the grant supported by us, was successful and asking how we wish to monitor the spending of this. It was agreed to receive update when scheme complete and grant spent. Will visit periodically too.
10. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: The Lilacs, Francis Lane, Holt Erection of single garage & construction of new access/driveway (demolition of existing garage) No objections. Home Farm House, Wrexham Road, Holt – replacement of timber window frames with UVPC . This was not considered suitable in a Conservation area and on Main Road.

11. CEMETERY DRIVE: 3 quotes had been obtained for £7000, £8000 and £28000. The £28000 involved more work than we need so was discounted. Quotes to be looked at and Paul Gaade had spoken to E. Jones regarding trees and will contact WCBC regarding removal trees in Conservation area. This matter to go on agenda for November when members have looked at this.
12. NOTICE BOARD IN CAR PARK: The Clerk had obtained another quote from Metrosigns and it was agreed the Clerk order the board and posts as discussed from them. Basic cost £570 plus posts, vat and delivery. Mr. Gaade to speak to S. Jones to erect this and remove old boards. Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. Hinchliffe sec.
13. BUDGET REVIEW & ACCOUNTS: The accounts and supporting sheets were handed showing the budget variances and this was discussed. A sheet was given out by Mr. Hincliffe with necessary action required by councillors to meet audit regulations for budgeting. These were noted. Mr P. Lewis proposed the Budget and account sheets be approved Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.
14. GRANT ALLOCATION 2017/18. – After consideration of the finances and discussion of applications the following actions were agreed.
Royal British Legion, wreaths & poppies £220, St Chad’s, Grass Cuts (Churchyard) £350, Holt Kenyon Hall, £1650 Sect 19 grant towards insurance and £25 for refreshments, Marie Curie Nurses, £100 proposed P. Gaade seconded G. Jones, all agreed. Nightingale Hospice £100. Kenyon Hall – Community Cinema (Mr. Hinchliffe declared interest and left room) Mr. Gaade proposed after discussion to not support this but give £250 extra to Kenyon Hall for other requirements. Mr. P. Lewis seconded. Agreed. Holt C. P. School, Additional Needs Room (Mrs Jones declared interest and left room) Mr. S. Lewis proposed £2000 be pledged Mr. Pridding seconded. Mr. P. Lewis proposed amendment £3000, no seconder. £2000 proposal carried. All agreed. Holt Local History Society – proposed geophys. Investigations, Holt Roman Tile Works,
(Mr. Hinchliffe & Mr. S. Lewis declared interest and left room). This was discussed and Mrs Jones proposed £500 be pledged Mr. Pridding seconded, Agreed.

15. GENERAL MATTERS – WCBC to report hedges, grids, Road Markings A534, potholes, tree, unlit ‘No entry ‘signs, leaves, dog fouling & need extra signs.
16. LIVING LANDSCAPES – The Blue Bell Copse in woodland at the entrance to the village is to go ahead with the school children being involved in planting on 7/11/17. Mr. Gaade proposed pay £250 to start Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed.
17. PLAYING FIELD – This is to be left now for winter.
18. PAPER SHREDDER: Clerk given permission to purchase a new one for Council.

ACCOUNTS – These were proposed for payment by Mrs G. Jones, seconded by Mr. Gaade. All agreed.
2394 AVOW      Wages G. Crofts (toilets)        £241-13
2403 Jones Lighting maint.                              £563-16
2395 S. Power     Standing Charge                  £ 25-52
2404             “                “                                      £157-00
2396 M. Jones     Cancelled
2405 Kenyon Hall     grant                               £1925-00
2397 M. Jones      B. Green Treatment          £300-00
2406 St Chad’s              “                                    £350-00
2398 R. B. legion Wreaths, Poppies               £220-00
2407 Marie Curie          “                                   £100-00
2399 J. Pierce       Salary & Expenses           £346-17
2408 Nightingale           “                                £100-00
2400 E. Jones        Burial grass cuts            £220-00
2401Wales Audit  Audit Fee 2016/7           £231-75
2402 WCBC          Trade Refuse (Burial)    £465-00

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