Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 31st May, 2016

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 31st May, 2016

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade,  Mr. J. Evans, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. J. Cubitt, Councillor Morris – PCSO D. Jones & J. Humm.

CHAIRPERSON: Mrs. G. Jones, the retiring Chairperson, took the Chair and welcomed everyone and thanked them for their support over the last twelve months.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record. Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.


Mr. Gaade proposed Mrs Gill Jones be re-elected to serve a further term of office, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed and Mrs Jones accepted.

Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. Steve Lewis be re-elected to serve a further term of office, Mr. P. Lewis seconded. All agreed and Mr. S. Lewis accepted.
Mrs Jones and Mr. Lewis were thanked and congratulated.


Dogs – Dog Fouling is still a major Environmental Issue for the police and Community Council and a report has been received from the new Environmental Crime Enforcement Kingdom Security who will be fining anyone caught allowing their dogs to foul or if anyone is caught dropping litter. David also filled everyone in on the new Dog Control Legislation on Dangerous Dogs. WCBC are notifying the public of a Dog Control and Dog Fouling, Proposed Public Space Protection Order Consultation which runs to 26th June, 2016. Public can have their say by completing questionnaire on line. Notice in Board. From the Community Crime Report there were only 3 items in Holt Ward. 1 Criminal damage, 2 Anti social behaviour. PCSO Jones had spoken to the parents regarding riding of motorbike on cemetery path. Matter of parking by ‘Fracking Camp’ brought to PCSO’s notice.
Car parked on pavement – letter sent by the Clerk and reply received but this matter now being dealt with by police. Thanks expressed to David and James for attending.

1.    PUBLIC TOILETS: Discussion took place on the large water bill which was due to a water cistern in the ladies continuously running and this was undetected for some time. The Clerk has been in dispute for several months which only resulted
in a minimum reduction. It was agreed to pay the bill and get the cistern replaced Mr. Cubitt proposed this and Mr. S. Lewis seconded. Mr. P. Lewis proposed take action to prevent anything like this in future by regular meter readings. Mr. Cubitt seconded this. Mr. Gaade will meet Mr. Crofts also Mrs Jones to attend. All agreed.

2.    SIGN FOR HOLT BY BRIDGE AND FROG LANE: Mr. Gaade has been dealing with this and also Councillor Morris. Mr. Gaade explained the conditions with the signage and it was proposed that he proceed and ask permission from Bellis’s for the Frog Lane sign (to put it in the hedge) and the necessary with WCBC for the other sign and also get the prices. Mr. P. Leis proposed this and Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed. Thanks to Pau and Michael.

3.    PARKING ON CROSS & OBSTRUCTION: This matter has been passed to WCBC who are dealing with their legal department. The Clerk is to ask for a response to the letter sent within 14 days.

4.    VILLAGE CARETAKER: The Clerk had contacted Mr. Hinds from Bowling Bank and the Clerk explained he charged £25 for 1 hour but this was for 2 men working. Mr. Gaade offered to meet Mr. Hinds with Mrs Jones, Mr. S. Lewis and Mr. P. Lewis and it was agreed to have a purge of the village then perhaps a couple of hours a week. The Clerk is to pay back to the Holt Town Trust the money, paid by them for cleaning of the Cross, which was unused when the previous caretaker was finished.

5.    WREXHAM ENERGY – Mr. Cubitt had looked at the information sent to the April meeting and could see little change. This was noted.

6.    HOLT CASTLE: Grasscutting. The Clerk had contacted Steve Grenter regarding the terrible condition of the grass and lots of complaints have justifiably been received. He explained that the previous contractor who had not done a good job, was not being hired so the council were appointing a new contractor. Councillor Morris will chase this up as the situation is very bad here.
The grass on the Church Green has been done.

Correspondence regarding setting up sessions and also how to become a Dementia friend also to create awareness. This was noted and an invite for a short 10 min introduction is to be offered and correspondence to be advertised.

8.    RESIGNATION FROM THE COMMUNITY COUNCIL: A letter was received from Derek & Linda Roberts confirming they are stepping down after serving the Community of Holt for many years. The biggest bonus achieved by Linda was her hard work in successfully obtaining a Northern Marches grant for the refurbishment of the Public toilets and also the extension of the car park.
Derek also assisted with this with his valuable experience. Linda also served on the Northern Marches committee for a long time. Thanks were expressed to them both. They will be missed. Clerk to contact Electoral office.

9.    WEBSITE ARCHIVE: Mr. Bob Campbell has informed us that Holt have been chosen to form part of the National Web Archive. He has duly accepted this. Thanks to Bob and all involved for all their work with the excellent website and Facebook site.

SLCC – notice of extraordinary general meeting 10/6/2016 – noted. Pensions Regulator – Clerk has registered and the staging date is 1st May, 2017. Noted. Nightingale House – invitation to various receptions. Mr. Gaade is going to the Cheese & Wine evening and will represent the Community. Please note an Abseil from St. Chads Church Tower will be held on 10th September, 2016.

11.    MEMORIAL: An application was received from Mossfords for an added inscription for Mr. Frank Gibson. Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

12.    MONTHLY BUDGET CONTROL: A financial sheet was given to each member and the clerk discussed this. Mr. P. Lewis proposed it be accepted and approved, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

Springfield, Castle Street, Holt: trim back 1 tree to boundary wall (protected by HCA) – no objections. The Bungalow, off Church Street, Holt: Cut down & completely remove 5 Cypress Leylandi trees of varying size (protected HCA) – No objections. 6 Castle Mews, Holt: removal of existing conservatory & replacement with new garden room extension – no objections. Newhaven, Church Street, Holt: 1 Silver Birch – reduce height of tree by 6.0M and reduce upper branches by 2M maximum to suit form and shape (protected HCA) – No objections (Mr. J. Cubitt expressed interest before this planning was discussed!)

14.    ANNUAL AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS 2015/16 – Internal Audit.
This was received back from the Internal Auditor JDH and was formally received. The report was considered and contained only 1 minor point for follow up. It was proposed that we confirm the services of JDH Business Services as Internal Auditors for 2016/17. Mr. P. Lewis proposed this, Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.
ANNUAL AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS 2015/16 – External Audit.
The date given for return of the Internally audited accounts is 6th June, 2016 therefore the Clerk and Chairperson signed where instructed and Mr. S. Lewis proposed the Clerk send the signed Annual Return with requested accompanying documents to the new Auditor General for Wales appointed auditors Grant Thompson UK, Mr. J. Cubitt seconded this. All agreed.

15.    GENERAL MATTERS: Ramps on bridges over river. Cheshire C.C. were congratulated for these. Hedges Dee Park – not cut yet! Lights reported.
Paul had phoned 3 times regarding the full litter bin on Dee Park and had emptied it and put bin bag at side and Gill had also also contacted WCBC and received an e.mail to confirm it had been done when it was still unemptied on her way to the meeting!!
Hedges need attention of 2 properties backing onto footpath Fairview.
Clerk informed council that Mr. P. Jones is moving out of Holt because of his wife’s health and he has an allotment. This to be reviewed at end March. Visit to be made to allotments to check condition.
Boxes at entrance to village look lovely.

Thanks to all and next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28th June, 2016.

ACCOUNTS – these were proposed for payment by Ms. Shone, seconded by Mr. Cubitt. All agreed.

2254 – Jones Lighting      Maintenance St. Lights April             £155-17

2255 – Zurich             Insurance 2016/17                         £759-61

2256 – Mrs J. Pierce     Salary May & expenses                      £338-19

2257 – EMJ               Grass cutting & tree work.                £510-00

2258 – WCBC              Refuse, Tree Surgery, Wages.        £1009-80

2259 – Mr. S. Jones      Hedge Cutting & drains.                  £575-00

2260 – Mr. D. Kettle     Grass cutting                                £120-00

2261 – Dee Valley        Water supply & leakage 7 months.    £4025-94

2262 – Nightingale Hse.   Grant 2015/16                           £100-00

2263 – F M Security       Underpaid 2015/16                      £  26-00

2264 – Holt Town Trust   Return money paid Cross C/T.       £620-60

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