Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 31st May, 2011

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 31st May, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Evans, Mr. Pridding, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Councillor Morris, Sgt. Dawn Samuels and Sgt. Mark Williams.


CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the retiring Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome especially to Mr. Gibson (returning after illness) and also to the two police sergeants. There were no deaths so the meeting began.

Mr. Roberts proposed Mr. Gaade take the Chair for a further year Ms. Shone seconded. All in favour. Mr. Gaade was pleased to accept and thanked everyone for having faith in him to serve another year as Chairman. He then thanked the Clerk for all her support to him and also Councillor Morris who works tirelessly for the residents of Holt! He also thanked his committee for all their support and valuable feedback. Mr. Gaade said ‘it was nice to see the police at the meeting.’

Mr. Evans proposed Mr. Roberts Mrs Jones seconded.
Amendment – Mr. Roberts proposed Mr. Pridding Ms. Shone seconded.
Voting took place  - amendment 3 in favour. Proposal 3 in favour.
Chairman’s casting vote was for the amendment and Mr. Pridding thanked everyone and accepted. The Chairman would like to give Mr. Pridding chance to gain confidence and experience over the year.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record. Mr. Pridding proposed this, Mr. Roberts seconded. All agreed.

1.POLICE MATTERS: The letters which the clerk had sent to the Inspector were read out, also the replies. Sgt Samuels and Williams then went on to give some feedback.
Things are progressing with the licensees having joined Pubwatch (Cheshire) and they are attending meetings. There had not been a lot of trouble in the village but the police are aware of a small group still causing trouble and the community council asked that this be dealt with as damage done to council property is paid for by residents via council tax and this is not acceptable!
Parking on pavements is another issue and also speeding in certain areas. Extra police are being trained on the cameras and visits will be made to Holt!
Other matters were reported and discussed and the police emphasised again the importance of reporting everything so it can be logged to give a more accurate crime record. The sergeants were thanked for attending and left.

2.GENERAL MATTERS: Bier House – being pointed. Bins in cemetery – changed to 1 large one (monitor this!) Castle Access – the railings have been replaced with 2 gates (monitor this) Seat on Dee Park play area asked for. Vernon’s old shop – Councillor Morris reported the opening hours are being looked at. Salt Bin – Mr. Pridding proposed, Ms. Shone seconded , we order a Dark Green one for corner of School Lane. All agreed.

3.BOWLING GREEN: Letter received from Holt Town Trust who are not willing to help financially but suggest a Bowling Committee be formed and they apply! Mr. Gaade had contacted most members and it was agreed that the full amount required be paid this year and Mr. Gaade proposed invite Mr. Kettle and some of the members to form a committee, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed

4.SPONSOR WALL IN WREXHAM MUSEUM: The Holt Town Trust have paid half and the plaque is to be from Holt Community Council and Holt Town Trust on behalf of the people of Holt. The clerk brought a suggested design for the plaque and will consult the Trust and then liaise with the Museum.

Mrs Roberts proposed this be officially received from Hacker Young and Mrs Jones seconded. The date given for the external audit of these accounts is 31st July, 2011.
The clerk had prepared the draft return section 1 and section 2 was completed at the meeting. This is now to be sent to the Internal Audit on 13th June, 2011 with the necessary Financial sheets and Bank reconciliation prepared by the clerk. Mr. Gaade signed everything necessary and proposed everything received be sent to Audit. Mr. Evans seconded. All agreed.

5.FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE: Letter received asking to attend a meeting to give short presentation. It was agreed to invite a representative for October.

4 Cross Street – 2 applications 1. development of land to rear  & land to the rear – erection of a bungalow with integral garage – no objections.
2 The Cottages, Rossett Road, Commonwood, Holt – erection of detached garage & store – this should be ancillary to main dwelling and be a domestic garage!
Laurel Grove Cottage, Holt Road, Ridley Wood, Wrexham – extension to side of existing dwelling – WCBC to be asked to check size to see it complies with Rural Policy on extensions! Samilda, Borras Road, Borras, Wrexham – extension to form annexe – WCBC to be asked to also check this under the Rural policy.

7. ALLOTMENTS: Mr. Gibson had visited the allotments and brought some matters up. Things are being monitored here. Mrs Jones proposed E.M.J. Services be paid £30 for work in allotments Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed. It was mentioned a path from Frog Lane to the allotments, across private land, is being used and Mr. Gaade asked the Clerk to do a notice as the Community Council have no involvement with this.
8.CROSS – PROBLEMS WITH PARKING: This area is and has been for some time, a great concern and despite letters sent to businesses and an extension on the Car Park, has never improved. It is now becoming a major safety issue and a meeting is to be held with WCBC highways to ask their advice. Nothing will be done without public consultation however.

9.GENERAL MATTERS: Holt County Primary – Mrs Jones reported Kaye Goodwin is now the new Headteacher here. We wish her every success.
Car Park – Mr. Gaade to ask for estimate for extra CCTV and also signs to be purchased. Bowling Green – Mr. Gaade to ask Callum to meet Morey Simpson to discuss the trees here!  Roads – Main road very bad, surface by Gredinton and also Brickyard Corners (these are on a scheme!) Still no signs at Commonwood!
Fisheries – hedge needs attention. Cross/Village – Mr. Gaade to speak to Mr. White to notify him of areas of concern. Clerk to ask for weeds to be sprayed on Cross & Frog Lane. Community Centre; A letter had been received after this agreed on, from Holt U 5s. Clerk had re-assured them.
Mr. Gibson thanked the clerk for her work, keeping the finances in order, she acknowledged his thanks.


1802 – Mrs J. Pierce          salary May                                                £301-40
1803 – WCBC                    contribution to Community Centre      £1252-00
1804 – Mr. P. Gaade         Chairman’s Expenses                               £125-00
1805 – Zurich Insurance  Insurance 2011/12                                     £909-47
1806 – Border Fire            Service extinguisher – portacabin           £  22-50
1807 – E.M.J. Services     Grasscutting all areas                               £250-00
1808 -  Dee Valley Water  Water Supply – cemetery                        £  28-30
1809 -  WCBC                    Refuse Charges – cemetery                     £ 688-31

Mrs Roberts proposed these be paid, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28th June, 2011.

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