Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 31st Mar 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 31st Mar 2009


PRESENT: Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. J. Gibson, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Councillor M. Morris, Mr. B. Campbell, P.C. S. O.  P. Hadfield-Jones,
P.C.S.O. C. Griffiths-Hughes and 3 members of the public.

APOLOGIES: Mr. & Mrs Roberts (holiday), Mr. Ratcliffe, and Mr. J. Evans.
CHAIR: The Vice Chairperson, Mrs G. Jones took the Chair and opened with a welcome and a silence was held in respect of the late B. Evans and N. Ennion.

MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Gaade seconded.

P.C.S.O. Hadfield-Jones started the report by telling the committee that P.C.Davies had been seconded elsewhere for 6 months. She then went on to give the report for the month when there had been no serious crimes but some anti social behaviour.
Much discussion took place and whilst the committee members made it clear they were not criticising P.C.S.O. Hadfield-Jones, they felt great disappointment that she had been given the job of telling us about P.C. Davies and also they and some residents feel that standards are slipping again after the hard work of previous police staff and they are not getting the service they are paying towards! (this again was not aimed at Poppy)
A meeting is arranged for over 50s but it was short notice and members asked for more notice in future! The clerk is to write to Sgt. D. Marsden to express our dissatisfaction and ask him to attend the next meeting to deal with our problems. Mr. Lewis proposed, Mr. Gaade seconded this. A base is needed fo our P.C.S.O. to work from and this is to be discussed with Mrs Roberts. The police were thanked and left.A letter was handed to meeting from Mr. Eaton when police had left, expressing his concern. TA copy is to be sent with the letter to the sergeant!


1.SIGNS: Clerk has looked into this and a draft visual sign was amended – 3 signs to be ordered and all agreed with the wording.

2.PUBLIC TOILETS: (lights) – Clerk had discussed this with the electrician – Mr. Gaade to investigate and telephone the clerk.

3.PLANNING – PRIMROSE COTTAGE: This has now been approved with conditions.

4.BRYN VILLA, HUGMORE LANE: This application has been withdrawn and a fresh one re-submitted.

5.LITTER ON THE CROSS: Letter received from Town Trust and clerk had contacted K. Edwards from Streetscene who sincerely apologised for not attending the arranged meeting. The proposed employment of a person to work here keeping it tidy does need to be discussed with him and the clerk is to contact the secretary of the Holt Town Trust for her to arrange another meeting to discuss this.

6.HOLT/FARNDON BRIDGE – PARKING AREA: It was agreed this does need doing and Councillor Morris suggested the clerk submit this in the Tidy Towns Grant Scheme. Mr. Gaade proposed this be done Mr. Lewis seconded.This was agreed!


7.BAKER’S COTTAGE, COMMONWOOD: Letter received explaining the planning application. This was noted but the community council had not objected to the application!

This concerns the ashes of the late Mrs P. Clutton and the clerk explained the situation and a letter was read out by the clerk from Natasha Clutton. Mr. Lewis proposed the request was agreed to and Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed. Ms. Shone also proposed if requested it be agreed to in another case which was mentioned. Mr. Pridding seconded this also. It was then agreed to meet half an hour earlier next month to discuss Burial Rules.

9.OWAIN GLYNDWR SCHEME: Play spaces – it was agreed to submit the playing field for this.

10. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE; Local Gov. Annual Report – noted. Planning Consultation – Note 29 to be looked at by 17th April, 2009. Parks Strategy – to be looked at by 27th April, 2009.

Academy House – replacement windows – this was objected to as they are to be plastic in a Conservation area and previous applications have been refused on other properties!
Land adjoining Bryn Estyn Cottage, Bryn Estyn Road – outline application for erection 1 detached dwelling – this was previous application but has been re-sited – no objections.
Mill Mount, Francis Lane – extension – no objections.

12.END OF YEAR FINANCIAL STATEMENT: A copy of this was given to members (this was an approximate statement!) Mr. Lewis proposed this be accepted, Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed.

This was discussed but it was decided to refer this item to the meeting to be held half an hour before our main meeting in April!


13. MATTERS TO REPORT: Moss on footpath off Fairview. Dog on Play area – Dee Park. Tile off Cemetery shed.
Collection of Rubbish from bin at Castle, also by cottages and bridge. Land to rear of Gredington. The litter on Mr. Priddings land by the bridge was mentioned but this is not his fault!
Car travelling with an uncovered trailer. Contact highways regarding this.
ACCOUNTS: Mr. Gaade proposed these, Mr. Lewis seconded.
Mrs J. Pierce – salary March          £297-69,              Banos  painting – toilets      £550-00
Mr. A. White – salary Jan-March  £497-82                WCBC maint. Lights           £834-71
The following were approved but are to be paid in 2009/10 financial year
WCBC  - Council Tax – Toilets £861-86, Bowling Green – Council Tax £110-02 Total cheque = £971-88. Greenthumb treatment £108-00


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