Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 31st July, 2012

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 31st July, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. J. Pridding, Mrs L. Roberts, Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. P. Lewis,  Mr. J. Evans, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade,  Mrs G. Jones,  Cllr. Morris, PCSO L. Dobby.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone.

CHAIR: Mr. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Elsie Wilkinson.

MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded that the minutes of the June meeting be proposed and signed as a true record, all agreed.

A monthly report was handed out and there were not many actual crimes apart from:
2 shoplifting – charged, 1 anti social, 1 theft. Reports of tradesmen selling loft insulation were received and as always residents are warned to be careful who they let into their homes! A warning was given also about insecure vehicles and also arson concerning vehicles!
Our new PCSO is very concerned with the parking around the Cross and despite the meeting in the village 12 months ago it hasn’t improved! The members feel certain of the people working in the businesses don’t help as they don’t use the car park even though there are lights and CCTV there now. With school children back in school and the darker days of the winter, it is once again becoming an issue.
The PCSO is to be issued with a new phone within the next couple of weeks and he was asked to publicise the number. A couple of minor things were mentioned but as a whole the PCSO was praised that people had noticed him walking around a lot and were pleased to see more of him. He was thanked and left the meeting.

Grass needs cutting on Castle and Church Green. Castle – Sycamore tree split, needs action. Footpath to Castle cleared. Dog signs – ordered. Mayor’s visit to Church attended by Mr. Pridding.

2. PROPOSED SITE FOR NEW WREXHAM ENERGY CENTRE:  Several people attend the consultation on this at the Redwither Tower. The Clerk had brought some maps back and also Councillor Morris spoke on this as a gentleman from the company had visited the Isycoed meeting! After discussion it was proposed by Mr. Gaade, seconded by Mr. S. Lewis that the Clerk express concerns over 1. the pylons which would be across approximately 3 miles. 2. Omissions which could affect a wide area. 3. To say they feel if we have to have an energy centre then the land at the old Firestone would be more appropriate and easier to link up with resources!

It was felt this is in very early stages and would not be beneficial to have anyone to the meeting yet. All agreed.

The members officially received the above and authorised the Clerk to pay the invoice of £162-00 and advertise the ‘Notice of Conclusion of Audit’ for the necessary period. The clerk confirmed all the necessary requirements would be carried out. Mr. P. Lewis proposed this, Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.

Re-building support wall – below Dee Villas, traffic lights here.
Kenyon Hall – letter of thanks for additional £60 towards Jubilee tea.
Holt U5s – letter of thanks for grant towards Jubilee Celebrations also account sheet!
Proposed positioning of Paper Skip on Car Park – this was discussed and members had no objection. Mr. Gaade to meet with Mr. Payne to discuss this. All in favour.
The clerk had asked Mr. M. Frost to paint all the cemetery gates and gates to bowling green. These had not been done for 20 years. The total cost was £775. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mrs Jones seconded – all agreed. A very good job was done and they looked superb for ‘Rushbearing’ The hedges bordering the cemetery were all cut and Eric had cut all the grass so the cemetery looked great. Thanks to all concerned.

5. MEMORIAL: Mr. Gaade proposed the application for a memorial for the late Mrs Elsie Wilkinson, be granted but not to be erected for 6 months, Mrs Roberts seconded. All agreed. Clerk to write.

6.CODE OF CONDUCT: WCBC to hold a meeting on 24/9/12 at 6p.m. in the Council Chamber. Meeting of Wrexham Town & Community Forum on 11/9/12 at 6.30p.m. in Council Chamber.

7.TIDY TOWNS: Mr. S. Lewis proposed the clerk send a letter of support for the grant application. Mr. Cubitt seconded this. All agreed.

8.PLAYING FIELD: L. Price is following up the Section 106 with solicitors. This was discussed but nothing further yet.

Long Meadow, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrexham – erection of replacement double garage – no objections.
Ridley Wood Farm, Holt Road, Ridley Wood, Wrexham – general agricultural building over former silage clamp – It was felt this was rather large and concerns were sent!
2 The Cottages, Rossett Road, Wrexham – Change of use from garage & store to Home Office and store (in retrospect) once again members were not happy to receive an application in retrospect as they feel planning requirements should be looked into at an early stage of planning changes!) Concern was once again expressed here because of the size of the garages and it is to be requested that conditions are put that this is not to be used as a business office with visitors involved in the business!
Sycamore House, Wrexham Road, Holt, Wrexham – 2 storey extension to side of property, demolition of existing double garage & erection of new double garage.
This again is a large extension with 2 potential entrances and creating separate units. The members asked for their concerns to be sent asking about the % of increase in a rural setting also this is within the ‘Curtilage’ of a listed gate’
Yew Tree Close – change of roof on conservatory from glazed to concrete tile – no objections.

The item for discussion was not fully discussed as no correspondence had been received, It was to have been ‘Possible purchase of extra burial land for future generations’ This will be discussed again along with ‘Burial Fees.

Play area – Church Green – question of fencing around actual play area and also rubber surface/
Clerk to write regarding number 4 allotment – large raspberry canes!
Water running down Dee Lane – is it sewage/
Lights to report – Community Centre, Kenyon Hall, Laburnum Way – Clerk has reported these!
30 m.p.h. speed sign by Bellis’s – flashing at 24 – 25mph!
Sign ‘Welcome to Wales’ by hairdressers – need new one or remove it as it’s a disgrace – W missing and sign faded!
Signs by Brickyard Corner – overgrown. Footpath from Llanypwll to Holt Lodge needs cutting back! 30 mph sign, Frog Lane – ½ missing.
Chapel House – Fence – planning enforcement dealing with this!
Clerk to pay Andrew, thank him for good job in village and toilets but Not to use the blower!
There will be no August meeting and the next meeting will be Tuesday, 18th September, 2012.
ACCOUNTS APPROVED FOR PAYMENT: Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.
1889 – Mrs J. Pierce              salary July & August & expenses           £495-06
1890 – M. Frost                      painting gates & fencing cemetery         £680-00
1891 – M. Frost                      painting gates by toilets                          £  95-00
1892 – E.M.J. Services          grasscutting                                              £250-00
1893 – Holt Bellringers         grant towards beacon                               £133-60
1894 – A.White                      salary Apr – 31/8/12 (2 jobs)                  £1557-00
1895 – Hacker Young           audit fee 2011/12                                       £162-00
1896 – Dee Valley                 water supply                                              £169-85
1897 – SLCC                         membership for clerk 2012/3                    £  83-00
1898 – Scottish Power          energy                                                        £  69-33
1899 – Rainbow Signs          metal ‘Dog Fouling’ warning signs           £360-00
1900 – WCBC                       lighting maintenance                                  £483-23
1901 – EMJ Services           grasscutting                                                  £310-00


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