Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th September, 2014

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th September, 2014

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. D. Roberts, Mrs L. Roberts, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Councillor M. Morris,PCSO D. Jones.
APOLOGIES: Councillors – Mrs. G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. J. Evans.
CHAIR: Mr. D. Roberts, the Vice-Chairperson, took the Chair, opened the meeting and a silence was held in respect of the following deceased – Mrs Barbara Jones, Miss Joyce Perry, Mrs June Jones (died in Spain) Mr. William Stanhope.
MINUTES: Mr. P. Gaade proposed, Mrs L. Roberts seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.

There were 2 lots of statistics on crime being for August & September. Crime was very low in Holt thankfully but the lists were discussed and a couple of concerns raised with the PCSO. He gave answers to these as far as he was able! Thanks were given to PCSO Jones and he left.

1.    DEFIBRILLATOR:- Mr. Steve Lewis reported that this is now ready to put in the cabinet. He will put an item in the Church newsletter regarding this. Many thanks to Steve for all his efforts with this.
2.    HOLT CASTLE: Concern has been expressed that this may be taken into a Trust as there was an article in the press. Councillor Morris explained that this is in the early stages at the moment but the Clerk was requested to write to Councillor Hugh Jones (Leader of Communities e.t.c.) and express our concerns! There is also a meeting to be held on 21/10/14 at WCBC on ‘Difficult Decisions’ regarding future cuts and changes. The subject of the Castle could be brought up at this meeting.
3.    HOLT PUBLIC TOILETS: It was agreed to keep the gates on the toilets to cover the doors and to close the toilets at 7p.m. It was also agreed to have to doors & gates painted black.
4.    TOILET CARETAKER: This post was reviewed and will be reviewed in a further 12 months. The relevant increase to £6-50 per hour is to be implemented from 1/10/14. All agreed.
5.    CROSS/VILLAGE CARETAKER: This post was reviewed and it was agreed to meet with the caretaker to discuss a couple of items and review the post in another 3 months. The relevant increase was implemented with this post also from 1/10/14. All agreed. Town Trust to be informed as they fund the Cross part of the employment!
6.    WASTE PAPER SKIP: This has now been removed from the Public Car Park as Palm Re-cycling had not paid any money to the Community of Holt for 12 months and this was the idea of having the skip in order to benefit Community groups,
7.    NIGHTINGALE HOUSE: Mr.P. Lewis attended this open evening and Mr. Gaade attended later as he had another meeting on behalf of Holt Community Council. Mr. Lewis reported that it was a very good presentation on the work and ongoing fundraising of the Hospice and that everyone was made extremely welcome. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gaade were thanked for attending.
8.    HOLT COMMUNITY CENTRE: The planned alterations haven’t taken place yet and hopefully this should be partly done in October half term.
9.    TARMAC COMMUNITY MEETING: Thanks were given to Mr. Cubitt who attended as our representative.

10.   KENYON HALL: Letter received applying for financial assistance. Noted and to be considered at the October meeting.
11.    STREET LIGHTING: Letter from WCBC informing us that this is to be reviewed March 2015. It was decided to look at other options but also look at WCBC prices. This is for maintenance only!
12.    PROPOSAL TO PLACE A COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE TO H. G. WELLS BY CIVIC SOCIETY: Everyone supported the idea but the permission of the owner of the Academy has to be obtained.
13.    WALES AUDIT: Clerk has received a form to apply for an overpayment of audit fee. She wanted to check this was official and Councillor Morris confirmed this therefore she will apply for it!
14.    DEE VALLEY WATER: Plans for Drought Strategy were received and noted.
15.    MEMORIAL FOR LATE MRS PAT PARRY: This was received from Mossfords. Mr. Gaade proposed the permission be given, Mr. Pridding seconded this.
16.    CCTV: Letter received regarding any CCTV in our area operated by WCBC – noted.
17.    MAYOR’S BALL: Invitation received. This was noted.
18.    LUNCH CLUB: Start up grant is available from WCBC. Noted.
19.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Academy House, Castle Street, Holt – 2 storey rear extension, internal alterations, window alterations & new rear boundary wall. No objections. Academy House – construction of new access from Castle Street including dropped kerb and erection of new gates – concern was expressed with this application as it was felt that this could lead to similar requests. Springfield, Castle Street, Holt – single storey extension to rear of property linking house to the barn. No objections. Lilacs, Francis Lane, Holt – expose original sandstone brick work & replace brick patching with red sandstone, scratch & repoint front elevation, replace rotten lintels, replace UVPC windows with wooden double glazed windows & paint front porch extension, replace damaged garage lintel & door & replace damaged render on chimneys – concern expressed over the exposing the original sandstone e.t.c and the garage door part of the application. Hedgerow, off Commonwood Road, Commonwood – Coppicing and part removal to allow access for ditch clearance – no objections. Five Oaks, Borras Hall Lane, Llanypwll – application for certificate of lawful use – dwelling has not been occupied by a person employed or last employed in agriculture – no objections. Gredington Arms, Holt Road, Llanypwll – outline application for erection of 4 dwellings on Car Park area of Gredington Arms Public House (access not reserved) – no objections. Gredington Arms – change of use of public house & adjacent outbuilding to form 3 dwellings together with some extensions and alterations – no objections.
20.    FINANCIAL SHEET: The clerk handed copies of this to members, giving an approximate balance of finances to 30th September, 2014. Mr. Cubitt proposed this be received Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.

An e. mail was received asking the Holt Community Council’s views on the possible addition of the name of L. Cpl. Roose (killed in Somme in 1916) to the memorial. A brief history was given. This was discussed and Mr. P. Lewis proposed this be supported, Mr. S. Lewis seconded and all agreed.

21.    GENERAL MATTERS: Grids need cleaning! Clerk to report.
22.    PLAYING FIELD: The application for development here was approved by WCBC subject to the section 106.

ACCOUNTS APPROVED FOR PAYMENT - Mr. P. Lewis proposed these Mr. J. Pridding seconded this. All agreed.
2089 – Mr. D. Kettle               grasscutting                               £165-00
2090 – Mr. R. Crofts               Cross/village                             £153-60
2091 – Mrs K. Rawlinson            Toilets                                        £192-00
2092 – Mr. P. Gaade                Keys & cleaning items                  £  28-20
2093 – Mrs J. Pierce               Salary September & exps.               £333-17
2094 – Royal British Legion        Wreaths                                     £210-00
2095 – EMJ Services                Grasscutting                                 £520-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28th October, 2014.

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