Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th October, 2018

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th October, 2018


PRESENT: Councillors – Mrs G. Jones, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt. Councillor M. Morris and Mr. David Munnerley.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Duffy, Ms. A. Shone. PCSO A. Heron.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairperson, took the Chair and welcomed everyone.
A silence was held in respect of the Late Mr. David Edmond.

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr.Gaade seconded, all agreed.

ITEM 1 – CO-OPTION OF NEW MEMBER: Mr. David Munnerley had applied for the vacancy as Councillor and had been interviewed before the meeting. He accepted the invitation to serve and was formerly Co-Opted onto the Holt Community Council and welcomed to his first meeting. Mr. P. Gaade proposed this, Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded, all agreed.

ITEM 2 – POLICE MATTERS: The Community Stats. Report was looked at and at the moment crime for Holt is quite low but the Clerk was asked to approach the PCSO to ask for An Awareness Meeting to be held as it is some time since one was held. This will make people aware of the sort of crimes around and how to avoid them.
A councillor had contacted the PCSO to report a crime but had no reply to call. Clerk to contact her. Car Park – an incident of youths being rude to a person visiting the cemetery. This has been reported and if it occurs again visits will be made to their homes! A vehicle is being parked on the car park and it is too high in one place and has damaged the sign on the barrier! 101 Room visit – arranged for 12th November, 2018.

1. CLEOPATRAS: The Clerk had contacted WCBC and they are to hold a meeting with the owner on Monday, 5th November, 2108.
2. PROPOSED NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT: Mrs Jones spoke on the subject and was thanked. It was agreed that the next step be a meeting with Carla Hughes from WCBC to seek her advice. Clerk to arrange.
3. NOTICE BOARD – This is ongoing!
4. NEW FLASHING SPEED SIGNS: These have now been erected thanks to a lot of work by Mr. Gaade working with Gary Forster from TWM Traffic Control. The one on Frog Lane was set by the last house as it was thought this would have more effect. Mr. Gaade was thanked. Clerk has contacted Mr. Lloyd in WCBC to request a speed check in Smithfield Street. The new signing on the road is very good and highly visible. Councillor Morris was thanked for his help.
5. REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE – 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF END OF 1ST WORLD WAR – Letter of thanks received for the Community Council’s grant towards ‘Silent Soldier. Mr. Shane Coupland will play Cornet. Barrier and cones available.
6. GENERAL MATTERS: Holt Castle to have 1 more cut next week. Markings on A534 still not done – Councillor Morris thought work was starting in the County next week.
7. MEMORIAL: Application for memorial for the late Mr. J. Chadwick. Mrs Jones proposed this be approved, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
8. COMMUNITY ALLOTMENT: An application had been made regarding this and some discussion took place. Concern expressed over the condition of a couple of allotments. It was agreed that the Clerk write a general letter regarding the conditions here and ask if anyone was thinking of giving allotment up as we now have a list again.
9. ELECTORAL ARRANGEMENTS: Mr. J. Cubitt had attended this meeting and explained briefly what it meant also Councillor Morris spoke. Thanks to John and to Michael.

10. PLANNING APPLICATIONS:1 - Cross Cottage, The Lodge, Castle Street – change of use of holiday let to form self contained dwelling with no external alterations. 2 – Change of holiday let to form self contained dwelling with no external alterations. These was discussed but was not objected to. ,Little Lodge, Castle Gardens, Holt – Notification of proposed work to tree within Holt Conservation area – 1 no. Willow Tree, no objections. 1 Vicarage Court – replacement of existing wooden windows, fascias & soffits with UVPC alternatives – no comments. Land West of Wrexham Golf Club, Holt Road, Llanypwll, Wrexham – outline application for petrol station – no comments as this just amended. Ty Gollen, Borras Road, Commonwood, Holt – two-storey & 1st floor rear extension, creation of new improved access & driveway & replacement outbuilding – Concern as whether this complies with Rural 33% increase floor size.

11. BOWLING GREEN: Letter received from Mr. D.G. Jones (Bowler) asking for the Holt Community Council to consider funding work on the Green to bring it up to an improved standard for Crown Green. The quotation was for £1720.
The members discussed this and the Green already costs a lot to run and they felt they could not approve this especially as they are trying to protect Holt from a rising Precept in light of expected rise in WCBC precept! It is to be suggested to the bowlers that they form a committee and then perhaps would be able to access grants. Mr. A. Pope had sent the membership fees for 2018 which this year are down and he asked the Council if they knew any way to promote the Bowling. Clerk to write to both. It was recognised that bowlers do carry out some work amongst themselves. Mr. Gaade proposed these actions, Mr. S. Lewis seconded, all agreed.
12. ALLOCATION OF GRANTS – Section 137 & Section 19. Applications considered and the following grants were approved.
Section 137.
Royal British Legion  Wreaths & Crosses   £150
Kenyon Hall           Refreshments        £ 25
Holt U5s (already done!)    Summer Gala   £500
St. Chad’s            Grass Cuts          £350
Nightingale House     Hospice             £100
Marie Curie           Care Nurses         £100
Wales Air Ambulance   Children’s Appeal   £100
Holt C.P. School      ICT – Chromebooks   £2000
Mrs G. Jones declared interest!
Section 19.
Kenyon Hall           Insurance           £1650
The grants were proposed for payment as a whole by Mr. J. Cubitt seconded by Mr. S. Lewis, all agreed.

Members had all looked at this and the overall financial picture was explained by Paul Hinchliffe. Predicted budget overall favourable. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this be approved and accepted, Mrs Jones seconded. Higher interest accounts are being looked into.
14. CHANGING SHAPE OF COMMUNITY COUNCILS – Mr. J. Cubitt and Mr. P. Hinchliffe had kindly attended this meeting and explained briefly what may be proposed in the next few years with structure of Community Councils. They were both thanked.
15. BORRAS QUARRY COMMUNITY MEETING – Mr. J. Cubitt had also attended this meeting and reported on the transfer to Briedon from Tarmac and the hopes that with a programme of development this could become a ‘Flagship Site’ John was once again thanked.
16. GENERAL MATTERS – Now have new street scene supervisor so Clerk will forward past issues such as hedges also parking on double yellow lines, Cross Street. Hedge at back school field overhanging Footpath 6,
Defibrillator – working – need to look into training session. Mr. S. Lewis reported on this. Conifers broken on Dee Park as children play in them. Mr. Munnerley our new member offered to do these. He was thanked.
ACCOUNTS – approved and proposed for payment by Mr. Hinchliffe seconded Mr. Gaade. All agreed.
2503 – AVOW                          Wages G. Crofts            £241.13
2504 – Royal British Legion Wreaths & Crosses       £150,00
2505 – Mr. M. Jones              Treatment Green          £350.00
2506 – Mr. E. Jones               Hedge Cemetery           £  70.00 2507 (cancelled)
2508 – Mr. D. Kettle              Grass Cuts                      £195.00
2509 – Mrs J. Pierce              Salary & Expenses        £406.23
2510 – WCBC                          Play Areas, Refuse        £1730.96
2511 – Jones Lighting Ltd.   St. Light Maintenance  £160.70

Next Meeting 27/11/18.

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