Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th Oct 2007

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th Oct 2007

Minutes of the meeting held on 30th October 2007 at 7 p.m. at Holt Community Centre.

Cllr P. Gaade (Chair)
*Cllr A. Clays                       Cllr D. Ratcliffe
Cllr J Gibson                         Cllr D. Roberts
Cllr J. Jones                         Cllr L. Roberts
*Cllr P. Lewis                               *Cllr W. Williams
*Cllr B. McConville
Also present:    P.C. Griffiths, P.C.S.O. Murphy, County Cllr M. Morris and two members of the public.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr B. McConville and Cllr. A. Clays

The Chair referred to the recent death of Mr D. Shone and acknowledged his contribution within the community as a former Community and Rural District Councillor. Those present stood in silence as a mark of respect.

Subject to amending agenda item 5 (9. Proposed extension to car park) to read “Mrs” and not “Mr” Roberts it was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record.

1.    Wish List – representation by young people
Mr Gibson referred to the previous Council meeting, which was attended by three young people. He apologised for the comments he made at the meeting and stated that he was not directing his comments at those attending the meeting and did not wish to offend them. His comments were aimed at those responsible for playing football on the cross, climbing on the school roof and for the graffiti around the village. The apology was accepted and Mr Gibson agreed that PCSO Murphy could pass on his apology to the young people who attended the meeting.
2.    Dee Park Play Area
It was noted that work appeared to be completed. Concern was expressed over the appearance of the equipment and it was resolved to contact Wrexham C.B.C to enquire if the equipment could be painted to improve its appearance.
3.    Memorial bench
The Chair reported that he had met with the contractor and the bench had been installed. He further reported that he had requested contractor to remove the mound of soil left by the gravediggers and relocate it to a more suitable location. This was endorsed by Members.

4.    Notice boards – Fairways Estate
Cllr Ratcliffe enquired if any progress had been made as he had passed the information to the Clerk. Cllr Morris advised that a planning application had not been received. It was resolved to progress this matter with the Clerk on her return
5.    Extension to car park
The Chair reported that he had met together with Cllrs. D and L Roberts and M. Morris to consider tenders received and ensure that the submission to Northern Marches Cymru was accurate and appropriate for the need. A planning application had been submitted and Cllr. L. Roberts had forwarded the final submission to Northern Marches Cymru. Cllr L Roberts reported that Northern Marches Cymru’s next meeting was to be held on 9th November 2007.
Cllr Gibson enquired why the number of new spaces had been reduced from 15 to 12. It was explained that it was necessary to make provision for two spaces for disabled access.

PC Griffiths and PCSO Murphy presented a written report on recent activities. It was noted that there had been one incidence of criminal damage reported. There had been a report of an abandoned vehicle, although on investigation it had run out of petrol and was removed the next day. One call had been recorded as “roudy nuisance” and the complainant was to be visited in the near future. There had been one complaint of youngsters playing football on the bowling green. They had been seen by  PCSO Murphy who remarked that the signage by the gate leading to the bowling green is worn and could be improved. Reference was made to a diesel spillage on the A534 roundabout near Wrexham Golf Course which created hazardous conditions.
PC Griffiths advised that she would like to undertake a village environmental audit before December focussing on problem areas (rubbish, graffiti etc). It was also mentioned that the next neighbourhood Policing meeting was to be held in the Kenyon Hall on 13th November 2007 at 7pm.
Complaints had been received from the Fairways Estate due to youngsters congregating on the play area in the evening. These had been investigated and there was no evidence of alcohol consumption or the infringement of any by law. The situation was however being monitored.
The Chair reported that there was evidence of damage to the lock on the playing field changing rooms.
Reference was made to a car and van parked on the pavement on Hugmore Lane which was completely obstructing the pavement and restricting the width of the busy carriageway. PC Griffiths offered to investigate this matter.
Remembrance Day – A discussion took place on the arrangements required and possible road closure. PC Griffiths advised that PCSO Murphy and Sgt D. Marsden would be in attendance. It was hoped that a diversion could be created on Frog Lane diverting traffic down Chapel Street, that Green Street could be closed with bollards and that Castle Street/ Church Street could be manned and closed at the appropriate time.

A member advised that young people were retrieving balls from the garden area of the empty cottage on Green Street and there was concern that their health and safety could be at risk in view of the condition of the derelict garage. PC Griffiths offered to speak to the owner over this matter.

1.    Industrial Estate Link Road
Members received and noted a letter received from Wrexham CBC advising that a planning application had been submitted for the new link road into the industrial estate and giving a list of contact names/numbers of officers with specific responsibilities for the project.
2.    Pride in your Streets
A letter was received from Wrexham CBC advising that Area Officers could attend Community Council meetings and requesting a schedule of meeting dates. It was noted that the Clerk has an informal arrangement with the Area Supervisor who will attend on invitation.
3.    Additional Bus Stop, Wrexham Road
A letter was received from Wrexham CBC with a proposal to locate a new Bus Stop on the grass verge near to Holt Lodge Hotel. It was resolved to support the proposal.
4.    Wrexham Maelor Local Plan – Preferred Strategy
Comments were invited on the Preferred Strategy for the new Local Development Plan (2011-2021). Members were advised that this is not relating to detailed specific policies but the overall strategy in term of overall housing needs, industrial and commercial needs and an assessment tool to judge possible candidate development sites. It was resolved to consider this matter further at the November meeting following the drop in session with the Planning Department which is due to take place in Holt on 2nd November.
5.    Local Authorities (Alcohol Consumption in Designated Places) Regulations 2007
A questionnaire was received from Wrexham CBC Community Safety Unit enquiring if the Community Council area is affected by alcohol related anti social behaviour. It is anticipated that as a result of the survey alcohol control zones will be created which will give the police additional powers of seizure of alcohol if it is contributing to anti social behaviour. Members resolved to support the scheme and completed the questionnaire accordingly.
6.    Boundary Commission Report and Recommendations
A copy of the final report prepared by the Local Government Boundary Commission was received. It was noted that this had been forwarded to the Welsh Assembly Government at the end of September and interested parties had until 9th November to make any further representations direct to the Welsh Assembly.
The final report concluded that there was a stronger case for the Fairways Estate to transfer from Holt into Acton community and not into Caia Park as recommended in their draft proposals. The report further recommended that if these changes are adopted by the Welsh Assembly then Holt Community Council membership should be reduced by one member and that the warding arrangements for Bieston should cease.
Following discussion, it was resolved not t make any further representations on this matter. (An amendment requesting representations be made to the Welsh Assembly was not seconded)
7.    Wrexham CBC Licencing Policy Document
Members considered the draft Licencing Policy Document. A question was raised regarding licencing and planning conditions and which would take precedence in the event of problems arising. It was resolved that notwithstanding the comments in para 18.2, there should be some correlation between planning and licencing conditions to ensure that breaches do not occur.
8.    Invitation to attend consultation meeting on Regional Waste Strategy
It was noted that the meeting was scheduled for the afternoon of 30th October 2007 and so there was not an opportunity to send a representative.
9.    Consultation document – Performance Indicators Fire and rescue Service
As observations were not required until December, the Chair retained this document for consideration.
10.    Letter from Janet Ryder AM
The contents of the letter relating to affordable housing were received and noted.

It was resolved:
that no objection be made to the following planning applications:

P2007/1204    Swn y Coed, Chester Lane, Holt
Demolition of garage and timber sheds and replacement with new extension to form playroom, utility room, WC/shower and office.
P2007/1231    Hugmore Farm, Wrexham Road, Holt
Relaxation of condition  6 of planning permission P2007/1222 to allow installation of low level lighting
P2007/1156    Bryn Villa, Hugmore Lane, Holt
Construction of soil bund for safety reasons

That the following application be deferred for consideration at the November meeting
P2007/1165    Construction of Wrexham Industrial Estate access road (Northern section)

That the following application be noted (Community Council as applicant)
P2007/1195    Car Park, Green Street, Holt
Extension of existing car park to provide 12 no additional spaces

Members also noted the following:
Decisions made by the Local Planning Authority:
P2007/1028 – granted        Roseavon, Bridge Street, Holt
P2007/0910 – granted        Gredington Arms, Cross Street, Holt
P2007/1008 – granted        Castle Bungalow, Castle Gardens, Holt
P2007/1019 – granted     1 Smithfield Cottage, Smithfield Green, Holt
Notice of appeal against refusal of planning permission – Lodge Farm, Commonwood, Holt.

A general discussion took place regarding suggestions put forward. It was noted that Dee Park Play Area had been completed and a grant application had been submitted for the refurbishment of the toilets / improvements to the car park. It was acknowledged that there are limited options within the village because of the Conservation Area status and the lack of publicly owned land. Grants could be available for the erection of a multi use games area (MUGA) however finding a site would be difficult and consultation would be required. It was agreed that:
Cllr J Jones would raise the matter at the next meeting of the School Governing Body to ascertain if they would support a dual use facility on part of the school land.
That further enquiries be made regarding the land adjacent to the garages at Dee Park.
That the Chair raise with the Town Trust the possibility of adapting/enlarging the bus shelter situated on The Cross to dual as a chat shelter.

Members considered grant applications from a number of organisations having regard to the financial statement prepared by the Clerk. It was resolved:
That the Council, in accordance with its powers under S137 and 139 of the Local Government Act 1972, should incur the following expenditure which, in the opinion of the Council, is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure:

(i)    Royal British Legion                £125.00
(ii)    Wrexham Lions                £50.00
(iii)    Wrexham CRUSE (bereavement care)    £50.00
(iv)    NSPCC/Childline                £50.00
(v)    Kenyon Hall Committee            £1500.00
(Consideration of a further request from the Kenyon Hall Committee was deferred until the November meeting)
Cllrs D and L Roberts declared an interest in this application and took no part in the discussion or voting theron.
(vi)    St. Chads Church (grasscutting)        £300.00
Cllr. P. Gaade declared an interest in this application and took no part in the discussion or voting theron.
(vii)    Hope House Hospice                £100.00

It was resolved to support in principle the application submitted by Holt Under 5’s to a sum of £500 subject to additional information being made available.

It was resolved not to grant aid the following organisations:
Alzheimer’s Society
Bobath Cymru

The following accounts were approved for payment:
Wrexham CBC – quarterly street lighting charges    £333.29
Dee Valley Water                    £25.43

Litter bin – Play Area, Church Green needs replacing – Clerk to Contact WCBC
Empty Cottage Green Street concern over state of derelict garage as an unsafe structure – Clerk to write to owner (Police also to contact)
Street cleaning Dee Park following the resurfacing of footpaths. Debris in gutter needs removing although acknowledged it is difficult with parked cars. – Clerk to contact WCBC
Roundabout on Holt Road at junction with Milebarn Road and St Mellion’s Crescent needs enlarging to prevent vehicles driving over it at speed. Clerk to contact Highways Department.
Boundary hedge of Rofft developments fronting Francis Lane overgrown
Boundary hedge on land previously in highway ownership at entrance to village from A534 Holt Road overgrown
Van/ car parked in entrance to playing field used for advertising purposes. Clerk to write to Castle garage requiring its removal.

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