Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th November, 2010

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th November, 2010

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Ms. Shone, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Evans,                Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Cllr. Morris, P.C. Robert Powell, P.C.S.O. Poppy
Hadfield – Jones.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Lewis, Mr. Gibson.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened the meeting with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Winifred Rowland.

The clerk read out the letter she had sent to Inspector Jones and also his reply. The clerks letter had been put in the Church magazine as it is important for residents to know the Community Council are concerned with the level of policing in Holt!
P.C. Robert Powell was then introduced to the meeting and apologies were given by P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield – Jones apologised for non attendance at some of the meetings.
Once again there has been a big overhaul of the police cover and now P.C. Powell who was originally 1 of 2 officers on the Wrexham Industrial Estate is now the only officer there and also covers Holt as well as Abenbury and Pentre Maelor. Poppy also covers these areas!
A sheet of all crimes and incidents was issued and the clerk asked for more liaison with her via E. Mail if police presence is not available for meetings. The clerk also spoke on the lack of liaison over the Community Football which was held in the October half term as she felt it portrayed the Community Council in a bad light solely because of lack of contact with her from the police.
Several other matters were discussed and Poppy said a Police Surgery had been held in Bellis Bros but was poorly attended. It was suggested that this does not have  to be held so frequently as monthly and not for one and a half hours as it would be better for the police presence to be around the village!
Thanks were given to the police for attending and hopefully we can get back to a good relationship between the Community Council and the Police for 2011.

1.BOWLING GREEN: Callum has done quite a lot of work here but the Bowlers have also done a lot for themselves to improve the facilities. Clerk To sort out invoices for the work.

2.NOTICE BOARD: Clerk has contacted Mr. Evans to do work here but will contact him again and if he is to busy will get someone else.

3.ALLOTMENTS: New Tenancy Conditions and a New Agreement is to be drawn up ready for the start of the new season on 1st April, 2011. Councillors gave a list of things they thought should be included and Mr. Roberts proposed the fee be increased to £10 per allotment per annum Mrs Roberts seconded this and all agreed.

4.PUBLIC TOILETS: Mr. Gaade is to speak to Mr. White concerning the toilets and because of the bad weather it may be necessary to close them. Clerk to contact the plumber to ask if lagging of the pipes necessary.
5.REMEMBERANCE DAY: The new leaflets were done and a 10% reduction was given as they were not quite as asked for! Thanks to Mr. Gaade for arranging these.
The service was well attended and the policing good. An address system is needed for next year and also a few slight changes perhaps to laying of wreaths and crosses!
The Clerk would like to thank Kenneth Burningham for kindly playing again ( I think he started when he was about 11 and the council are very grateful he is still attending!) Thank you also to the Kenyon Hall Committee for refreshments afterwards in the Kenyon Hall as this makes the Service a real community event.

6. REPRESENTATIVE TO SERVE ON TOWN TRUST: Letter received saying Mrs L. Roberts term of office finished. Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr. Evans seconded that Mrs. Roberts be re-appointed to serve a further term. All agreed and Mrs Roberts expressed willingness to continue.

7. NEW RURAL HOUSING ENABLER: Catherine Kirkham is the new officer in this post and has contacted the clerk. It was agreed that she be invited to the February meeting of the Community Council. All agreed.

Fire & Rescue – Performance Report 2011 onwards – noted.
Wrexham Development Plan 2010 – 2021 – noted.
Review of Electoral Arrangements and Parliamentary Constituencies – noted.
Holt P.C.C. – letter regarding re-location of notice board from Car Park – clerk to reply saying this not possible as board purchased as part of grant allocation but Church can use it! WCBC – Houses in Multiple Occupation and empty properties (longstanding) – clerk to answer. Tarmac – meeting 27/1/11.

9. BIER HOUSE: 2 quotes received for the work here and it was agreed these would be sufficient as this is not a major project! 1. D. Jones = £1648 2. J. Plant = £2773.
Mr. Pridding proposed we accept no. 1 quote – D. Jones Mr. Roberts seconded. All agreed. Two verbal quotes for steel gate. Need in writing!
7 Ashley Court – erection of boundary fence (partly in retrospect) – no objs.
Erlas Garden Project, Bryn Estyn Lane – erection of workshop/wet weather working area – no objs.
1 Borras Hall Court, Borras Hall Lane – erection of garden store – no objections.
Removal of hedgerow, Llanypyll Farm – no objections.

11.WCBC had contacted the clerk asking for these and notified her that the Base rate for Band D property will be 802 which is a slight rise from 793 2010/11 but still a lot down because of the loss of 300 plus houses on Holt Road!
The clerk handed around Financial Sheets and recommended that any major expenses (i.e. not General running costs) be paid for out of the Capital Fund.
The clerk also recommended after discussion that the precept be kept low again and the council agreed her suggestion of £22000 which is only and increase of £1314 from last year and means £1-34 increase per annum on a Band D property.
Mrs Jones proposed £22000 be set as our precept and Mr. Evans seconded. The clerk was thanked for her work in preparing the sheet and recommendations.
The clerk then left the room for a review of her salary which has not taken place since 2008. After discussion Mrs Roberts proposed 1.25% be given in accordance with the recommended rate from N.J.C. 2009 and that this be back dated to 1st April 2009. Ms. Shone seconded and all agreed. Clerk re-entered the room and thanked everyone for this.
12. FORMAL ADOPTION OF STANDING ORDERS, FINANCIAL ORDERS, RISK ASSESSMENT, MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT AND INVESTEMENT STRATEGY: The members had all read the orders and a risk assessment carried out through the year had been dealt with therefore the orders were re-adopted with the exception of an Investment Strategy as previously the councillors decided because of the state of finances they were not willing to invest and have kept all monies in appropriate bank accounts. This matter is to be put on the agenda for the January meeting when a strategy is to be decided! Mrs Jones proposed the action Mr. Pridding seconded, all agreed.

Allotments – fires not to be allowed! Cemetery – moss and soil to be dealt with.
Manor Park – front hedge needs cutting. Salt Bin to be requested on corner by pensioners bungalows – Dee Park (no more than £200) Mrs Jones proposed this, Mrs Roberts seconded. Trees by Bowling Green – clerk to contact Wrexham.
Letter of support to be sent to Northern Marches for Mrs Roberts to continue as a board member – all agreed to this and are very grateful to her for giving her time.
Dee Villas – Councillor Morris reported a wall structure is to be done here.

Mr. Jack Gibson was sadly not at the meeting because of the bad weather but he was missed as he recently celebrated his 90th Birthday and the council sent a card and had a small gift for him, which the Chairman will deliver. Congratulations Mr. Gibson we hope you had an Excellent 9oth Birthday!
1769 – Mrs J. Pierce salary Nov & Dec, expenses plus back dated salary = £3695-48.
1770 - Chester Small Plant – New Mower (insurance claim less £100) = £1549.
1771 – Minute Man Press – Leaflets Remembrance Day = £100-34.
1772 – WCBC – Council Tax £439-68.
1773 – Messrs Tomlinson – rent £1-00
Mr. Gaade thanked everyone and wished them a Happy Christmas.
Next meeting 18th January, 2011 – Happy New Year!

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