Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th June, 2015

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th June, 2015

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors: - Mrs. G. Jones, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Evans, Mrs L. Roberts, Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Gaade, M. Morris and PCSOs P. Peters & J. Andrews. 1 member of public Mr. I. Williams.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone and Mr. J. Pridding.

CHAIR: Mrs. G. Jones, the Chairperson, took the Chair and opened the meeting with a welcome. A silence was then held in respect of the late Mrs Ann Tilston. Flowers were presented to Mrs Linda Roberts to thank her for all her work on behalf of the village, whilst serving on the committee of Northern Marches. She thanked everyone.

MINUTES: Mr. P. Lewis proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved subject to a slight amendment to Minute 8. Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed.

PCSO Jones had e.mailed the clerk with follow up from the last meeting and he had looked at Francis Lane again and the police had no legal powers to move the vehicles but as children cross here a white T bar was suggested. Hatched areas also are not enforceable. Discussion took place regarding the parking problem on the Cross, people parking on pavements also on the lack of use of the Car Park and the use of Cross Street for parking, by members of staff in businesses on the Cross. Everyone agreed a letter be sent to the businesses again asking for their co-operation. Patrols had been made by the police and dog fouling on the Green had been reported to WCBC for extra patrols. The go safe van visited A534 near Holt and will do so again.
The monthly crime report was handed out and it was very pleasing to have only a couple of issues in Holt. The PCSOs were asked to keep an eye at the Castle especially with the school holidays, The PCSOs were thanked for attending and left the meeting.

1.    PUBLIC TOILETS - The Chairperson had contacted the Clerk and a couple of members and it had been agreed that the toilets were left open for the U.5s Fundraising day in June. It was pointed out that the sign for the toilets by the Green was not in place. Clerk to contact WCBC.
2.    ACADEMY HOUSE: Clerk to contact the owner regarding the painting of the ornate stone.
3.    DEFIBRILLATOR: Discussion is taking place on this and a session will probably be held in the near future.
4.    HOLT CASTLE: The clerk had contacted WCBC regarding the bin and a possible extra one but it didn’t seem promising but Councillor Morris explained S. Grenter, Heritage Services Manager from WCBC was trying to get a bin more in keeping with the Castle to complement the work done there. It is possible we may have to discuss assisting with this.
5.    MONTHLY BUDGET CONTROL: Sheets were handed out and finances explained. Mr. P. Lewis proposed these be received, Mrs Roberts seconded.

6.    CLEOPATRA’S, CROSS, HOLT: An application for grant of a premises licence under the licencsing Act 2003 was received and also a planning application to vary condition 6 of planning permission P/2011/0432 (change of use of premises as café and food area) to allow opening hours to be extended. The times on the planning didn’t tally with the licence application and after discussion because it is not wished to discourage business in the village but the Community Council have to consider the nearby residents who may be affected, it was proposed by Mr. P. Lewis, seconded by Mr. S. Lewis that it was suggested any permission be on a temporary basis of perhaps 12 months to monitor the effect. All agreed.
7.    GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Annual report received from the Ombudsman. Noted. Notification of a workshop on Ancient Egypt – noted.
8.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: - Installation of Solar Farm & Associated development 1. Land south of Francis Lane, Holt (size 10.2 hectares & up to 4.61mw) 2. Land North of Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial estate (12.6 hectares and up to 6.37mw)
Mr. Williams, the member of the public present had attended with interest in these 2 applications but mainly the Francis Lane one and was invited to speak by the Chairperson. A lot of discussion took place especially the effect visually on residential properties near to the sites. Objections are to be sent to planning as to the effect of these applications in such a flat rural situation. Access in the case of Francis Lane. Extension to the Industrial Estate. Cumulative effect and also what happens with restoration of sites in the future.
Academy Garage, Castle Street, Holt – Application to vary planning condition 1 of P/2010/0054 (planning permission for erection of 4 dwellings) to extend the time period for commencement of development. Discussion took place and because the site is in a Conservation area and no attempt has been made to keep it tidy the members would like the extension if given to be 12months with an assurance that work would be started in this time.

9.    GENERAL MATTERS: List of hedges needing attention given to Clerk.
Road surface – Esp Hill.
Notification that Holt/Farndon bridge is to be closed to traffic from 10th August to 28th August in order for masonry repairs to be carried out. Other inspections will take place at the same time.

ACCOUNTS PROPOSED FOR PAYMENT by Mr. J. Cubitt seconded by Mr. P. Gaade. All agreed.
2163 – ASAP                 signs for toilets          £  64-62
2164 – EMJ Services         grasscutting               £220-00
2165 –Jones Lighting        Maintenance                £273-79
2166 – Mrs J. Pierce        Salary & expenses          £324-37
2167 – Mrs K. Rawlinson     toilets                    £195-00
2168 – EMJ Services         grasscutting               £220-00
2169 – Mr. D. Kettle        grasscutting               £180-00
2170 – Mr. S. Solari        Cross/village              £156-00

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