Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th June 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th June 2009


PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Evans, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Pridding, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Councillor Morris, P.C. Mark Harris, P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield-Jones, Mr. B. Campbell (Holt Website) and two members of the public from the Fairways Estate, Holt Road.
APOLOGIES: Mr. & Mrs. Roberts (holiday) & Mr. Bill Williams (ill health)
CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone, he then requested a minutes silence in respect of the following deceased – Mr. John Morgan, Mrs Joan Littler and Mrs Anita Burningham. Condolences sent to Kenneth Burningham on the loss of his mother as he always plays for us at our annual Remembrance Service!
MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Evans seconded this. All agreed.

A list of all incidents and crimes for the month was given out to members. Poppy reported that the police will be working with the school on cycling proficiency and also marking bikes because of a spate of thefts from outbuildings. General information sheets are to be given out on security of buildings.
A neighbourhood/police liaison meeting had been held in the village and some of the youth attended but Mr. Gaade asked why the council had not been informed at their previous meeting. Notice needs to be given to the council and this is to be addressed in future!
The police are also to meet the young people in schools.
Several matters were then brought up:
Speed of cars in Bridge Street/Church Street – Speed enforcement to visit again.
Dee Lane – Cars down here and rubbish left in field.
Portable toilets burnt out.
Children playing football in cemetery car park on a Sunday – there are notices in this area and a lot of money has been spent here also cars will be damaged!
Cars racing in Isycoed also speeding in Bryn Estyn Lane.
Fairways Estate – accident involving a young child – at this point the two gentlemen present reported the very lucky escape of a little girl who had ridden her bike into a car.
Councillor Morris reported that the council are still awaiting a report from Inspector Goss on the incident. The clerk had been asked  to bring this matter up and it was discussed at length. There were reports that some bus drivers drive too fast because of a tight schedule and it was the clerk was asked to write to WCBC Transport. This may have to be discussed again. Mr. Ratcliffe had tried to get barriers at the end of the cycle path on the main Holt Road but it did not meet criteria. Poppy was asked to log her time on Fairways and in Holt – she already does this. The members of the public, police left at this point.


1.ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRPERSON: When contacted by the clerk, Mr. Lewis kindly accepted the position He was thanked.

2. B.T. POLE BY KENYON HALL:  The clerk had received a letter stating that the pole would be moved. Members reported that a new pole had been erected but in exactly the same spot. Clerk to write!

3.PROPOSED NEW STEPS BY THE BY-PASS: Councillor Morris had E.mailed Brian Payne as there is still a slight issue with Liability.

4.PRIMROSE COTTAGE, SMITHFIELD GREEN: The conditions of planning do not seem to have been kept to – clerk to contact enforcement.

5.PUBLIC TOILETS: Mr. Gaade had met Mr. White and it appears the changing mats have a type of oil stain on them and will need a special cleaner! 2 toilet roll holders are broken already and the hand dryer is not working.

6.STREETSCENE: Need diary of certain areas which have to be reported every year.
Nettles, Dee Villas have been done. Hedges Fairview footpath need cutting and on path to the Castle.

7.CAR PARK: Several members had met for a quick meeting when Linda explained that her and Derek had attended a meeting with NMC when it was decided that as the work is almost at an end and there is still money left, an extension can be negotiated and extra quotes are now being sought for re-surfacing of the access road to the bowling green.
Other possibilities are a rumble strip in the car park, other small pathways and general landscaping in front of the toilets. The Council unreservedly supported the actions and proposals, Mr. Gaade proposed this and Mrs Jones seconded and Mr. Gaade asked that thanks  to Linda and Derek for all their hard work in transforming the toilets and car park, be minuted. All agreed.

8.VICTORIAN LIGHTING ON CROSS: Mr. Lewis had rung the clerk on a Sunday evening as two people had scaled the double headed light in the early hours and removed bolts. This could have resulted in a serious accident if it had been windy. The people responsible were then picked up in a car!

Little Lodge, Castle Gardens, Holt – Reduce crown of 1 Wild cherry tree – no objections.
1 & 2 Honeysuckle Cottages, Francis Lane – demolition of existing cottages, erection of 2 storey replacement with single storey self contained accommodation for dependant relative and erection of a double garage – no objections.
Rivermead, Vicarage Court – Fell a Copper Beech as close to neighbours boundary – concern that this is to be felled needlessly as it is a beautiful tree – clerk to ask that a risk assessment be done on it.
Commonwood Ponds – Planning Officer is to recommend approval of the application ( in retrospect) our objections and others were noted! A close eye is to be kept on this as various conditions are to be placed on the planning approval!

10.PLANNING TRAINING: This is to be held in the Guildhallon Monday, 13th July, 2009 at 6.30p.m. and Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones and Ms. Shone wished to attend.

Audit and Accounting changes – noted.
Academy Garage – conditions of planning – noted
Tidy Towns Grant – this has been awarded for the land by the river. Clerk to be contacted.
Involvement from the Community is needed in this project to meet the conditions.
12.ALLOTMENTS: At present these are all occupied and in good condition. A letter was received asking for tenancy but the clerk has a waiting list. She is to reply saying they will be put on this.
13.MEMORIAL APPLICATIONS: These were received for the late Mr. Peter Wheeldon and the late Mrs Jill Clutton ( small photo to go on this stone). Mrs Jones proposed , Mr. Pridding seconded.
14. TEMPORARY WOODEN CROSS                                                                                                                       A request was received to place a small wooden CROSS with a plaque with the name on (this is temporary until the stone can go on) Mrs Jones proposed permission be given for this and Ms. Shone seconded. The wooden post is to be removed after 6 months. All agreed.

Mr. Gibson proposed that these be approved and Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed that the Chairman sign these.

Tava Restaurant – decking in car park ( is this within planning regulations.
Grass cutting – when is this to be done in Holt/Isycoed.
Creeper by 41 Dee Park. Hedge both sides by Price’s old property , bottom road Isycoed.
Yellow markings placed on roads but work not done!
Mr. Lewis asked the committee to think about the rough land behind the Credington as a youth area! Thoughts for the next meeting.
Castle Gate – landscaping still not completed.
These were considered and it was decided to target certain areas such as Gas works Lane, Cross, Hairdressers by Bridge and the Car Park. A time sheet is to be kept Mr. Lewis proposed this Mrs Jones seconded. The Chairman is to notify the Successful applicant and interview him with Clerk and possibly Mrs Jones. Tools and Bin bags to be supplied by Holt Community Council.

ACCOUNTS: Mrs J. Pierce   Salary & expenses   £307-69,  WCBC   Refuse charges  £731-40,  E.M.J. Services   Grasscutting   £440-00,   WCBC    Lighting Maintenance  £315-33.

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