Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th July, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th July, 2019



Mr. Loudon had been invited to give a brief talk , at 6.30 p.m. to councillors, before the monthly meeting. The Holt Council had looked into possibly sharing an agent a while ago when the scheme was run by AVOW then the funding had ceased and because of Data involvement it had been put on hold. Mr. Loudon explained the funding which was now available for this and he also explained about the running of the schemes i.e. employing an agent, how contacts were made e.t.c  If the decision is made that there is a necessity for an agent in Holt the scheme would need to start this year before the end of March. Mr. Loudon was thanked for his talk and the members will discuss this and get back to him.

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. J. Duffy, Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Hinchliffe. PCSO Sue Lawrence.
CHAIR: Mr. Pridding, the Chairperson, opened the meeting with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Joseph Broderick and Mrs Gwendoline Mitchell.
APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. D. Munnerley.
MINUTES: Mr. P. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mrs Jones seconded this. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: PCSO SUE LAWRENCE. Sue was thanked for attending the meeting and the Monthly Crime sheet for June was looked at. The Clerk had received follow up information from PCSO Lisa Davies and also speed checks had been carried out following a request from Mr. Sharkey in December however these were mid-day and a request for more in a morning were to be made. The Clerk and Mr. Gaade had attended the first of the Community policing meetings, at the new police headquarters in Llay, with Inspector Whibberley. This was quite enlightening and it is felt it will be beneficial as these are to be held quarterly. The Inspector felt that although thankfully, crime is lower in some of the smaller Rural areas, they should still expect to have police cover and their needs met. It was pleasing to hear that one of the promised things ‘High Impact Policing Visits’ had already taken place in Holt. A matter of concern with a vehicle was mentioned for follow up. Clerk to e.mail. Sue then left after being thanked again.

1. FIRE SAFETY SAFE & WELL CHECKS: Unfortunately the arranged visit by Mike White to the monthly lunch club, had to be cancelled for July. This is hopefully to be arranged for September 2019.
2. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: Nothing further on this at present.
3. HOLT CASTLE: The Clerk has arranged refund of the grasscutting charges to end of July from WCBC Heritage, as agreed.
4. COMMUNITY AGENT: This was discussed at this point by members and the question as to whether there was a need in Holt was raised as members did feel they were aware of neighbours and it is a village where everybody is neighbourly and also where some residents value privacy. To progress with this it was decided that the electoral roll be passed around members for them to go through the area they live in and mark any residents they thought could benefit from the service and this would give a rough idea of numbers. This to go on agenda for September. A 30 minute Dementia Awareness presentation is also to be arranged at 6.30 p.m. before the September meeting, with Delyth Pridding.
5. GENERAL MATTERS: Dee Park Play Area – a visit had been made and loose cover removed off bin and graffiti cleaned up. Footpath 6 had been cut. Clerk to report Holt sign on by pass again.
6. ALLOTMENT 6A – Clerk had contacted Mr. Davies who will take this on and begin paying September.

7. PUBLIC FOOTPATH BIESTON 2 – Proposed diversion of part of this footpath. This is because of the planning granted for the Petrol Station on Land off Acton/ Llanypwll link road. No objections were raised as there is only a slight diversion.
8. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Manor Park Residential Home, Green Street, Holt. – Notification of proposed removal of 1 Horse Chestnut within Holt Conservation Area – sad to see this go but no objections. Park House, Castle Street, Holt – replacement of white UVPC front windows & door with Chartwell green UVPC front windows & door, no objections. Whitegate Farm, Commonwood Road, Commonwood, Holt – two-storey extension including the replacement of a flat roof with a pitched roof and internal alterations, no objections.
9. TIDY WALES CAMPAIGN: Correspondence from WCBC. Noted and Clerk to pass this to Mr. Campbell.
10. NIGHTINGALE HOUSE: Hospice tours every Wednesday 6p.m. to 7p.m.
11. PUBLIC HEALTH (WALES) ACT 2017: Local Toilet Strategy – A map of toilet facilities in Wales, available to the public is being formed and Holt have agreed to be put on this.
12. MONTHLY FINANCIAL SHEET: Members had received this. Mr. Gaade proposed it be received and approved, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

13. PROPOSED NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT ON CHURCH GREEN & DEE PARK. The Clerk has been back in touch with Carla Hughes who sourced quoted on equipment for us. The two pieces have been agreed and quotes obtained and these were forwarded to members. The Clerk took letters around to residents who may have been concerned with the item of equipment proposed for Dee Park play area and only one gentleman contacted her to ask questions which she answered. There were no objections. A meeting is now to be arranged with WCBC and anyone interested from Hoklt Town Trust to be invited to Church Green meeting, Mr. Munnerley had contacted Clerk regarding a light on Dee Park play area and Clerk to get a quote for September.
14. DEESIDE FARM: A Public Right of Way runs across the bottom of the garden here and the Holt Community Council have maintained the strip for many years. (Councillor Morris produced maps of this for attention)The last few times access was not readily available to cut this and the new owner had expressed interest in purchasing this piece. It was pointed out that this is an Adopted Public Right of Way – Public Footpath Number 31. Clerk is to contact the gentleman and advise him if he wishes to pursue this he would need to approach WCBC for a Road Closure & Extinguishment of Public Footpath Order. The letter will also state there must remain access for the gentleman who maintains the grass for the HCC.

15. GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Grit Bin – Dee Park, full of rubbish. Moss on footpath outside Cae’r Castell bungalows. Chapel Lane – grid at junction with Castle Street still flooding. (seems bigger problem than cleaning as this has been done.) Toilet locks weren’t working but Mr. Gaade fixed them in liaison with gentleman from Healthmatic. Thanks to Mr. Gaade. Cemetery – Middle pillar between gates. Top stone put back on. The post to be monitored discuss September. Scottish Power – Tree maintenance. Clerk had consulted everyone and dealt with this.

ACCOUNTS: Mr. Gaade proposed the accounts be approved and paid also any during August. Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed.
2577 – AVOW              Salary J. Pierce & Wages G.                    £611-25
2578 – M & L             Grass & Tree work – Holt Castle July    £564-00
2579 – M & L             Grass Cutting – Holt Castle May             £456-00
2580 – Mr. E. Jones      Grass Cutting – Cemetery etc             £220-00
2581 – EDF Energy        St. Lighting Energy Supply                 £781-67
2582 – Hafren Dyfrydwy   Water Supply                                    £140-81
2583 – Mrs J. Pierce     Expenses – July                                    £ 30-30

2584 – AVOW              Salary J. Pierce & Wages G. Crofts      £628-25
2585 – Mr. P. Gaade      Toilet Supplies                                      £  16.20
2586 – Mr. E. Jones      Grass Cutting Burial                            £220-00
2587 – K. Moult          Grass Cuts                                                 £120-00
2588 – SLCC              Membership 2019/20                              £106-00
2589 – ALCC              Membership 2019/20                             £  40-00
2590 – AVOW              Cheque cancelled written wrongly        Nil
2591 – K. Moult          Grass & Treatment                                 £220-00

Next Meeting to Be Held on Tuesday, 24th September, 2019.

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