Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 30th April, 2013

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 30th April, 2013

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors: J. Pridding, D. Roberts, P. Lewis, A. Shone, G. Jones, J. Cubitt, P. Gaade, J. Evans, S. Lewis & PCSO L. Dobby and J. Humm.
APOLOGIES: Councillors L. Roberts and M. Morris.
CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome to everyone. A silence was then held in respect of the following deceased – Mrs S. Gisby, Mr. R. Varley & Mr. James Parry.
MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. P. Lewis seconded.

Luke assured the committee that even though he has now been given the task of covering the Industrial Estate he will remain as our PCSO in Holt and will continue to work diligently as he has done since he started. He was asked once again just to keep an informal record of his hours spent in Holt in order for the committee to insure the residents are getting the cover they deserve!
Luke talked through the incidents from the last month which were basically Common Assault, criminal damage to a window and a road traffic accident when the offender left the scene. Inquiries are ongoing with this.
Luke has been busy setting up an allotment watch scheme. Speed Tests are to be done and advice notices on parking are being issued. A police surgery is to be held after Luke has attended the council meeting, each month , if anyone wishes to talk personally to him.
A couple of parking issues were mentioned to Luke and also the old problem of motorbikes speeding on the A534, especially on Sundays. This has long been a concern and with the Summer ahead, once more it becomes an issue!
Sincere thanks were given to Luke and James for attending our meeting.

1. WALES IN BLOOM: John Cubitt kindly informed everyone of the excellent progress being made in Holt.
The Town Hall garden is now complete after a lot of work by all involved. The businesses have agreed to put up floral baskets and several gardens are in place for viewing and back up if needed. John thanked Gill Jones for her help in getting the schoolchildren involved. J. Pridding offered to contact owners of caravan. Paul proposed netting on the old Academy garage and children to be approached to do drawings to pin here! Paul to price this. D. Roberts seconded and all agreed.
2.PUBLIC TOILETS: A lot of discussion took place and the following matters were proposed by Mr. Gaade and seconded by Mr. P. Lewis:
Requested items e.g. lockable toilet roll holders, signs e.t.c. be purchased.
Closing times: It was agreed these be 9p.m. at weekends and 8p.m. in week for the summer months.
Mr. White be given an increase of wages, backdated to 1st April, 2013.This means an increase of £422.24 on his wages for the toilets and £49-92 on wages for Cross/Village caretaker (the Cross payment is part funded by the Holt Town Trust) The increases will be funded by the Community Council.
Mr. P. Lewis proposed this, Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed.
A request has been received from Holt Taxis to have use of the hut whilst waiting for fares. This was discussed and it was proposed a trial of 1 month be given and a charge of £20 a week be made which will help towards costs on the Green. Mr. Pridding is to approach the bowlers with this. All agreed.
Paul to speak to K. Burningham regarding treatments on Bowling Green and Mr. Roberts agreed to meet gentleman from Water Board. Clerk thanked them for this.
3. SMITHFIELD STREET/CHAPEL STREET: Mr. Darren Green had contacted the Clerk to say a reply would be posted but not in time for the meeting! He stated that a programme of 20m.p.h. zones is currently being introduced outside all schools
In the county and Holt school will be put in the programme for 2015-16.

The committee have applied for a Red Nose Day grant to help fund this event but are waiting to hear about this and have approached the council.
Discussion took place and Mr. Gaade proposed £250 Mrs Jones seconded.
Amendment: Mr. P. Lewis proposed that £500 be given but that in the event of  a successful grant bid or a reasonable profit made on the day, that £250 be re-paid to the Holt Community Council! Ms. A. Shone seconded and all agreed.
5.VENDING MACHINE – LONDIS: This was on a 6 week trial and planning are aware of the issues with the appearance of this, in a Conservation area. The council are very concerned, not least as it appears a lot of milk seems to go off as it is in line with the sun. Clerk to contact planning again with this issue. An e. mail was received by Councillor Morris and forwarded to the clerk who had also reported this matter!

The notification from Hacker Young that the audit was to be held on 31st May, 2013, was received by the clerk straight after the March meeting, which was held early. Accordingly the clerk contacted the Chairman and put everything in order and when contacted by JDH Internal Auditors, she submitted the necessary Financial documents. Mr. S. Lewis proposed that the INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT be formally received and the three items recommended for follow up be dealt with by Clerk. Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed. The end of year Financial sheet was also presented and approved. The report was signed where necessary by the Clerk/Financial officer & the Chairman and a copy sent to Hacker Young as requested.

8. MAYOR’S BALL: 17th May, 2013 – Invitation noted.

9. WASTE CONTRACT FOR CEMETERY: This is to be signed and entered into for 2013/14 as there have been no problems reported. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Roberts seconded, all agreed.
The Manse, Castle Street, Holt – Listed building consent for removal of existing porch, replace with new porch & erection of single storey external store – members object to this application as they do not feel it is  attractive  aesthetically. The fence and gateposts here are still above the height which is appropriate and despite contacting the WCBC nothing was done – is this to stay the same? There is also an issue with traffic and parking here. Clerk to contact planning.
Long Meadow, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll: Erection of replacement double garage & creation of new vehicular access – no objections.
Fir Grove, Castle Street, Holt  -1. erection of new greenhouse – no objections.
2. Conservation area consent for removal of front garden wall to south boundary – no objection.
3. removal of garden wall to south boundary & replacement with new brick wall – no objection.

11. MATTERS FOR WCBC – markings on Cross, speed humps, Sign – Welcome to Wales. Sign at Commonwood. Bench not replaced in Dee Park play area.
Need meeting in Village with Kevin Edwards! Path by pensioners bungalows – Dee Park.
12. CHURCH GREEN – PROPOSED RAILINGS: Clerk to ask if anything further on this matter.
13. FORMER GREDINGTON ARMS: Comment was made on how pleasing the appearance of this building is now it has been renovated and converted.
14. HOLT LIVING HISTORY EVENT – 27TH/28TH SEPTEMBER: Mr. Cubitt gave everyone advance notice of this event which also involves a Medieval Enacyment. There is a weekend of events planned.
15. PATH TO CASTLE: This has been churned up with heavy hedge cutting equipment. Clerk to contact resident concerned.
16. PARKING ON PAVEMENTS: This is happening frequently and clerk to write to owners of 2 properties.
1933 – Chester Plant              Service of lawnmower              £95-62
1934 – Mr. D. Kettle              Grasscutting                            £165-00
1935 – Mrs J. Pierce               Salary April & expenses        £320-83
1936 – JDH Auditors              Audit Fee 2012/13                   £212-16
1937 – WCBC                          Street Lighting                       £274-36
1938 – EMJ Services              Grasscutting                            £250-00
1939 – WCBC                         Council Tax                             £997-60
1940 – Dee Valley                   Water                                       £456-16
1941 – WCBC                         Repairs lighting                      £372-64

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