Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 2nd April, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 2nd April, 2019


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mrs J. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. J. Pridding, Councillor Michael Morris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Cubitt & Mr. J. Duffy.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairperson took the Chair and opened with a welcome, a silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Thomas Povey.

MINUTES: Mr. P. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Ms. Shone seconded this, all agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: There was no police presence at the meeting but PCSO Lisa Davies sent apologies and also the Community Crime sheet for February 2019. This was read out by the Clerk. Once again it was to be requested from the police that some follow up on the previous months crimes be given i.e. whether resolved or not.
The Clerk apologised that she stated she had not had a January report from the previous PCSO as she had overlooked it when Alison left! The Clerk is to contact Lisa as she doesn’t work Tuesdays and our meetings are Tuesday so a request of cover from PCSO Sue Lawrence our other PCSO is to be made as it’s important to have Police presence. Inspector Steve Owen informed us that he is swapping posts with Inspector Darren Whibberley on 3rd April, 2019. This was noted.

1. LIVING LANSCAPES: A quote for grasscutting and hedge cutting which was requested from Mark Greenhough for the Copse was received and was £350 for 2 grass cuts and hedge on inside. Ms. Shone proposed this be accepted, for Spring and Autumn Mr. Munnerley seconded. All agreed. Mr. Gaade will liaise with Mark when work required.
2. PROPOSED COMMUNITY GARDENING CLUB: A reply from the Holt Town Trust had been received but the matter had been left to their next meeting in May. The members had met on 30th April, 2019 and Mr. Gaade read a report from that meeting to members. A Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer had been appointed and they are opening a Bank Account. Noted. The piece of land by the toilets was discussed and as it is a mound concern was expressed as to whether people working on it may infringe the privacy of some residents in Asley Court. The Clerk was asked to write to the Chairperson to request they make inquiries with anyone who may be affected to get their views should permission be given to cultivate this piece.
3. GENERAL MATTERS: All the grids were done by WCBC mainly thanks to Councillor Morris who had brought this up at a meeting in WCBC and his concerns were reported in the Leader with Holt mentioned. We in Holkt are constantly grateful to Councillor Morris who works tirelessly for the residents of Holt. The grid by Chapel Lane is still blocked but this may be a bigger problem! The signs for Dog Fouling were agreed and Clerk to order them and spray.
4. DEMENTIA FRIENDLY VISIT: The next visit is to be held at the White Lion on 26th April, 2019 at 3p.m. There are only 4 spaces left and Mr. Gaade and Mr. S. Lewis expressed interest. Clerk to forward the information to them.
5. HOLT CASTLE – GRASSCUTTING: The Clerk reported that the Heritage WCBC had refunded their part of the cost for 2018 and Mr. Gaade had spoken to the two contractors who are keeping their quotes the same for 2019. A meeting is to be held with Steve Grenter to discuss the grasscutting for this year. Mr. Gaade had agreed with the contractors that a couple of hard to cut pieces be left for nature as agreed.
6. SCHOOL BUSES: The Clerk had contacted Darland School but apparently it is Penley school pick ups causing problem on Cross she will therefore contact them.
7. SPEED CHECK – Chapel Street: The Clerk had requested a Condensed version of the results but the copies sent were only printouts and very hard to decipher! The Clerk is to contact Darren Green to request again a ‘Condensed Report’.

8. ALLOTMENTS: Clerk is to contact allotment holders with a request NOT to park cars here and leave them when not at the allotment. There are 2 cars being left. Mr. P. Davies has asked to go on the list. Allotment 8 has been let to Anne Greaves as a Community Allotment.
9.ANNUAL EXTERNAL AUDIT – The Annual return for the Year ended 31st March, 2019 was received and the Auditor General for Wales – Grant Thornton has appointed the 10th June, 2019 as the date by which the Annual Return must be received by them and the 29th July as the date from which electors can exercise their rights Under Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004. Mr. pridding proposed this be accepted and the Clerk carry out the necessary procedures. Ms. Shone seconded, all members agreed.
10. ANNUAL INTERNAL AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS FOR YEAR ENDING 31ST MARCH, 2019. – JDH Auditors have set Monday, 15th April, 2019 as the date for the Clerk to take all the required documents to the ausitors and the 18th April, 2019 as the date to visit the auditors to receive the completed audit for 2018/19. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this be done by Clerk, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. Once again thanks to Mr. Hinchliffe’s work on the Financial spreadsheets with the Clerk the sheets are all ready for audit.  Notification received from Wales Audit Office that Grant Thornton will carry out External Audit for 2019 but the contract will end in 2020 and because of a review of arrangements. The Wales Audit Service will take over. Noted.
Financial sheet to 31st March, 2019 – copies were distributed and Mr. Munnerley proposed this be received and approved as a true record of the finances at the 31st March, 2019. Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
11. CEMETERY – WASTE MANAGEMENT CONTRACT 2019/20. This was received from WCBC with a quote for 2 x 660 litre bins at the cost of £997.00 per annum. Mr. Gaade proposed this be accepted and signed, Mr. Pridding seconded, all agreed. A letter was received from Mr & Mrs D. Jones asking for work to be done on the Cemetery hedge. This was discussed and initially Mr. E. Jones is to be asked to remove briars from this.  If hedge cut it is usually for Rushbearing in August so this can be discussed nearer time.
12. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE – North Wales Community Health Council – Health Watchdog seeking views on length of time patients stay unnecessarily in hospital as provisions for care not in place. Noted.  Utility Aid – energy specialists – Noted. Bi-Lingual Signage – Noted.  Merchant Navy, Ensign Day – Noted
13. PLANNING APPLICATIONS – The Bungalow, Church Street, Holt – Notification of proposed work to trees within Holt Conservation Area – to cut down & completely remove 5 Cypress Leylandii trees of varying sizes on the front left hand side of the property. No objections. Former ROC Office Unit 1 Borras Road, Borras, Wrexham – Change of use to Dog Daycare & Holistic Therapy Centre – Supporting information sent to Clerk from applicant, read out. No objections.

14. STREET LIGHTING LED CONVERSION & MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR 2019/20. Mr. Hinchliffe spoke on this as he had met with Mr. Gaade and the Clerk & representatives from Mega Electrics and Jones Lighting. The reply from Paul Rogers WCBC was unable to tell us which lights would be used for their area sadly as the Holt Community Council wanted the lighting the same quality throughout the Holt area! After discussion and looking at prices Mr. Pridding proposed that Mega Electric be asked to carry out a Survey of the lights as soon as possible, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded and all agreed. It was also agreed that the Clerk write to both companies and not take up a maintenance contract for 2019/20 until the Survey has been done as we are hoping to go ahead with the conversion A.S.P,
15. BOWLING GREEN: The Clerk had contacted Kevin Moult and he had priced for immediate cuts to Green and the Clerk had received permission for this from Councillors. He had also sent prices for some treatment he suggested and a quote of £30 a cut to be done 1 per week. He is willing to work with us within the budget and only do what is requested. Everyone agreed his quote be accepted and the Clerk is to invite 2 members of the Bowling before the next meeting to discuss perhaps them doing any extra cuts to keep cost down.
16. CLERK’S SALARY REVIEW IN LINE WITH NALC REVIEW INCREASE FOR 2019: The Clerk’s existing salary is £3930 per annum for 27 hours per month. The new Nalc Pay Award from 1st April, 2019 changes this to £4176 per annum for 27 hours per month. An increase of £246.24 per annum. The Clerk left the room and after discussion Mrs Jones proposed the pay award be approved, Ms. Shone seconded. This was unanimous. The Clerk returned and thanked everyone.

17. GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Frog Lane – Kerb jutting up on left hand side by street light. 2 trees cut down – reported to Jon Brewin Playing Field – grass and hedges still not cut. Clerk to contact again. WCBC sign by Bridge – faded to white needs attention! Give way sign at junction of village ‘Rossett/Give way – rotten at base also sign up against Gredington wall. Cemetery path – tarmacked less year ago has crack in it – Clerk to contact Contractors. Tree up against an arch in river.
18. PROPOSED NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT: This has been looked at but was set aside for further discussion whilst Street Lights being concentrated on. Everyone to look closely at the two areas by the next meeting so hopefully this can move into fruition.
ACCOUNTS: Mr. Gaade proposed the following accounts be approve for payment, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
2542 – AVOW –            wages G. Crofts  March         £241.13
2543 – Wales Audit      Audit Fee                                 £225.75
2544 – AVOW –           charges G. Crofts                    £  25.00
2545 – M&L                  Grass Castle                            £228.00
2546 – P. Gaade – 150 Leaflets Remembrance        £  85.50
2547 – H. McCarthy   Batteries Defib.                       £  21.94
2548 – J. Pierce –       Salary March                          £327.50
2549 – Jones Lighting St. Light Main.                     £160.70
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 30th June 2019.

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