Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th September, 2015

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th September, 2015

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mrs L. Roberts, Mr. D. Roberts,
Mr. J. Evans, Mr. S. Lewis, Ms. A. Shone. Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. J. Pridding, PCSO D. Jones & Councillor M. Morris.

APOLOGIES:  Mr. S. Lewis.

CHAIR: Mrs Jones, the Chairperson, took the Chair and opened, as always, with a welcome to everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Brian Young.
The clerk expressed sympathy, on behalf of the committee, to Mrs Jones & family as Mr. Young was her Brother-in-law.

MINUTES: Ms. Shone proposed the minutes be signed and approved as a true record,
Mr. Pridding seconded. Mr. Gaade had queried the accounts listed as he thought they were not strictly correct as only the July ones had been proposed and seconded for payment. The clerk explained that as there was no meeting in August they have always been paid as they were contract monthly payments already agreed for the year. Councillor Morris thought that to solve any issues if they are pre- approved in July in future then this would be resolved. This was agreed and accepted.

PCSO Jones handed out the crime reports for August and September. He went through these and the lack of crime in Holt was very pleasing.
The matter of Dog Fouling is being looked into by David but even though he had spent time especially by Church Green, he hadn’t seen any dogs being allowed to foul. The Clerk had sent letters out as requested and a letter was received back raising issues on Dog walking on the Church Green. This land belongs to the Holt Town Trust so Mr. Gaade proposed it be sent to them for them to deal with. Mrs Jones seconded.
Parking is another issue still receiving attention from David and parking advice notices have been issued. Councillor Morris has been dealing with complaints with obstruction and working with WCBC. To try to solve matters it was suggested that each business on the Cross be invited to send a representative to a meeting in the Kenyon Hall with Darren Green from WCBC. This is to be an informal discussion.
Castle Gate – concerns are growing that there will be an accident with children running out onto Francis Lane. Mr. S. Lewis reported an incident. There is also a green area here where youngsters are playing ball and causing a nuisance to residents. The barriers here have a large gap in so Councillor Morris had met Darren Green to discuss a T bar being installed here. Clerk to ask WCBC for a ‘No ball games’ sign.
During the council’s summer recess, the cash boxes had been stolen from the Public Toilets. An image has been obtained from the CCTV but any information would be of assistance and would be treated in confidence.  It was confirmed that PCSO Jones and 2 others would be in attendance for Remembrance Sunday. Thanks expressed to PCSO Jones and he left.

ITEM 2 – AGENDA ITEM (Brought forward!)
This item was dealt with after police matters as Brian Payne had kindly attended to Leigh Roose on the Cenotaph. Brian has worked really hard on this and had sent a lengthy piece to Rev. Hughes who had agreed to just say a FEW words before the service. This was discussed and Paul thought it would be better to have an exhibition and information in the Kenyon Hall. All agreed and Brian was praised for all his work and research into Leigh Roose. Brian left. Clerk to contact James Cupit to ask him to play at the service. Wreaths are ordered and poppies for posts obtained. Paul will put them up with help. As always refreshments will be served in the Kenyon Hall after the service. Paul to try to get barriers and Mrs Jones proposed he hire the speaker system at £120 Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

1.    PUBLIC TOILETS: Notice had been received from Mrs Rawlinson and the Clerk had advertised the post. The applicants had been interviewed before the meeting and the successful one, Mr. G. Crofts notified on the night. Letter of thanks to be sent to Mrs Rawlinson. The clerk had met Mr. P. Lewis at the toilets after the theft of the boxes and her son had made electrics safe and looked at CCTV images. She had dealt with everything as she thought suitable because of holidays and agreed actions with Mr. P. Lewis. She then contacted the insurance and met with Healthmatic as the boxes were recovered but damaged. This is ongoing!
White lines – these are to be done on Frog Lane and also need doing at bottom of Holt Hill. Grass cutting at the Holt Castle has not been very successful this year.
Litter bin here needs securing. Allotments – Mr. P. Jones has now taken over tenancy from Mr. Murray on allotment 8. Members asked to visit the allotments before the next meeting as letters were sent out by the Clerk regarding the condition of some allotments.

The Clerk had met with representative from Jones Lighting on site and they had spoken to a few residents in the bungalows. A quote has now been received for 4 options. These were discussed, Mr. Gaade proposed option 1 – single light on steel column £573-28 inc vat Mr. Pridding seconded.
Amendment – Mr. Roberts proposed option 2 – double light on steel column, £2018-96 inc vat. Mr. S. Lewis seconded. Voting 4 in favour of proposal 6 in favour amendment therefore option 2 agreed. Instruction to be given to Jones lighting to proceed as soon as possible.
The Clerk had received an e.mail giving more information on the 2 applications for solar farms from the company and it also asked for feedback. This was noted but the Community Council’s views have already been sent to planning.
An invitation was received from Lower Park Farm Co-operative to do a group visit on 16th October, 2015 or a presentation. This was noted but Councillors have made a visit to the initial site.
Huw Webb had contacted the Clerk offering to attend a meeting. This was noted and clerk to ask for literature.
The Council supported the application for this as we have been waiting some time for this.
Variation to licensable activity under Licensing Act 2003. This was noted.
Grant Thompson will become the appointed auditor on behalf of the Auditor General for the Annual Return 2015-2016. Correspondence noted.
10.    NEW BENCH IN CEMETERY:  Letter received from Mrs K. Grice-Gibson asking permission to place a new seat without a brass name plate, in memory of ‘Frances Margaret Gibson’. This was agreed and Mr Gaade proposed permission be given subject to the family being responsible for the upkeep and safety of the seat, Mr. J. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.
Copies of this were handed out on 1 sheet for August and September expenditure and income. Mr. Gaade proposed this be accepted, Mr. Pridding seconded, all agreed.
Laurel Grove House, Holt Road, Ridley Wood – First floor rear extension.
No objections
Chadsleigh, Castle Gardens, School Lane, Holt – works to 3 Beech Trees (within conservation area) – No objections.
5 Gourton Hall Court, Borras Hall Lane, Llanypwll – erection of detached double garage with office above (this application replaces previous application which stated ‘2’ Gourton Hall!

Mr. Cubitt had kindly attended this on 24th September, 2015 and reported that Tarmac had now become part of CRH. Thanks were expressed to him for attending.
Wrexham Golf Course – the question was asked whether planning had been obtained for the course along the by-pass. It was confirmed that this is a practise course and planning had been granted some time ago.
Newsletter – Mr. Gaade asked the Clerk to put a piece in the Church newsletter regarding village and asking residents to support us in keeping it tidy.
Letters of thanks to be sent to Mr. Formstone and Mr. Hales who keep the entrance to the village looking so tidy, by cutting the grass.
Clerk to contact WCBC supervisor regarding – hedge cutting, sweeping of village before Remembrance Day. Some WCBC lights to be reported.
Matter of bikes at allotments was mentioned!
Play area on Church Green is looking tired. A letter is to be sent to Holt Town Trust to offer to work in partnership with them to rectify this.

ACCOUNTS – these were proposed for payment by Mrs Jones seconded by Mr. Pridding.
2192 – Scottish Power         Repairs – Buck Road               £130-19
2193 – Mrs J. Pierce          Expenses                          £149-50
2194 – Jones Lighting Ltd     Maintenance & new column      £1461-95
2195 – Mr. M. Frost           Painting Fascias – toilets        £220-00
2196 – Mr. P. Gaade           Soap dispensers                   £117-00
2197 – Mr. S. Solari          Village/Cross                     £195-00

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