Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th October, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th October, 2019


PRESENT: Councillors - Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Hinchliffe,  Mr. J. Hughes, Ms. A. Shone, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. D. Munnerley.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Duffy, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt. Councillor M. Morris. PCSO Lisa-Marie Davies. 2 Members of Public – Mr. & Mrs Fowles.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairperson, took the chair and welcomed everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Ralph Shaw, Mr. Arthur Broster & Mrs Frances Jones.

MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting were signed and approved as a true record. Mr. S. Lewis proposed Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.

PLANNING APPLICATION P/2019/0768 – Clays Cottage Caravan & Leisure Park, Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham. Application for variation of condition imposed under Planning Permission P/2010/0581 to allow occupation of the caravan site for an 11 months period in any calendar year. Mrs. Fowles was invited to speak on the reason for application which she did briefly but eloquently. The main reason was it was a family run business and Mr. & Mrs Fowles were looking to reduce their work load in not too distant future but because of the existing 8 month opening period at present it is not possible to employ staff just for 8 months. Tourists are now wanting winter breaks too as caravans/campers are now so modern and warm. There is also a need to compete with nearby sites who open for 11 months of the year. The Clerk through the Chair did voice some concern on behalf of one councillor that this should not become residential as had happened in one community but this was with brick holiday homes! This would not be the case here, Mrs Fowles assured the committee. She was thanked and thanks were extended to the committee for allowing her to put the case over. Both then left the meeting.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: Lisa was thanked for attending as she doesn’t work Tuesdays so this was appreciated. There had been several crimes in Holt and surrounding communities which Lisa said was very concerning but we were assured the police the local police and specialist departments are working hard on this. Cold Callers as ever are around and a very upsetting incident had occurred with an elderly vulnerable resident and the police are working with the resident concerned. It was urged once again for residents to keep an eye on neighbours and report anything untoward or work being carried out which looks suspicious. The need is there for everyone to be vigilant with so many criminals out to scam and steal especially at this time of year. The police would rather have a call that is nothing than not have a call that could save someone from this. There has also been cases of shoplifting, car damage and Burglary other than a dwelling. The PCSOs have a very large area to cover but as promised by the new Police Inspector another High Impact Day was held in Holt.
The Clerk and Mr. Gaade had attended another Community Rural Policing Meeting which the Inspector has set up and these are very informative and useful. The Clerk reported that such issues as Speeding would be allocated 2 hours per month but he didn’t promise anything on parking issues as yet as every community has issues and with the number of staff he has he cannot possibly address this. Lisa was thanked very much and left the meeting.

1. DEMENTIA AWARENESS: Since the last meeting when Delyth gave us a short session on Dementia Awareness, there has been a further course in Holt and Mr. Hinchliffe reported there were 97 people attending.  Holt is well on it’s way to becoming the first Dementia Friendly Village in the area.
2. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: A report from the gardeners was read out and in it they thanked everyone who has helped them so far and they included photos of areas they have improved. They also informed of their plans to compete in Wales in Bloom 2020. Allotment 6A Chester Lane which is half an allotment, had been advertised as vacant and the Gardeners had asked for tenancy of this in order to put poly tunnels on to grow plants for Wales in Bloom. Mrs G. Jones proposed the Allotment be leased for this purpose but that the tenancy be in one name, rent be paid as from 1st April, 2020 and that the cloches be removed when no longer needed or tenancy relinquished, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed. The fact of insurance carried by the group was also to be mentioned as in the first meeting with the Community Council this was mentioned as none of there work is covered by the Holt Community Council insurance and concerns were expressed as incidents of claim could arise.
3. COMMUNITY AGENT – The Clerk had met with Annette Hewitson from WCBC and portrayed our willingness to look into having an agent but not being in charge of one. We would like this to be run by an external agent and share one with perhaps Abenbury and Isycoed. She was proceeding with this. Councillor Morris had e.mailed for the meeting to confirm his converstion with the Clerk when he stated he had been at a meeting with the Community Agent co-ordinator and some other Community Councils and he had suggested that Holt and Isycoed (Abenbury if they are willing) could enter a service level agreement with the Rainbow Centre in Penley who already provide the service for Maelor area e.g. Overton, Penley e.t.c. This is now being looked into but Annette is on holiday at moment. It was agreed this would be ideal for Holt and we would support this and the Clerk agreed to attend monthly meetings which would be a requirement.
4. FINANCIAL SHEET: - Members had received this and the monthly report with variances was discussed. Mrs. Jones proposed this be received and Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed. Thanks were expressed to the Clerk and Mr. Hinchliffe who work together on this.
5. BOWLING: A letter was received from Mr. A. Cope a representative of the bowlers. He had sent the subscriptions totalling £285 for 19 members for 2019. The committee were grateful for this. The Bowlers were grateful for the new arrangements for cutting and treatment but there had been some issues on frequency as the green was not cut once a week and a couple of times the clerk had to contact K. Moult urgently as games would not have been able to take place. The Clerk will contact Mr. Moult and also mention next year. The bowlers are still needing new members and have asked for any help the Community Council can give to advertise this. Mr. Cope is willing to discuss this. The Clerk was asked to have our mower serviced then it will be in order for next season.
6. PUBLIC HIGHWAY – Public Footpath 31, Deeside: There have been a couple of issues again and the Clerk is working with WCBC Footpaths Officer who has a file on this.
7. MEGA ELECTRICS – LED STREET LIGHTING CONVERSION: This has now been completed and the invoice received for payment. The invoice is to be amended to 60 lights before payment.
8. REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE: Everything is now in place for this. Mr. Gaade had contacted Apple Sound and approval had been given to them to provide the service for this year. Clerk to write to Mr. J. Jones to thank him for past service. Thanks as always to Mr. Gaade who works tirelessly to see this runs smoothly.

9. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Clay’s Cottage, Caravan & Leisure Park, Bryn Estyn, Holt – application for variance of permission imposed under Planning P/2010/0581 to allow occupation of site for 11months in any calendar year.
The reasons for the application and what it involved had been presented by Mrs Fowles at beginning of the meeting and members present had no objections to raise. All agreed. Whitegates, Green Street, Holt, Wrexham – Erection of Car Port, no objection. Holt Lodge Farm, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrexham. 1. Listed building consent for the removal of an internal wall between the kitchen & hallway & new sunroom extension. 2. New sunroom extension – no objections raised to either application. Section 78 Appeal – Land at rear of & adjacent to Gredington Arms, Holt Road, Llanypwll, Wrexham. Noted.

10. ALLOCATION OF GRANTS – Section 137 & Section 19: The list of applications was presented to meeting and the following grants allocated Royal British Legion £330-00 wreaths, crosses & poppies for posts. St. Chad’s Holt Churchyard Maintenance £350-00. Kenyon Hall Committee £1650-00 (S.19) Insurance on Hall, £25-00 towards refreshments provided after Remembrance Day Service (S.137). Nightingale House Hospice £100-00. Marie Curie Nurses £100-00.
11. NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT – DEE PARK & CHURCH GREEN – Final quotes for Equipment, Installation & Safety Service. The Holt Community Council have been working on this project for a very long time with WCBC (all equipment has to meet safety regulations which WCBC cover) and different companies offered quotes but it is very difficult to compare quotes as each company supply different equipment. The decision made by Councillor’s with much help from Carla Hughes in WCBC, was to award the contract for the provision of the 2 pieces of equipment to Sutcliffe. The prices were Dee Park/Fairview – Long Climb £12,899-41 (ex. Vat) & Church Green – 3 seat rocker £4168-18 (ex.Vat) The total being £17,067-59. This is £5067-59 over the allocated Budget of £12,000 but the Committee had agreed to consider this and Mrs G. Jones proposed the extra amount be allocated and approved and Ms. A. Shone seconded and all the committee agreed that the Clerk now contact the company and place the order. Carla Hughes agreed to oversee the work because of safety e.t.c. This will be agreed by Clerk and the company notified that WCBC are to be in the link.
The Holt Town Trust had given consent for the piece on the Church Green and the Clerk would like to extend sincere thanks to Marilyn Jenkins & her husband for all their efforts in getting this sorted as the 2 footpaths crossing here are invisible but have to be taken into account with placing of equipment.
This was to be on the agenda for a meeting to be arranged between the Chair of both committees, the Clerk’s and Councillor Morris. Councillor Morris was not present to explain the matter fully so members asked for it to be put on agenda when Councillor Morris can attend. All agreed.

13. HOLT C.P. SCHOOL – Mrs Jones reported on provision of 2 new benches in front of school and new notice board.
14. GENERAL MATTERS: The Clerk was asked to once again report the following: Chapel Lane – flooding. Frog Lane -flooding. Rubbish in Salt Bin – Dee Park.

The Clerk gave a thank you card to the Chairman to read out as at the end of the September she was presented with a beautiful bouquet & Meal Voucher for 2 in Carden Park, from the members of Holt Community Council &   Councillor Morris to thank her for 40 Years Service to Holt Community Council and Residents of Holt. She had been very touched by this kind gesture and has made many friends, met some wonderful people and enjoys being part of Holt.

ACCOUNTS: The following accounts were approved and proposed for payment by Ms. Shone and seconded by Mr. S. Lewis. All agreed.
2600 – AVOW          Wages G. Crofts, Salary Mrs J. Pierce & costs    £619-75
2601 – M & L            Grass Cutting – Holt Castle                        £456-00
2602 – K. Moult      Grass Cuts – Bowling Green                       £  60-00
2603 – R.B. Legion   Grant – Poppies e.t.c.                                £330-00
2604 – E.D.F.           Energy St. Lights 18.7.19 to 17.10.19        £774-67
2605 – E. Jones        Grass Cuts                                                    £250-00
2606 – Nightingale   Grant – Hospice                                        £100-00
2607 – St. Chad’s Holt Grant – Churchyard upkeep               £350-00
2608 – Kenyon Hall   Grant – Insurance & refreshments     £1675-00
2609 – Marie Curie   Grant – Nurses                                         £100-00
2610 – MEGA          LED St. Lighting Conversion                   £16508-40

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 26th November, 2019 at 7p.m.

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