Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th October, 2013

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th October, 2013

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors:- J. Pridding, G. Jones, J. Cubitt, J. Evans, L. Roberts,       S. Lewis, P. Lewis, P. Gaade, M. Morris (WCBC), PCSO Luke Dobby & PCSO James Humm. Dart Energy Representatives – Mr. Euan Brown, Mr. Andrew Nunn and Mr. Claude Volker. Mr. Hinchliffe and 2 other members of public.
APOLOGIES: Councillors A. Shone & D. Roberts.
CHAIR: The Chairman, Mr. J. Pridding, took the Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and then a silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Megan Dulson, Mrs Wendy Jones & Mrs Pilling.
MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record. Mr. J. Cubitt proposed this, Mr. P. Gaade seconded this, all agreed.

This item was taken as 1a to allow Dart Energy to set up their computer e.t.c.
Luke filled everyone in on a project to be held on 3/11/13 at Pentre Maelor. This will be for youngsters and open to Holt but numbers are restricted.
Remembrance Sunday – Luke and a Special officer will attend to close the roads and Luke will place a wreath on behalf of the police.
Luke went through the list of all crimes with us and there had been some burglaries of dwellings and sheds. Numbers are low but everyone is one too many so people are urged to secure their property especially with the festive season approaching!
A letter has been received by the clerk to notify us of the intention to re-locate the police station in Wrexham from its existing home. A brand new custody suite & administration offices will be built on land opposite Sharp’s factory in Llay and the police station will share a building with WCBC wo ensure the front counter and the local police team, response officers and PCSOs remain in Wrexham!
Damage had been done to the baby changing mat in the toilets but this may have been an accident so no action will be taken! Agreed.
Once again Luke and James were thanked for attending and left.

Councillor Morris declared interst before the item.
Planning Application 20/9/13 – Part of Field, west of Commonwood Farm & south of Borras Road/ Commonwood Road. – Drilling Exploration Borehole (requiring 24hour operations):
Mr. Euan Brown (land & planning), Andrew Nunn (geologist/asset manager) & Claude Volker (planning & environment operator) were invited to the meeting to give a very brief presentation on the operations required for the above planning application as there are mixed feelings regarding this type of operation, amongst the members of the public and it is immediately thought that ‘Fracking’ is used!
It was therefore very important for the members to understand all that is involved if this is to be allowed.
A very brief but very professional power point presentation was set up and the members were talked through it by the 3 representatives.
The first point explained was that ‘Fracking’ is not the method used and members saw the set up of the operation from start to finish for this planning as it is only for 35 – 40 days to extract core samples and then the site is restored as before. If gas is found then the next application would be more involved and would be for 8 – 15 years depending on the supply. At this moment in time this application is Data gathering Not production.
Questions were then asked including;
. Do you have Compulsory purchase powers Answer: Yes but it is not something the company would want to use and if they had to rely on that then it meant they had lost their ‘social licence to operate’.
. What are the noise levels Answer: they have to comply with noise levels and especially not to cause sleep disturbance at night!
Would there be benefit to the local area Answer: Certainly especially to local businesses.
More questions were asked and a short discussion took place and the 3 gentlemen were thanked, they also thanked the committee. The intention is for them now to hold a Presentation for the Public in the Kenyon Hall. They then left.

The Clerk confirmed that this is all sorted now and that thanks to Mr. Geoff Edwards (ex WCBC Street Lighting Engineer) spending 2 hours with her as well as attending our meeting, we should hopefully save some money on this! The Clerk asked that she purchase a voucher for Mr. Edwards, who volunteered the help.
Mr. Gaade proposed a voucher for £50 Mr. S. Lewis seconded this, all agreed.
A ceremony was held in the Guildhall to thank everyone involved in this and Mr. Cubitt attended and received the Certificate, on Holts behalf from the Mayor. He presented this to the Community Council and was thanked.
Mr. Gaade had kindly obtained 3 quotes – 1 for Shingles £500 2. Shingles & re-felt £399 or Slate £624 3. Slate £500. Mr. P. Lewis proposed 2. Shingles & re-felt £399 Mr. Gaade seconded this, all agreed.
Mr. Gaade to arrange and was thanked for his help!
Various correspondence has now taken place between Holt and WCBC and whilst it is not the intention of the Community Council to take over the running of the Community Centre, after receiving approximate costings for the 2 Play areas it was agreed to contact WCBC to ask that they continue to maintain and check the play areas and then re-charge Holt but that we will take over the litter picking and grass cutting just in the areas. The approximate cost will be £1800 - £2000 and will need to be accounted for in our precept! Mrs Jones proposed this, mr. Evans seconded, all agreed.
As the planning permission, on whether coping stones were to be placed on the top of the wall, was unclear, Councillor Morris had kindly questioned this with planning and an e. mail reply stated ‘they were not’. Noted. Thanks to Councillor Morris for his help.
Mr. White had notified Mr. Gaade that he was on holiday and Mr. Gaade had arranged cover at short notice. He had arranged payment and it was agreed he be repaid £52 for wages & supplies.
It was agreed that Paul & Joe meet Mr. White to discuss his work around the village. Mr. Lewis informed everyone that the new automatic doors should be installed on 6.11.13. As a charge of 20p will be necessary the clerk had done notices to pre warn people using the toilets. Paul asked that once the doors are in place should he arrange for the CCTV cameras to be re-positioned for maximum benefit. This was agreed. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gaade were thanked. A new hand rail is needed in the Disabled toilet due to vandalism!
7. INVESTEMENT STRATEGY: Clerk had tried to re-invest in a Bond but these are not being made available now as Bank of England have changed policy. Clerk to work with advisor and find best option. Money in a separate account, at present, but variable interest. All agreed.

Hillcrest, Green Street, Holt:- Fell 1 Conifer & replace with a fruit tree & crown reduce 1 Hawthorn by 3 metres, (tree protected by Holt Conservation area) no objections.
White Rose Cottage, Wrexham Road, Holt:- 2 storey extension to side of existing cottage to form annex accommodation for sole use in connection with White Rose cottage – concern regarding size and clerk to contact planning to ask that they ensure it is only used in conjunction with White Rose Cottage!
Part of Field west of Commonwood Farm & south of Borras Road/Commonwood –
Drilling Exploration Borehole (requiring 24 hour operations) – this was the planning item discussed in the presentation by Dart Energy. The members decided to hold comments until after the members of the public had been given chance to have a look at this. Concern was expressed regarding the effect on any nearby residents and the Clerk is to ask what the existing noise levels are and what they will be to enable members to know the effects! Some members thought that it was better they be allowed to do the exploratory drilling and then if gas is found then go ask the in depth questions when the Production planning appears.
Tai Clwyd – Annual Report, noted. Police Monitoring Survey – clerk to complete.

9.GRANT ALLOCATION FOR 2013/14. Section 137 & S 19.
The Clerk had listed the grants and provided an approximate financial sheet. The grants were discussed and  the successful ones were proposed and seconded. They were then proposed overall by Mr. P. Lewis and seconded by Mrs Roberts all agreed. They were as follows:-
Royal British Legion £150 (already approved) Kenyon Hall £1500 (maintenance S. 19),£25 refreshments for Remembrance, £300 St. Chad’s, St. Chad’s £250 (1off donation towards repair Church Clock), CHICS £150 (family support for children with cancer), Macmillan £100, Nightingale Hospice £100, Holt School £250 (I pad).
It was also agreed to support Kenyon Hall with an Information Board when figures were known! (Mrs Roberts decaled interest)
Mr. P. Lewis proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded that a £1000 be set aside for any urgent
Requests that don’t arrive for the October allocation.

10. HOLT LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY: Letter received asking for an interest  free loan of £2000 until January when grant is given for project. 4 known guarantors are to be provided. Mr. P. Lewis proposed this be done, Mrs Jones seconded subject to clerk checking lawfulness with Internal audit. (on Councillor Morris’s advice!) All agreed. Mr. Cubitt & Mr. S. Lewis declared interest.

11. PURCHASE OF DEFIBRALATOR: To be put on agenda for discussion, next month.

12.GENERAL MATTERS: Lights to report – listed. Dog being walked in cemetery letter to be sent. Frog Lane – wall continually being knocked. Councillor Morris met highways who suggested 2 build outs removed, after discussion Mr. P. Lewis proposed this be done, Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed. Councillor Morris to arrange this. Thanks again to him for his help.
Youth Club – Letter of thanks to go to Jim Duffy for his work with the youth over the years. Condition of cemetery – Clerk had received a complaint and photographs regarding the untidy condition. This was a justified complaint and the clerk given permission to do whatever necessary to improve this.
ACCOUNTS : Mr. S. Lewis proposed these be paid, Mr.Cubitt seconded. All agreed
1976 – EMJ Services                               grasscutting                  220-00
1977 – D. Kettle                                    grasscutting                   90-00
1978 – Dee Valley                                  water                           96-57
1979 – A. White                                    wages nett                    937-76
1980 – P. Gaade                                    toilets                          52-00
1981 – M. Jones                                    treatment green               250-00
1982 – A. White                                    re-payment tax held           448-08
1983 – N. Gaade                                   CCTV operation                 20-00
1984 – Holt History Soc.                         Short term loan              2000-00
1985 – Nightingale Hospice                      grant                          100-00
1986 – St. Chad’s Church                        grasscutting grant            300-00
1987 – Kenyon Hall                                grant                            1500-00
1988 – Kenyon Hall                                refreshments                   25-00
1989 – Macmillan                                    grant                            100-00
1990 – CHICS                                        grant                             150-00
1991 – St. Chads                                   grant (clock repair)           250-00
1992 – Holt C.P. School                         grant                              250-00

Next meeting will be held on 26th November, 2013.

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