Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th November, 2016

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th November, 2016

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mrs. G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Duffy, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. S. Lewis. Councillor M. Morris and Aaron Jones & Jody Humphries from Groundwork North Wales (Playscheme). Approximately 25+ members of the Public.

CHAIR: - Mrs G. Jones, the Chairperson, welcomed everyone to the meeting and a silence was then held in respect of the late Mr. B. Littlewood.

MINUTES: Mr. J. Cubitt proposed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and approved as a true record.

Aaron and Jody were warmly welcomed to the meeting to fill everyone in on the very successful play scheme they have run on a Wednesday Evening and in February and October half terms, in Holt. Several very professional Presentation folders were circulated to members and these were very detailed and helpful and also contained information showing how much constructive fun had taken place. This appears to have been very well supported with 30+ children taking part and also parents supporting it along with residents enjoying seeing the children play! The sessions were free in 2016 but the reason for the Presentation was to secure funding for the sessions to continue in 2017. Both Aaron and Jody expressed their wish to continue saying ‘How welcome they had been made to feel and how they had enjoyed it’. Some parents have expressed willingness to fund raise and this will be considered when the members make their decision over costings. The cost for 2017/18 will be 3960. The sessions have been held on the Dee Park Play area and the question was asked ‘if Church Green was to be used? The committee were told that if the scheme was funded the siting could be revaluated. Aaron and Jody thanked everyone and they were thanked and left the meeting.

The Chairperson welcomed members of the Public who attended and thanked them for coming but pointed out that this was not a Public Meeting and whilst they were welcome to attend they would not be allowed to speak unless invited to do so. Mr. Davison was then appointed spokesperson for the group. A number of members of the Public attended the meeting to register their concern over possible enforcement action to be taken to remove the pavement furniture. Mr. Davison was then invited to speak. Having made their views known, Councillor Morris advised that discussions had taken place over the past year to try to reach a compromise arrangement to enable pedestrians to utilise the footpath unimpeded. Unfortunately, this had not proved successful and whilst regrettable, Wrexham Council have a duty to act on valid complaints concerning matters within their areas of responsibility or it could result in a complaint being submitted to the Local Government Ombudsman. Complaints had been received by the Community Council, himself as County Councillor and direct to both Highways and Planning Departments at Wrexham. He suggested that a compromise solution could possibly be found and felt this was the only way forward to avoid enforcement action by the Highways Department being taken. He offered to meet to discuss this further before formal action is taken. Mr. Gaade, on behalf of the Community Council, thanked Councillor Morris for all his efforts and unfailing support for the Community of Holt. Members of the Public then left and the meeting continued.

1.    PLAYSCHEME – FUNDING FOR 2017. The members had heard from Aaron and Jody at the start of the meeting and after discussion Mr. Gaade proposed the Community Council fund the programme, total cost £3960 less any income received from fundraising e.t.c. Clerk to write to Farndon P.C. as some children attend from Farndon. Ms. Shone seconded this all agreed.
2.    POLICE MATTERS: A car had been put on the car park two weeks ago and not moved. The matter had been reported but no response received. An item had been passed to the police but no follow up received – Clerk to contact PCSO
3.    HOLT CASTLE: The grass had received another cut before the winter. Mr. Cubitt informed the committee that there had been an item in ‘Country Life’ on Holt Castle.
4.    DOUBLE HEADED LIGHT – Dee Villas. Clerk has requested a shade be placed on the 1 light which is causing glare across Bridge Street.
5.    GENERAL MATTERS: Street lights reported. Portacabin removed from playing field on Community Council’s instructions. Fuse removed from meter for safety. Thanks to Mr. Gaade for arranging this on our behalf. Speed limit request Commonwood passed to Highways.

6.    SILVER BIRCH, HOLT CEMETERY: An e.mail had been received from a resident informing the council that the branches from this tree which are overhanging a property, are to be removed. The members asked the Clerk to reply declining the return of the branches and to advise the resident may want to  contact Mr J. Brian WCBC to advise him regarding the pruning as a formality as the tree is in Conservation area. Thanks were expressed.
7.    HOLT U5S. Correspondence received giving an update on the Building Works Grant and also requesting help towards the 2017 Midsummer Event. It was agreed to consider this with other grants in January 2017.
8.    TARMAC: a meeting of the Community Liaison Group had been held on 17.11.16 and Mr. Cubitt had attended and reported that new Archaeological finds are still being picked up on site. Thanks expressed to John for attending on our behalf.
9.    BE A COUNCILLOR: An event is to be held on 30th January, 2017 in Guildhall, Meeting Room 1 at 5p.m. Anyone interested in standing for Election in May 2017 welcome to attend. Clerk has forwarded the information to the Holt Website.
10.    WREXHAM LOCALDEVELOPMENT PLAN: The Council received details of a weblink from the Planning Policy Section at Wrexham CBC giving the details of in excess of 60 sites within the County Borough which had been put forward for development following the LDP Preferred Strategy Consultation. The sites were not being consulted on but reported for information in accordance with the regulations. It was noted that there was one site in Holt which included land from Wrexham Road through to Frog Lane and the boundary included Bellis Garden Centre complex. Given the total area of the site it would have the potential to accommodate 500 houses. Councillor Morris advised that Wrexham CBC would need to evaluate all sites submitted and consider their suitability for allocation, in due course. Mr. Cubitt proposed the Clerk write to express concern at seeing this as from the initial correspondence it was understood Holt was a Tier 3 and this was not the strategy for Tier 3! Concern was also expressed over the lack of the necessary facilities in Holt at present. Mr. Gaade seconded this. All agreed.
11.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 4 Millfield, Holt – Demolition of existing garage, erection of new single garage to side & single-storey rear extension to form living/dining. – no objections. Sharvin (former school room) Rear of Bryn Estyn Court, Bryn Estyn Lane, Wrexham – Conversion of redundant building into 2 bedroom dwelling. No objections. 4 Cross Street, Holt – erection of 3 bedroom detached bungalow & single garage & construction of associated parking & access – no objections. Bellis Bros. Country Market Ltd – extension to existing retail canopy covering existing retail space – no objections.

12.    Mr. P. Lewis proposed the above be approved and formally adopted for 2017/18. Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All members agreed.

13.    WOODLAND PLANS: August 2017. Mr. Gaade explained the proposed plans as outlined by Jonny Hulson, North Wales Wildlife Trust. These were discussed and Mr. S. Lewis proposed support in principle subject to costings. Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.
14.    GENERAL MATTERS: Entrance to Village – it was agreed to purchase a small thank you gift for the two gentlemen (Mr. Formston & Mr. Hale) who carry out such a great service to Holt by cutting the entrance to the village and planting tubs. We are very grateful to them. Water meter collapsed by Rose Cottage – report to Dee Valley! Copy of plans of restriction markings Corner Cross St, Cross/Castle street be put in Noticeboard. Borras Head – report surface of road. Wrexham Power – Councillor Morris reported on inspection at request of J. Cubitt. Thanks expressed. Cllr. Morris thought the Inspector very good!
Cross – B.T. started work here without permission but were instructed to fill hole in. Moss by Bungalows Dee Park also leaves by 27 Dee Park.


Proposed for payment  Mr. Gaade seconded by Mr. P. Lewis. All agreed. This included permission for the Clerk to pay any necessary invoices during the Christmas break.
2310 – J. Pierce           Salary & exp.          £330-87.
2311 – J. Pierce           Salary & exp.          £342-83
2312 – WCBC                Trade refuse           £459-00
2313 – WCBC                G. Crofts –wages       £219-00
2314 – T. Crofts           Porta cabin removal    £800-00
2315 – D. Kettle           Grass cuts             £120-00
2316 – Quality Acc.        Hire Sound System      £130-00
2317 – WCBC                G. Crofts – wages      £219-00
2318 – Jones Lighting      Maintenance            £192-50
2319 – D. Kettle           Grass cuts x 2         £ 60-00

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24th January, 2017.

Happy Christmas and Good New Year to all.

Budget meeting held at 6.15p.m. on 29th November, 2016.

Members set the Precept for 2017/18 at £31000 which was an increase of only £1000 from 2016/17. This was done to help as much as possible in these difficult financial times!
Any large or unexpected expenses will be taken from the existing Capital Fund. £5000 was set aside from this for any Major repairs to Street Lighting or new lights.
The £5000 does not include the amount to pay for Street Lighting Maintenance or Energy.

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