Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th March, 2011

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th March, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Ms. Shone, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Evans, Mr. Pridding. P.C. R. Powell and PCSO P. Hadfield-Jones and 11 members of the public.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Gibson and Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting, with a welcome especially to the members of the public and the police. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Kathleen Brereton from Gourton Hall.

MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed as a true record by Mrs Jones and seconded by Mr. Lewis, they were accordingly signed.


General matters were discussed first such as dog fouling and cars parking on pavements causing obstruction. If cars are causing obstruction they need to be reported straight away so that the police can actually see the obstruction taking place! It was brought to the notice of the police that people are continually parking in the hatched areas on the Cross. These are there to allow access for wheel chairs or mobility scooters!

Youngsters playing football on the Bowling Green was another issue – this will not be tolerated and yellow cards will be issued and parents visited. Football is also being played in Ashley Court and a garden was damaged. Fires are also being lit at the Castle and generally the drinking and anti social behaviour of some youngsters is becoming a problem in the village! The members would point out that it is only a few youngsters! During these discussions the members of the public attending were given permission to speak and it was obvious residents are not happy with the situation at present. The clerk is to write again to the inspector and P.C. Powell answered questions as did the PCSO and they stated it was very important to telephone 101 to report any incidents and leave time for the police to get back and then if not happy ring again. The two police officers were thanked and left the meeting as did the members of the public. Letter regarding police changes, for Wrexham North, was read out and noted.


  1. AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Mr. Gaade had walked the village with Catherine Kirkham, the Housing Enabler and Councillor Morris and several properties had been looked at.
  2. GENERAL MATTERS: Public Toilets – any problems contact Mr. Gaade. Mr. Gaade not yet met Mr. Roberts here to discuss heating. Bier House – gate fitted but lock needs altering, account to be paid.
  3. Londis: Lights are to be reduced from 7 to 4. Council happy with this.
  4. Trees by Bowling Green: Mr. Simpson, WCBC to look at these to give permission for trimming.
  5. Holt Community Centre – Funding: This to be looked at again on 26th April, 2011.
  6. ALLOTMENTS: After the last meeting a further two letters were received regarding the new tenancy agreements. The agreements had already been withdrawn and all members have now considered the points raised in all the letters received and as a body, discussed these and made some minor amendments and it was also agreed that the grass on the bank is to be kept cut by Holt Community Council. The new agreements will be sent to tenants when altered but will not come into force until 2012.
  7. SALT BIN: The clerk has contacted street scene but the bins only come in yellow. It is thought that the one by the railings by Kenyon Cottages was unsightly and could perhaps be moved. Clerk to contact.


  1. USE OF MOWER: Letter from Farndon Bowling Club asking for payment for servicing the mower, kindly lent to us, when ours stolen. It was proposed by Mrs Jones that £200-00 be given, Mrs Roberts seconded. All agreed. Clerk to write to thank them.
  2. WREXHAM MUSEUM: A Sponsored wall is to be done by Friends of Wrexham Museum. This will be made up of illuminated plaques with various designs on. The cost is £200. As Holt have a few items in the museum, it was proposed that we have a plaque but ask the Holt Town Trust if they want to share one. Mr. Roberts proposed we give a £100 but £200 if Holt Town Trust don’t want to join us, Mr. Pridding seconded.
  3. PLAYING FIELD – Maintenance for 2011/12 is £1684.15. Clerk to ask if we can have less cuts as no football team in the village this season. All agreed.
  4. MBNA MARATHON: Andy and a fellow organiser are to attend the next meeting on 26th April, 2011.
  5. CLERKS ANNUAL EXPENSES: Mr. Lewis proposed the clerk be paid annual expenses of £434 also £61 for Computer security, Ms. Shone seconded this. All agreed.

Waterways Garden Centre, Holt Road, Wrexham – Variation of code no. 7 to

permit the sale of conservatories. No objections.

Field to North of Francis Lane – erection of animal shelter with storage & re-

location of existing field access. No objections.


  1. HOLT U.5S: They Are organising a street party for the Royal Wedding and Mr. Gaade had spoken to some members. It was agreed to grant £200 for the party. All agreed.
  2. GENERAL MATTERS:Badgers in cemetery – causing a lot of mess but as these are protected we have to be careful! Clerk to ask WCBC for advice.

E.M.J. to be asked to cut bank in allotments and sweep the path on right in


Clerk to report flooding by Frog Lane Cottage.

Lights to be reported and cover off a light in Dee Park.

Moles on Play area and by path on Dee Park.

Fence at rear of phone box, on Dee Park, rotten.

Phone kiosk at Commonwood – despite several E.Mails and telephone

Conversations, this has not been removed and has been vandalised again.

Clerk to contact B.T. and give them 2 months to do something or we will

Report it to T.V. as Health & safety issue.

Clerk to ask Cheshire when Holt/Farndon Bridge maintenance to be done!

Brickyard Bends – bad when approaching Holt from Wrexham.

Letter asking Manor Park to cut hedge on footpath.

Clerk to check fence posts on verge – Commonwood (are they too near the Road?)


1789 – Mrs J. Pierce expenses for year £434-00

1790 - Mrs J. Pierce salary March £301-40

1791 – Mr. G. Gibson making & fitting gate £220-33

1792 – Farndon Bowling Club maintenance mower £200-00

1793 – Mrs J. Pierce annual computer security £ 61-99

1794 – WCBC council tax 2011/12 £920-20

1795 – WCBC maintenance playing field £1643-05

1796 – Holt U.5s street party £200-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 26th April, 2011.

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