Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th June, 2010

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th June, 2010

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Evans, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones and Councillor Michael Morris.
APOLOGIES: Mr. Bill Williams.
CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and reported that there had been no deaths.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were proposed correct with one amendment from Academy Bungalow which should have read Academy Garage! Ms. Shone proposed these be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Roberts seconded.

1.ACCESS  TO THE CASTLE FOR GRASSCUTTING: This was discussed but after the last meeting is to be left to be sorted by WCBC and Mr. R. Williams as the council have responsibility to cut the grass at the Castle and Mr. Williams owns the land which they require access over!

2.TELEPHONE KIOSK – BAKERS CORNER: The clerk has been in touch with B.T. who apparently ran out of funding to remove the kiosks. Clerk to send e. mail to ask that they take the kiosk away before any more vandalism takes place.

3.BOWLING GREEN: Greenthumb had sprayed the green at the wrong time and Callum had saved it by watering. After discussion it was proposed by Mr. Roberts that the June account be paid and then a letter terminating the service be sent to Greenthumb and a letter be sent to Callum Edwards confirming he goes ahead with treatment as he sees fit. Ms. Shone seconded this, all agreed.

4.POLICE MATTERS: There were no police present and no report was sent to the meeting. Issues raised included – Youths still playing football on Green, Cross Street, Dee Park and Bowling Green.
59 Dee Park – Laburnum Tree very high could be dangerous! Road was recently closed by the Gredington but the sign was moved by Church Green. Wall was damaged at Hillside. Clerk to to WCBC expressing concern over the wall and asking for the road to be made one way.

5.MAYOR’S CHURCH SERVICE: Mr. Gaade had attended this as Chairman to represent Holt.

6.GENERAL: Rural Affordable Housing – acception sites – noted.
Local Authority By Laws – noted. Ombudsman – Annual Report – noted.

1.Little Lodge, Castle Garden, Holt – installation of new front door – no obj. 2. Nags Head, Ridley Wood, Isycoed – Change of use of paddock for installation gas tank e.t.c. – not in Holt area.
3.Redways, Commonwood, Holt – removal of corrugated structure and replace with double garage and stable – no objections.
4.Yew Tree Farm, Hugmore Lane – erection of wooden fencing (1.9m high) – no objections. 5. Poplar Farm, Commonwood –erection of farm building for livestock – re-submission (re-sited) no objections.
6. 6 Smithfield Drive – alterations and extensions to include new porch, larger kitchen, utility & W.C. with bedroom ensuite over – no                  objections.  7.8 Redwood Close –replacement glazing units, to front elevation and landing window – no objections as nearby properties done. 8.Wrexham Golf Club – extension to existing practise area – no objections.
Letter from Planning Officer concerning The Cottage and 4 Cross Street – Councillor Morris may ask for a site visit here! After discussion Mr. Lewis proposed that we ascertain if anyone to speak on behalf of the applicant and if so give the Community Council’s support, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed and Mr. Gaade to contact Miles Design who are the architects.

Copies of the financial statement and the bank reconciliation were given out by the clerk. The balances were explained fully and because of the expenditure over the last two years and also the economic climate no investments of money had been made by the council but the money accumulated was set aside for a Capital Fund should any further grant work be available which the Community Council may part fund. The precept for 2010/11 was set very low this year because Holt lost the large estate on Holt Road! All questions on the Annual Return were answered with Yes and the councillors are happy the finances are completely under control. Mr. Lewis proposed these, Mr. Roberts seconded and all agreed. Mrs. Jones proposed that J.D.H. Auditors be appointed as Internal auditors as they have always been very professional over many years as Holts Auditors and that Hacker Young conduct the External audit. Mr. Pridding seconded All agreed.
This year Holt have been picked by Hacker Young as one of their 5% of councils to do a supplementary audit which means the clerk has to support questions with evidence that the Holt council are conducting the finances satisfactorily.

Hedge cut by by pass and could blow onto roadway. Clerk to contact WCBC Signs – there are still signs missing in village. Academy Garage – clerk had contacted D. Lloyd but on holiday. Doors open here and issues of safety! Cars and vans still on roadway from garage.
Allotments – report of camping here, clerk to investigate also some sheds erected – council only approved 1. Mr. Gaade to check. Bees in cemetery. Cemetery hedge and hedge belonging to home to be cut for Rushbearing. Kerb opposite Gredington sticking up. House in Hugmore Lane has several vehicles on front of property.
Vehicles still parking on kerb at Dee Park.
Car Port and Wooden Shed erected at Cottage next to Vernons – have been told to remove these.

Next Meeting will be on 27th July, 2010.

1726 – E.M.J. Services  grasscutting  £220-00,

1727 – Mrs J. Pierce salary June £297-69,

1728 – K. Massey repair to notice board £258-50,
1729 – S. Jones work maintenance and grasscutting £210-00,

1730 – E.M.J.  Services grasscutting £220-00.

1731 WCBC street lights repairs £76-15.

1732 – Greenthumb moss treatment £111-50.

1733 – D. Roberts Keys £11-50.

1734 – Mr. P. Gaade Chairman’s expenses 2009/10 £125.
C. Edwards grasscutting £120-00
Mrs Jones proposed these be paid Mrs Roberts seconded. All agreed.

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