Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th April, 2014

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th April, 2014

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: COUNCILLORS – J. Pridding, S. Lewis, Mrs L. Roberts, D. Roberts, P. Lewis, P. Gaade, J. Evans, Mrs G. Jones, J. Cubitt. Councillor M. Morris and  Sgt. Matthew Rogers & P.C.S.O. David Jones.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone.
CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Robert Liebin, Mr. Michael Edwards and Mr. D. Stansfield (March).

MINUTES: Mr. J. Cubitt proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Peter Lewis seconded this, all agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: - Sgt. Rogers and PCSO Jones.
PCSO Luke Dobby had contacted the Clerk and some members to let us know that he has now been made a Police Constable and therefore has left Holt from 28th April, 2014. He thanked everyone and we all wish him luck but are sorry to see him go! The Clerk had asked that a Sergeant be present at the meeting as there had been more petty vandalism but every bit costs the residents of Holt and we won’t tolerate it! The sergeant introduced PCSO David Jones and explained he is still in training. He was welcomed and we will work with him as we did with Luke to improve the ward of Holt! Sergeant Rogers explained how the police are working in each village to ease trouble and it seemed a good system but if we are not happy we will be making them aware of it. Several issues that concern us were mentioned e.g. vandalism, parking around the Cross and a couple of break ins to sheds. The police then left but were thanked sincerely for attending to listen to us and hopefully we can move forward again.

1. DEFIBRILLATOR: Mr. Steve Lewis has been busy and had good news that he has been offered a free defibrillator. This just leaves the cost of the cabinet to keep it in and also permission to put it on a suitable site. Training on its use has also been offered. Steve is now going to sort a site out and is waiting for dates for the training.
Thanks were expressed to him for all his efforts with this.
2.FROG LANE: The Speed monitoring will be here soon when it has finished another area.
3.C56 ROUTE – BUS SERVICE: This seems to be safe for now and Councillor Morris explained the workings of the finance to members. He was thanked for all his work and efforts to fight for this service with WCBC.
The notification from Hacker Young that the audit was to be held on 31st May, 2014 was received after the March meeting and the Clerk was requested to take her accounts and supporting documents to the internal auditor, J.D.H. of Mold on 23rd April, 2014 which she accordingly did. The Clerk presented the Final Bank statement to 31st March, 2014. This was proposed as a true balance and that it be accepted by Mrs Roberts and seconded by Mrs Jones. All agreed. It was also agreed that the Burial fees be reviewed every 3 years.
When the Clerk had approached the Town Trust for permission for the fencing, the idea was not favourable with all members. To move forward for the benefit of the village with this and foreseeable grass cutting problems with the WCBC changes, it was proposed by P. Gaade seconded by G. Jones that the clerk write and ask for a joint meeting instead of letter writing. All agreed.
A letter had been received also regarding the Cross/Village caretakers hours and duties. All was agreed in the letter bar weeding the Cross as this is usually sprayed by WCBC but given the financial restraints this year it might not be done and they would need a private contractor. The gardens on the Cross are done by someone else so this also was not in the duties! These matters were to be included in the same letter!

Mrs Roberts proposed that the Internal Auditor’s report be formally received and the 2 minor points raised be followed up and the draft copy be signed where necessary and sent to Hacker Young. Mr. Gaade seconded this. All agreed and the draft was duly signed. The Clerk has advertised the audit as required.
Number of signatories on cheques – this was one of the points raised and Mr. Peter Lewis proposed we keep 2 to sign as we have always done ‘being 2 elected members or 1 member and the Financial officer’ Mr. Steve Lewis seconded this. All agreed.
7. HOLT U.5S.
A letter was received giving a programme of events to be held, in the village, throughout the year. A lot of work is being done and Mr. Gaade proposed £250-00 is given to support the committee Mr. Peter Lewis seconded this. All agreed.
8. WCBC COMMUNITY FORUM. – this will be held on 17th July, 2014 at Guildhall. Noted
9. HOLT CASTLE FIELD: This has been purchased by WCBC and the Holt Community Council did some time ago, agree in principle to contribute up to £5000 but as this is not now needed for the purchase there are several improvement schemes which Steve Grentner from WCBC would like Holt to put money to. There is concern about the grass cutting on the Castle and field so Mr. P. Lewis proposed if the grass is cut the same number of times as last year by WCBC then we would give up to £5000 when we see definite pricings of the schemes. Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.
There are several repairs internally, to be done at the toilets and the clerk is to re-contact the plumber she asked to do them. Some damage has been done to the coin boxes facia. Mr. Pridding had obtained a quote for the extensive work needed to the exterior of the public toilets and this was £2610. Mr. Gaade is to get another quote to compare.
4 Church Street – Conversion of loft including insertion of velux window, front porch extension, removal of render & make good brickwork & internal alterations.
No objections as such but concern that the application was received by the Chairman on 5/4/14 and by 18/4/14 the roof was felted and battened? Clerk to check on this with planning.
App Chem Ltd, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – Change of use to single dwelling – no objections.
Wrexham Golf Club – erection of practise area shelter 15.8m x 9m x 4m high for golf course – no objections.
Hinwil House, Wrexham Road, Holt – erection of agricultural building – no objections.
14 Smithfield Drive – erection of dormer bedroom over existing garage – no objections.
School House, School Lane – crown reduce 1 Beech tree.

Dog Fouling – this is once again becoming a serious issue and residents are asked to be vigilant and contact the clerk with names and addresses and she will contact WCBC.
2 new watering cans needed at the cemetery.
Clerk asked for flagstones to be put under the bin in the cemetery to tidy the area – members agreed and Mr. Pridding to get a price for the work.
There is a bad pothole on the back lane, Commonwood.  – clerk to report.
13. HOLT C.P. SCHOOL: - Mrs G. Jones reported that the school had recently received a very good Estyn Report. Congratulations to all involved as this bears well for the future! This was a happy note to end the meeting on and Mrs Jones was thanked.
ACCOUNTS APPROVED FOR PAYMENT: Mr. S. Lewis proposed these be paid, Mr. J. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.
2034 – Mr. M. Jones      treatment to Bowling Green           £310-00
2035 – Mrs Rawlinson   toilet caretaker                                 £192-00
2036 – Mr. P. Gaade      various expenses – equipment        £141-60
2037 – Mr. R. Crofts      Cross/Village caretaker                  £153- 60
2038 – Mrs J. Pierce       Salary & expenses April                 £308-00
2039 – EMJ Services      grass cutting                                     £250-00
2040 – JDH Bus.Serv.    Internal audit 2013/14                     £220-32
2041 – APH Signs           vat from bill  2013/14                      £  10-40
2042 – Holt U.5s             grant                                                  £250-00
2043 – Dee Valley           water supply                                     £411-23
2044 – WCBC                 council tax                                       £1016-95
2045 – WCBC                 street lighting – maintenance          £274-36
2046 – Mrs Rawlinson   expenses                                             £  11-98
2047 – EMJ                     grass cuts                                           £220-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 27th May at 7p.m.

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