Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 29th Apr 2008

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 29th Apr 2008

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Williams, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, Ms. McConville, Councillor Morris, Mr. Campbell, P.C.Griffiths and Sgt. D. Marsden.

APOLOGIES: Mr. D. Ratcliffe.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the retiring Chairman, took the Chair, a silence was held in respect of the late H. Ennion.

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Lewis seconded this.


Members were very concerned to hear Colette has hurt her hand badly and will be off duty for some months. She will be missed as she had made a difference in the village especially with the youth. Card to be sent.

It was nice to see Sgt. Marsden again and re-assuring to always have police presence at our monthly meeting!

Vanessa reported that thankfully it has been a quiet month crime wise. A list of incidents was circulated to members.

A couple of matters were reported to P.C. Griffiths for her to check on.

Sergeant Marsden informed us that a replacement for Colette is currently being trained before coming to work in the village. This was good news especially with the Summer months coming!

The Bowling Green area is still causing concern and the basin was vandalised in the ladies toilets. This is still being investigated.

Redrow Estate:- Complaining that there is not much police presence and youngsters collecting again. The police were thanked and left.


1.STREETSCENE MATTERS: Some of the previous matters haven’t been dealt with and several new ones need reporting so clerk will meet Mike Jones in the village!

30 m.p.h. sign at entrance to village is obscured. Village needs cleaning. Bridge urgently needs weeding and a crack in the road on the Holt side.

2.HUGMORE HOUSE – PROPOSED WEDDING VENUE: The planning has been approved as apparently the noise level can be controlled!

3.ALLOTMENTS: The Chairman confirmed that Mr. Mitchell does want his allotment and has removed the Snowman and Father Christmas from the side of his house.

4.TAVA, CASTLE STREET, HOLT. Planning in retrospect for the signs refused.

5.CASTLE GARAGE. Mr. Gaade has spoken to the owner regarding parking  a van by the playing field.


6.PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Bryn Villa, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – erection of a double garage in an amended location and incorporation of agricultural land into residential curtilage (in retrospect) – Very concerned as this is another In Retrospect application. Not happy that agricultural land is being taken into residential as the curtilage of property could continue to extend.

Old Gate Cottage, Bridge Street, Holt – rear porch extension – no objections.

Manse, Castle Street, Holt. – New access at rear of the property and new railings and gate – no objections to this.

Borras Quarry – variation of conditions for limestone fines and recycling for blending purposes. No objection.


A new Model Code of Conduct has been introduced and Mr. Roberts proposed the Council accept this revised version and forms were signed by members. The Registration of gifts was set at £10, before members have to declare it, Mr. Williams seconded this, agreed.

There will not be an Election in Holt for the Community Council as Mr. Lewis and Ms. McConville are not standing and Mr. John Evans from Commonwood will be on the Council as from May 2008. The next meeting, the first of the new council  will be on 13th May, 2008.


7.GREDINGTON PUB – land at rear of pub, on Frog Lane, overgrown and unsightly.

8.COMMUNITY HEALTH COMMITTEE: Bev has kindly looked into this but doesn’t consider it necessary to consider.

9.STREETSCENE MATTERS; Grit bin, Church Street – needs removing. Hugmore Lane – light on 2 years. Chapel lane – light 57 off. Welcome to Wales sign needs attention. 7 Wrexham Road still on.

  1. KENYON HALL COMMITTEE:Mrs Roberts reported that the Grant application was successful. Congratulations were given for the success after all the hard work.

Our application for the Car Park is still ongoing!

Paul gave a short speech at what was the end of 4 years of hard work by the Community Council and he thanked Mr. Lewis and Ms. McConville who will not be joining us on the new council in May. He thanked them for their input along with all the councillors and felt it is crucial people are willing to speak up for the good of the village.

Paul thanked Councillor Morris for his tremendous effort on behalf of the village and his help and knowledge. He then thanked the Clerk and also Bob & co for the excellent work of the Holt Website. Councillor Morris thanked everyone for their support and he was wished well in the elections!


Mrs J. Pierce salary March £289.27,  WCBC grasscutting Playing field 07/08 £1503.58

Greenthumb treatment £500, Mr. A. White salary Jan to March £455, Blue Loos hire £141, Holt Presbyterian Church grant £500, Mrs J. Pierce salary April £289.27 & expenses for 007/08  £358-90, Dee Valley water £122-32, WCBC lights maint. £338-75,

Prestige Electrical lights £75, E.M.J. grasscutting £220, Kenyon Hall Committee grant refreshment room £1000, Blue Loos hire £164-50, Mr. P. Gaade Chairman’s expenses and other expenses £177-48

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