Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 28th May, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 28th May, 2019


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Pridding. Councillor M. Morris. APOLOGIES: Mr. j. Duffy and Mr. J. Hughes.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis the retiring Chairman took the Chair and welcomed everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Glenda Philips. Condolences also expressed to Mr. J. Cubitt & family on a recent bereavement. Mr. Lewis then thanked everyone for their support to him over the last two years as Chairman and thought it had been very good. Mr. Lewis was thanked in turn by members and the Clerk.

ITEM 1A. – ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON: Ms. Shone proposed Mr. Jolyon Pridding, Mrs Jones seconded this. All agreed and Mr. Pridding accepted and was given the Chain of Office and took the Chair.

ITEM 1B. – ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRPERSON: Mrs Jones proposed Mr. John Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis seconded, all agreed and Mr. Cubitt accepted.

1. POLICE MATTERS – The Clerk had received an E.mail apologising for the nonattendance of a PCSO at the April meeting but they had been called away. Apologies also sent for this meeting and mention that with changes it would probably mean PCSO representation at about 2 meetings a year! The members are not happy with this and the Clerk is to contact Sergeant Luke Hughes who attended our meeting and promised things which never happened. An E.mail was received from Inspector Darren Whibberley introducing himself as he took over Wrexham Rural Policing in April 2019. He outlined some intended changes and is holding a Wrexham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Forum meeting on 4th July, 2019 at 7p.m. to 9p.m. at new police headquarters in Llay. Mr. Gaade and the Clerk will attend.
2. COMMUNITY GARDENING GROUP: A progress report was received plus a return application for funding for proposed work by the group. The first item was the progress on the allotment and before and after photos were received. All members were very impressed by work carried out and it was stated it was the best allotment as so many people had helped with it and carried out a lot of work. The financial application was then looked at carefully and it was felt the Community Council could not rush a decision and time was running out for planting this year. It was proposed that the council would half fund 5 planters (approximately £500) if match funding could be obtained for the other half and remaining 10. Mr. Lewis proposed this, Ms. Shone seconded. Disappointment had been expressed over the planters by toilets being planted with herbs as we understood from first meeting that these would have flowering plants for colour. Mr. Gaade proposed the group move on to get an agreement with the Holt Town Trust for the Cross area, Ms. Shone seconded.
3. CEMETERY: Repairs have been carried out to the slight crack in the newly tarmacced path and the path has been swept as recommended by QPS. CEMETERY HEDGE – The sides will be cut for Rush Bearing and then the top lowered 2’ at later date. Noted.
4. ZURICH INSURANCE: The Clerk had contacted Zurich and received quotes for annual insurance or a 3 or 5 year premium. Mr. Pridding proposed accept the lowest premium which was a 5 year one Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed. The Clerk had also altered the insurance cover for to include the 2 new Speed Signs!
5. SCOPE: Councillor Morris thought that if clothes were left in clear bags then WCBC would take them away. Clerk to get back in contact with Scope.
6. FIRE SERVICE SAFE & WELL CHECKS: Mr. M. White will attend at 6.30p.m. before the next meeting in order to speak to Councillors on how best to get the available services over to any residents who need their help.
7. HOLT CASTLE – GRASSCUTTING: A meeting took place here between Mr. S. Grenter (WCBC Heritage) and representatives from the Community Council. The grass cutting prices are the same as last year i.e. £190 per cut from Monument (Castle area) £250 per cut A. Pridding (Field). The eastern grass bank would be left to become more wild initially, then reviewed! Mr. Hinchliffe suggested the budget for the year would be £2700 with HCC meeting one third of the cost and Wrexham Heritage two thirds with a maximum HCC contribution of £1000. Mr. Grenter agreed with this. This means that if the budget is spent at £2700 then HCC would pay £900 but if, as last year it is £2020 then HCC would contribute £673. It was agreed HCC pay the contractors and claim two thirds back from Wrexham Heritage quarterly.

8. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2013-2028 – Notification of Pre-hearing meeting on 25th June, 2019 at 10.30a.m. in Council Chamber, Guildhall, Wrexham. Noted.
9. MONTHLY BUDGET SHEET: This was received by members and Mr. Munnerley proposed it be approved Mr. Lewis seconded. The Clerk pointed out that the bill from WCBC for refuse removal from the cemetery had been sent for the year instead of half year and could be amended. Mr. Gaade proposed pay the year, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded.

10. STREET LIGHTING – PROPOSED CONVERSION TO LED LIGHTING AND STREET LIGHTING CONTRACT: A reply had been received from WCBC and they intend to follow the same principles as their previous lighting replacement. The next phase will commence August /September 2019. This was discussed and noted and Mr. Cubitt proposed we go with 18w replacement Mr. Lewis seconded. Thanks were expressed to Mr. Hinchliffe who has done a lot of work with this. Mr. Cubitt suggested Mr. Hinchliffe, Mr. Gaade and the Clerk to go ahead with agreeing a contract with Mega Electric N.W. Ltd. And get the project completed as soon as possible. All agreed. It was suggested to get a quote for a light on Dee Park Play Area to shine over the path. This will be discussed with Mega.
11. PROPOSED NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT ON DEE PARK & CHURCH GREEN: This was discussed and 2 items were considered costing £18000 between the two. This is more than budgeted for but it was agreed to meet Carla from WCBC and get advice on these especially on Church Green where old Public Footpaths exist. Mr.Gaade proposed that if needed the results could be produced at the council for extra funding to be considered, Mrs Jones seconded.

12. GENERAL MATTERS: LITTER BIN – Dee Park, door hanging off. Garden Rubbish being tipped into Castle ground. Garden fence hanging into footpath. Dog fouling – dog being allowed out from a property. Clerk to write. Wall cracked at Manor Park and leaning into lamppost. Fence by garages Dee Park – Bank seems to be slipping and hole under fence may be dangerous to children. School Coaches going in circle down Cross Street, Green Street, Quakers Way and up Church Street. Members thought this best way as the weight restriction does not apply to this route  but is for 7 and half ton for Rossett Road. E.Mail received to report this so Clerk to reply.
13. ALLOTMENTS: Clerk to send a general letter to tenants to ask that they refrain from tipping garden waste on grass verge opposite the allotments as it makes it difficult for the bank to be trimmed. A vehicle is still being left unattended here and Clerk to send another letter to owner. A request had been received for a relative to be put on a tenancy as well as the tenant but the members agreed it be left as the existing tenant and that it be okay for the relative to just help with the allotment.

ACCOUNTS – Mr. P. Gaade proposed these be approved for payment, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
2557 – AVOW                      Wages & charges G. Crofts                     £262-72
2558 – AVOW                      Salary & charges J. Pierce                      £356-03
2559 – Mr. E. Jones           Grasscutting & Brambles                        £264-00
2560 – JDH Services Ltd  Internal Audit 2018/2019                      £269-28
2561 – K. Moult                  Treatment & cuts Bowling Green.        £160-00
2562 – Mrs J. Pierce          Expenses                                                   £  61-96
2563 – Mr. P. Gaade          Stickers for Toilets                                  £  21-60
2564 – AVOW                     Wages & Charges J. Pierce & G. Crofts  £619-75
2565 – Mrs J. Pierce         Expenses                                                   £  47-86
2566 – K. Moult                 Verticut and grass cuts (as agreed)    £220-00
2567 – Mr. E. Jones          Grass cuts and rubbish removal         £264-00
2568 – WCBC                     Trade refuse Annual – Cemetery       £971-00
2569 – EDF                         Street Lighting Energy                         £724-16

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 25th June, 2019 at 7p.m.

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