Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 28th June, 2016

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 28th June, 2016

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Councillor M. Morris, PCSO D. Jones and PCSO A. Heron.

CHAIR: Mrs G. Jones, the Chairperson, took the Chair and opened with a welcome to all.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and approved, Mr. S. Lewis seconded, all agreed.
The issue with a vehicle on the Cross has been dealt with by the Police.
Speed monitoring has taken place on Bridge Street from Cross area. Crime thankfully still low with 2 Burglaries other than dwelling in Llanypwll, 1 theft from Commercial premises – Holt, 3 Anti social behaviour these not in village of Holt but in Holt ward!
Someone has been around in a white van selling fish and any concerns regarding this or other sales public asked to phone Trading standards. Computer scams are very concerning and people asked not to hand money over to anyone who contacts them over the phone without checking. There is an Action Fraud website with information.
PCSO Jones had checked on the parking by the Frackers camp but it has to be causing obstruction for anything to be done.
The clerk also mentioned a car parked in Fairview making it difficult for cars leaving a property there. The police were thanked and left.

Mr. Paul Hinchliffe attended to kindly fill the committee in on this important Holt History weekend when the re-enactment organised by WCBC Heritage section will take place but HLHS are hoping to organise various other activities by involving groups such as Holt U.5s, Church, School, Town Trust, e.t.c. He explained everything to the committee and it was agreed the Holt Community Council would support this.
There is also to be an event meeting on 6th July, 2016 to discuss this and we will await feedback. A Talk & Tour of the Holt Castle is to be held on 20th July, 2016 and the Clerk will advertise this on the Notice Board however the matter of the grass not being cut at the castle and the condition here has been a major concern and Councillor Morris and the Clerk have been constantle in touch with WCBC heritage regarding this. Mrs Jones reported a school visit had to be cancelled which is not very good and the access to the Castle is also a cause for concern. Pressure will be kept up to rectify the situation here. Thanks given to Mr. Hinchliffe for attending.

1.    CROSS – PARKING: A Proposed Traffic Regulation Order has been advertised and views are asked for. This is to be supported by Holt C.C. and put on website.
The other matter of obstruction here is now in the hands of Wrexham County BC Legal Department.
2.    PUBLIC TOILETS: A request had been received for these to be left open for the U.5s Summer Fun Day and this was arranged. The tap in the Ladies needs to be replaced and a new cistern in 1 ladies toilet. Mr. Gaade proposed this Mr. P. Lewis seconded.
3.    SIGNS FOR HOLT: The new sign on the bridge is in place and the 1 on Frog Lane will be sorted once siting agreed. Mr. Gaade working on this with Mr. Pridding. Thanks to Mr. Gaade.
4.    VILLAGE CARETAKER: A new caretaker is now in place and already there are excellent signs of work done. A big clear up is to be done initially and then a number of set hours a week will be agreed. A private company are employed to carry out the work and two men will work together. It is hoped that with this being done and the co-operation from residents the village will look tidier.
5.    2 VACANCIES FOR COMMUNITY COUNCILLORS: The Clerk presented gifts and a card expressing the sincere thanks of everyone, to Derek and Linda Roberts for their work on behalf of Holt. The notice advertising the 2 vacancies has been displayed in the Notice Board.
6.    MONTHLY BUDGET REPORT: A copy of this was handed to each member and the financial matters were explained fully. Mr. J. Cubitt proposed this be accepted and Mr. P. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
7.    PLANNING: There were no applications received except for a section 78 Appeal at Land South of Francis Lane, Holt – this was noted. Mr. Cubitt also reported that an application for Newhaven (for which he had declared interest!) had been withdrawn. He was thanked for the information.
8.    HEDGES: The Clerk had contacted WCBC regarding overgrown hedges and informed they cannot be cut properly until August but she had asked for a couple of the worst ones to be faced as they are causing problems. She also asked members about cemetery hedges being cut and Mr. gaade kindly offered to get quotes.
9.    CREATE YOUR OWN SPACE: Mr. Campbell had been informed that the application for the grant had been unsuccessful but when put into perspective with applications and money available this was no reflection on the application and scheme that had been put together and the Clerk had thanked Mr.Campbell and all involved for their efforts. Members agreed.

10.    FLOWER SHOW: Flower, Vegetable and Home Produce Show to be held at St. Margaret’s Church & Community Hall, Chester Road, Wrexham on Saturday, 20th August, 2016, opens to public 3.30p.m.
11.    ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL COUNCIL CLERKS: A complimentary membership form was received and after the Clerk asked Councillor Morris about this it was agreed she sends the application off.
12.    MEMORIAL APPLICATION: This was received for the late Mr. Frank Gibson and Mrs Margaret Gibson. Ms. Shone proposed this be approved, Mr. S. Lewis
13.    An explanation of the changes of the Revised Code of Conduct were explained and the Holt Community Council agreed to formally adopt the Wrexham County Borough Council revised Code of Conduct. Mr. P. Lewis proposed this be done and advertised as necessary and Mr. J. Cubitt seconded. All members in agreement.

14.    TARMAC: Mr. Cubitt reported that they are very busy stripping off the Holt Estate and also have a scheme for Solar Panels.
15.    GENERAL MATTERS: Cemetery Refuse Contract – the Community Council are paying a lot of money to have the bin emptied and the bin is not being put back so refuse is accumulating on the flagstones. The Clerk has sent a strong e.mail to WCBC and if action is not taken to rectify the problem then the contract will be ceased and transferred to a private company.  Rubbish in ditch
at lay bye near Meadow View and also rubbish in Sandy Lane – report. Lights to report.
16.    ALLOTMENTS: Some of these are not in good condition and the Clerk will check the agreement and letters will be sent to remove the tenancy if necessary.

ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT – These were proposed by Mr. P. Lewis and seconded by Mr. Gaade. All agreed.

2265 – Mrs J. Pierce    Salary & Expenses     £348-27
2266 – Jones Lighting   Maintenance May       £155-17
2267 – EMJ              Grass Cutting         £220-00
2268 – WCBC             Play Area             £309-60
Wages G. Croft        £219-00
2269 – Mr. D. Kettle    Grass Cuts            £210-00

It was agreed the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 27th July, 2016.

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