Holt Community Council- Meeting Minutes – 28th June, 2011

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Holt Community Council- Meeting Minutes - 28th June, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Pridding, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Councillor Morris and H. Jones (owner of Food Hall on Cross ) T. Pritchard & Mr. Price (Bowling Green)

APOLOGIES: Mr. Evans and Mr. Gibson and police.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a welcome especially to the member of the public present.

MINUTES: Mr. Roberts proposed, the minutes of the last meeting, be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.

1.POLICE MATTERS: The police were not present but the P.C.S.O. had apologised and left a monthly report of crimes, with Mr. Pridding.
It had been a quiet month but there had been some damage done on the Green and also to the Notice Board in the Car Park!
Castle Access: there is only 1 gate remaining here and situation to be monitored!
2.BOWLING GREEN: Mr. Gaade had asked Mr. Kettle to the meeting. It was agreed to write to Mr. Kettle asking for a balance sheet in October so that future work on the green could be considered. All agreed.
Callum to meet Moray Simpson regarding the trees adjacent to the Green, Mr. Gaade to ask Mr. Jones to come along – 3p.m. on 6th July, 2011.
Mrs Jones proposed this be officially received by the council, from JDH and that the 2 matters for follow up, be dealt with by the Clerk. These were minor and will accordingly be dealt with. The return was then signed by the Chairman and a copy is to be sent to Hacker Young. Ms. Shone seconded this and all agreed.
Bier House – will be completed soon. CCTV – to look into various options as to type!
WCBC have carried out spraying for weeds.
Allotments: Sign asking tenants not to use private field for access to the allotments has now been removed as the council were notified permission had been given from the owner.

Food Hall, The Cross, Holt – Change of use of part of existing premises to additional café and food area and additional opening hours. The owner H. Jones was present and was invited to speak. Discussion took place on the opening hours and the members did not object to the application but are to write to WCBC to ask that appropriate conditions be put in place to save any inconvenience to neighbouring properties. It was generally felt that the opening of the café was a good thing for Holt!
Land off Ridley Wood Lane = erection of agricultural building. The building planned is quite large and members were concerned at the size of the planned structure in relation to the acreage of the land.
6.BOWLING; At this point of the meeting, because Mr. Pritchard and Mr. Price from the bowling, had come in after the meeting started, Mr. Gaade went back to this item! Apologies were given from Mr. Kettle. Discussion took place and the bowlers were asked to set up a small committee with a Chairman e.t.c. and that a balance sheet be done for the end of September. Mr. Lewis agreed to attend as a representative of the Community Council. Mrs Roberts thought this would be a way forward to getting some funding to help with maintenance which the bowlers do help towards and carry out a lot of themselves. The two gentlemen were thanked and the bowlers and council will work together on this.
Village Trail – letter from B. Payne confirming order fro extra leaflets now done. Mr. Lewis proposed a cheque be sent for £221-80 as agreed, Mrs Roberts seconded, all agreed.
Youth Service ( Wrexham North) – list of contacts – noted.
British Legion – invite to Party on the Prom at Llandudno to honour all who serve in the armed forces. Noted
Police/Community Meeting on 30/6/11 – Mr. Gaade to attend.
Civic Awards Evening to be held at Gresford on 29/6/11 at 7.30 – noted.
Eisteddfod – information regarding parking for the event – noted.
28/6/11 – Council Forum – noted.
Review of Electoral – Holt is the same with 1 member, Councillor Morris.

8.PARKING PROBLEMS ON THE CROSS: Councillor Morris had kindly arranged a meeting here with WCBC and some representatives from the Community Council. A plan has been drawn up by highways and a Public meeting is to take place at the Kenyon Hall from 6.30p.m to 7.30p.m. to discuss the suggestions and then the monthly meeting will follow. It was agreed members meet and deliver leaflets to the businesses and also all properties in the village notifying them of this. Councillor Morris was thanked for all his hard work on this.

9.GENERAL MATTERS; Holt/Farndon Bridge – clerk to contact Cheshire again – needs re-surfacing. Hedge at Cemetery – Mr. Jones to be asked to trim this. Hedge belonging to Water Environment depot needs attention. Academy garage – Mr. Gaade to ask who owner is as we are concerned re – gas bottles.
Mrs Roberts informed the members that next June would be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and there will be events in the village 2-5 June 2012.
1810 – Mrs J. Pierce                   Salary June 2011            £301-40
1811 – J.D.H. Business              Audit Fee 2010/11           £195-00
1812 – Mr. S. Jones                   Gate, Post & strimming  £430-00
1813 – Prontoprint                    Additional leaflets           £221-80
1814 – Mr. G. Gibson                Supply & fit lock            £  28-00
1815 – EMJ Services                 Grasscutting                    £250-00
Mrs Roberts proposed these, Mr. Roberts seconded, all agreed.

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