Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 28th July, 2020

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 28th July, 2020

Venue: Kenyon Hall

This meeting was held with strict Covid 19 restrictions in place set up by the excellent committee of the Kenyon Hall and the Holt Community Council would like to record sincere thanks for enabling this quite important meeting to be able to be held safely.

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. J. Hughes. Mr. D. Munnerley, Councillor M. Morris,


CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Martin Wright, Mrs. Olwen Rowlands and Mr. S. Lewis.

MINUTES: The report in lieu of the June meeting, of actions taken had been approved by J. Pridding and seconded by J. Cubitt and sent to all members.

ITEM 1A – ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. J. Pridding be re-elected, Mrs Jones seconded.

ITEM 1B – ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRPERSON. Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. J. Cubitt be re-elected, Mrs Jones seconded.  Both Councillors agreed to be re-elected and all members agreed.


1. NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST; 1. ‘COPSE’ – An information board is to be placed here and John Cubitt is very has very kindly taken on the work of the Community and history piece to help the Clerk and she is very grateful for his help. The placing of a picnic table here, which has caused some concern with nearby residents, was discussed and P. Gaade proposed it be given a chance, D. Munnerley seconded, all agreed. This is under the conditions that it be carefully monitored and removed should any problem occur. Clerk to write to representative of concerned residents.

2. POLICE MATTERS: The NWP have been excellent sending reports throughout the Covid 19 situation and the Clerk has been able to keep everyone updated. Our thanks to them for this. Speed checks have been held again on the Wrexham Road and although the results were low for being over 30 it was not done at the peak times when problem occurs. Clerk to contact the PCSO do ask for more in the rush hour.

3. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: The gardeners have done such a lot of brilliant work in the Village during Covid and really helped to lift spirits and a big thank you to them and others who have done various things. A letter had been received from Gardeners who have a Community allotment and a half allotment, to ask if Bees could be kept at the allotments to make Holt Honey. Whilst this was a lovely idea, the Clerk had checked Allotment Ruling and looked into Health and Safety issues and also considered the near proximity of the Cemetery and this Not  be possible, It is thought the bees now have a new home anyway. The gardeners also requested standpipes for watering at the allotments and prices are being sought for this. Clerk and Mr. Gaade working on this and Mr. Gaade proposed prices be obtained, Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed. Hopefully these should be in place by the Spring.

3A. ALLOTMENTS: The Clerk has been working with Mr. Gaade’s help and sorted out a couple of allotments and new tenants in place. The tenant of No. 2 had been given immediate notice as moved away 2 years ago and not notified the Clerk. He sadly has left behind a lot of rubbish which will probably be at HCCs cost. The Clerk and Council feel very badly let down by this tenant,

4. COMMUNITY AGENT: Carys Hughes our new Community Agent has already been very active and Clerk and Mr. Hinchliffe had been talking to her and lady in Rainbow Centre, Penley and they have been working very hard throughout. Carys has lots of ideas for Holt and is very enthusiastic. She had been willing to attend the meeting but there was too much on agenda but will certainly attend to meet councillors (probably September) Councillors gave contact details to Clerk for Carys and a photo and her contact details was given to every member if any resident needs help contacting the Community Agent.


5. HOLT LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY: Mr. J. Cubitt, on behalf of the society has kindly passed a copy of the Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society containg the report on the ‘Geophysical survey of the Holt Roman tile and pottery works 2018 by Chris Matthews along with Mr. P. Hinchliffe and finalised by Mr. John Cubitt. Work like this is invaluable to keep the History of Holt alive for Future Generations and sincere thanks should be given to them all.

6. WREXHAM ROAD – FORMER PLAYING FIELD: The HCC have been paying a standing charge for an electric supply here to Scottish Power but Macbride Homes have started developing the site in Spring so Clerk to contact Scottish Power.

7.  PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Academy Garage, Castle Street, Holt – Variation of Condition 1 of Planning Permission P/2015/0417 (erection of 4 dwellings) to extend the time period for commencement of development. This site has caused a few issues and the first planning permission was for 5 years and then a further extension for 5 years was granted  if allowed this application  will mean the site will have stood empty for 15 years! The fence that is there now is better and if planning granted should be maintained and  repainted as this is a major site in a Conservation Area. Clerk to contact Planning. ‘Fairview House’ Replacement Windows. – Observations that 6 over 6 would be more appropriate then 2 over 2 for this property. Clerk to contact planning. Ipsen Biopharm Ltd – Notification of proposed application for Construction of new drug production facility including internal road realignment (not in Holt Ward – sent for information )



1. In January 2020 require Clerk to obtain 3 quotations for all contracts over £1000. Prior to these revised regulations this was £3000. This was an error when adapting new regulations and they were not adopted in January 2020 but will be adopted and amended on the agenda at July 2020 meeting to rectify the error.

2. Reserves: The council’s reserves at £36592 are in excess of 100% of precept and audit could not see if they were earmarked for specific schemes. – Follow up reply.

Reserves above 100% are £5592 and are earmarked for Amenity and Environmental.

Reserve always has to be kept for Burial.

3. Asset Register – The Clerk had in error added Street Lights not just cost of new updated LED lights. This was simply amended as recommended before sending the Annual Return to Wales Audit for External Audit. Mrs Jones proposed these actions and the formal acceptance, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed.

9. EXTERNAL AUDIT  Annual Return for 2019/20 – Wales Audit – Grant Thornton. The Clerk has been dealing with all required duties because of Covid 19 situation. The Annual Return was signed by the Chairman and is to be sent to Grant Thornton along with accompanying required documents of evidence for a delayed audit. Mrs Jones proposed, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed.

10. FINANCIAL REGULATIONS: Amend & Adopt: This was a follow point at Internal Audit and the Clerk explained that she had worked with Mr. Hinchliffe to review these and amend as statutory to apply the HCC and had worked on copy from SLCC Clerk and had inadvertently made the errors. The amount required for quotes for e.g. grass cutting will now be set as before at £3000. The date of January 2020 for adoption will be removed and the Amended Financial Orders for HCC are adopted at this meeting on 28th July, 2020. Mr. J. Cubitt proposed all these actions, Mr. D. Munnerley seconded. All agreed.

11. Agreement of scheme of Delegation for Future Business to Clerk in Consultation with Council Members:  -set limits on invoices and types of invoices the Clerk can pay without their approval also Planning Applications – how to deal with these:

Payment of Invoices by Clerk – Mr. J. Cubitt proposed a limit of £500 in Consultation with the Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson. Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded.

All members in agreement. ( This to be added to Financial Orders.)

Dealing with Planning Applications: - It was proposed by Mr. J. Cubitt that this be carried out with consultation to the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and 3 members

(majority). The Clerk to report any new or ongoing Planning to members.

Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded this. All members in agreement.


The Clerk notified Members of their right to claim the set amount for expenses however the Members all advised the Clerk they wished Return a Nil Claim for 2020 and will contact her in writing to confirm this action. Mr. J. Cubitt proposed this on behalf members, Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded. All in agreement. Members were thanked and Clerk to notify the IRP Panel and advertise this on the Website.


Members had received the Financial Sheet for July electronically and Mr. Hinchliffe talked members through it. Mr. J. Cubitt proposed it be approved and accepted. Mrs G. Jones seconded. All members in agreement. Mrs G. Jones proposed payment of the Accounts for July and approval for payment of August accounts when due, Ms. A. Shone seconded. All members in agreement.

14. GRANT FOR HOLT U.5s – The HCC had pledged £500 for three years to Holt U.5s towards their Summer Fete which they hold to raise funds. This year is the 3rd payment and needed more than ever this year as they were unable to hold fete.

Mr. P. Hinchliffe proposed this be paid Mrs G. Jones seconded. All agreed.


15. PUBLIC TOILETS: These had been given a complete Steam & Disinfection Clean by a company from Buckley ‘Clean Police’ near the end of July. They had offered to do a monthly quick clean for £50 once a month. This was discussed and it was agreed that they be asked to do this at end of September, December and March for this Financial Year then it be reviewed. The Clerk is to contact Mr. Gary Crofts, the Caretaker to ask that he just continues to open and close the toilets and general cleaning maintenance. The decision to hire the Clean Police is in no way a reflection on the excellent work Mr. Crofts carries out but the decision was made because of the Covid 19 situation and because his work hours don’t allow for anything extra. Clerk to write to Mr. Crofts in this vein.  Mr. P. Gaade proposed, Mrs G. Jones seconded. All agreed.

16. VILLAGE CLEANING: Mr. Gaade to contact Mr. Hinds to do a clean of widest half of Bridge Street.

17. CLEOPATRA’S – The Trade refuse bins are being left out on the highway and Clerk had been asked to report this to WCBC.

18. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT – PLAY AREAS: Apparently emptying of the litter bins on these areas was not included on these areas even though WCBC have emptied them (sometimes when asked to by HCC because they were overflowing) Clerk to contact WCBC over this as soon as possible.


2676 – AVOW                 Wages G. Crofts, Salary J.Pierce & charges           £634.26

2677 -  WCBC                  New Swing Chains & Seats – Dee Park.                  £349.63

2678 – Hafren Dwfrdwy Water Supply to Toilets, Bowling/Allotments.   £174.19

2679 – EDF                      Street Lighting – Energy 1.5.20 to 31.7.20            £199.25

2680 – Mr. E. Jones      Grass cuts Burial e.tc.                                                £240.00

2681 – SLCC                    Membership Renewal 2020/21                              £109.00

2682 – Holt U.5s            Grant                                                                            £500.00

2683 – Kenyon Hall C.       Hire of Kenyon Hall for HCC meeting.           £  25.20

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 29th September, 2020.

If Covid 19 conditions & restrictions allow.)

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