Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 28th July, 2015

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 28th July, 2015

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mrs. L. Roberts, Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. J. Pridding, PCSOs Aled Hughes & Jade Andrews and Councillor M. Morris.
CHAIR; Mrs G. Jones, the Chairperson, opened the meeting with a welcome and a silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Michael Baston.

MINUTES: Mr. S. Lewis proposed, Mr. J. Cubitt seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.

Monthly crime sheets were distributed and a n e.mail received from PCSO Jones who is on Annual leave. The crime numbers for Holt were very pleasing so discussion moved to our main target which is poor parking in the village (obstruction) especially on the Cross. The problem by Cleopatra’s was discussed but WCBC are aware of the situation and Councillor Morris is in discussion with them. Letters have been given to all businesses around the Cross again to ask them to co-operate by getting staff to park on the Car Park. Problems are being experienced when members of the public telephone the police as system doesn’t transfer calls to Gresford. The PCSOs took a couple of matters with them to speak to David on his return. They were both thanked for attending and left the meeting.

1.    PUBLIC TOILETS: These had been emptied by Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gaade and the keys have now been split between them. The Clerk had priced soap dispensers and Paul had priced them locally. There was not much difference so it was proposed by Paul that he purchase them and arrange fitting also 2 new CCTV signs be purchased and fixed. Derek Roberts seconded this and all agreed.
2.    Cleopatra’s – The liquor licence had been granted but not planning approved yet.
Academy Garage – Councillor Morris reported that approval had been given for a further 5 years for development here but a condition that within 3 months a scheme must be submitted to put a boundary fence as this has been an eyesore for so long. Many thanks to Councillor Morris for all his support and effort with this.

3.     NOTICE OF CONCLUSION OF AUDIT:  The Annual Return for the Year ending 31st March, 2015 was formally received  by the council  from Hacker Young, the external auditors, who gave a clean report. The notices required by law have been duly displayed and the invoice was approved for payment. The Annual return for 2014/15 will now be put on the website. Mr. P. Lewis proposed all the above, Mr. Pridding seconded, all members agreed. The website also has a Village facebook page now which so far has proved very popular with 138 members to date.
4.    SIGN FOR SPAR AND POST OFFICE: The community council had objected to the colour of this as it was in severe contrast to the old sign and the surrounding area. This has been amended to a grey background which is acceptable. There were concerns with the wording of Holt/Farndon post office and Holt/Farndon Spar !Councillor Morris to look into this.
5.    TREE BY HOLT/FARNDON BRIDGE PICNIC AREA: The clerk’s attention had been drawn to a limb hanging from one of the trees here. The Clerk had telephoned the relevant authority and reported this even though they were not very helpful!
6.    STREET LIGHTING COLUMN 30 – QUAKER’S WAY: Jones Lighting had sent pictures of this column which has a serious split in it. A quote of just over £1000 was given for a replacement column. Ms. Shone proposed the necessary work be carried out urgently for safety reasons, Mr. Gaade seconded. The money to be taken from the council’s Capital reserve. All agreed.
7.    MONTHLY BUDGET CONTROL: Copies of this were circulated by the Clerk for June. Mr. Cubitt proposed this be received and approved, Mr Gaade seconded, All agreed.
8.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Brynmar, Frog Lane, Holt – demolition of 2 outbuildings (in conservation area) no objections. Brynmar, Frog Lane, Holt – Rear extension & internal alterations – no objections. 2 Ashley Court, Holt – Rear conservatory extension, replacement window & front door & re-painting garage door – no objections. Cae Ffynon, Holt Road, Llanypwll – removal of agricultural occupancy condition (of planning permission 07977 dated 6/7/1981 to allow unrestricted occupancy) – no objections (has been advertised as required!) 8 The Gardens, Holt – erection of replacement fence (in retrospect) – no objections. 2 Gorton Hall Court, Borras – erection of detached double garage with office above – it was felt there were enough buildings here and this could set a precedent.
9.    CROSS/VILLAGE CARETAKER: a letter was received from the Holt Town Trust complimenting the new caretaker on the condition of the Cross and it was also mentioned by the council that the village is looking better. The Trust have approached the caretaker regarding the gardening on the Cross and the Clerk thought this could be incorporated into the 3 hours a week paid by the HTT for the care of the Cross. Everyone thought this was a good idea but the HTT must supervise the gardening work. The Clerk to contact HTT This was agreed by all members.

10.    GENERAL MATTERS: Potholes, Quaker’s Way. Hedge at entrance to village (Bellis Bros). Highway matters – white lines by bridge, one way system from bridge to Ellisons (uphill not downhill). Junction of Commonwood Road/Rossett Road – need rumble strips or some warning before left give way sign as not clear junction! Trees, Gateacre – what happened with these?
Holt Castle – cuts of grass have not been very satisfactory here.
Allotments: Letters are to be sent to all allotment holders regarding the condition of some allotments. The matter will then be looked at in December prior to them being billed in April.

ACCOUNTS – these were proposed for payment by Mr. S. Lewis and seconded by Mr. D. Roberts – all agreed.

2171 – Mrs J. Pierce                   Salary + expenses July          £327-18
2172 – Mr. M. Jones                   Treatment bowling green     £300-00
2173 – WCBC                              Play areas – maintenance    £255-00
2174 – Jones Lighting                 Maintenance St. Lighting      £273-79
2175 – Scottish Power                 Portakabin                        £  22-44
2176 – Mrs K. Rawlinson           Wages toilets                         £201-50
2177 – Mr. D. Kettle                    Grasscutting                       £165-00
2178 – E.M.J. Services                Grasscutting                        £220-00
2179 – Hacker Young                 Audit 2014/15                     £354-00
2180 – Mr. S. Solari                    Cross/Village                        £195-00
2181 – Mrs J Pierce                     Salary Aug & Sept & exp      £648-75
2182 – Dee Valley                        Water Supply                    £384-17
2183 – EDF                                   St. Lighting – energy       £591-76
2184 – Jones Lighting                  St. Lighting maintenance     £273-79
2185 – Mrs K. Rawlinson            Toilets & Holiday pay              £247-00
2186 – Royal British Legion        Poppies for lamp posts            £225-00
2187 – Mr. D. Kettle                    Grasscutting                      £180-00
2188 – SLCC                                Membership 2015/16        £ 88-00
2189 – Mrs J. Pierce                    Expenses – toilets              £ 69-08
2190 – E.M.J. Services                Grasscutting                       £180-00
2191 – Mr. S. Solari                    Cross/Village                       £156-00

These Accounts are for July & August. There is no August meeting.

The next meeting is Tuesday, 29th September, 2015.

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