Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 28th February, 2012

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 28th February, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

The members met 20 minutes early in order to study the planning applications received since the last meeting!

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Pridding, Mr Evans, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Councillor Morris, P.C.S.O.s Poppy Hadfield-Jones and Phil Jones.

CHAIR: Mr. Pridding took the Chair as Vice-Chairperson as he will be covering when Mr. Gaade is on holiday. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and then a silence was held in respect  of the late Mrs Sheila Baker, Mrs Olive Billington, Mrs Frankie Pickens and Mr. Ken Lloyd.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Lewis seconded this, all agreed.

1.    The officers were welcomed and it was explained that there was a delay in our new P.C.S.O taking over in Holt. Due to police changes the new P.C.S.O. should be Luke Dobie who will begin 1/4/12. The police were asked if he could make himself known to the school and also a walk of the village would be arranged with the council and street scene’s Mike Jones.
2.    A report was given out and whilst things were quite quiet there had been a couple of burglaries and some unacceptable vandalism. The council and police are to meet to view footage from the Public toilets camera.
3.    Mr. Gaade and the Clerk had attended the Community police meeting at Wrexham and generally it was felt there was not enough police presence and that it was important also for police to attend Community Council meetings!
4.    Future plans for policing are to close some community police stations and station an officer in a room in a community. This might not be for 5 years but members are to ask if Holt could start this now.
The police were thanked and left.


The planning was refused by WCBC and is now to go to appeal – noted.

2.DOG FOULING: This matter has been taken up with the dog warden and visits are being made to Holt. He was very concerned with the condition of pavements in the village and some footpaths and assured us that anyone caught allowing their dog to foul and not clearing it up, will face a hefty fine. This will not be tolerated. This also applies to anyone letting their dog roam free as photographic evidence can be used. Signs are to be priced.

3.CHIROPODIST: There doesn’t seem to be any hope that this service will ever be back in Holt but even though the Clerk has spoken to the gentleman concerned with this he still hasn’t, despite being requested to, had the courtesy of replying to us! Another letter is to be sent expressing concern.
It was thought that maybe the room used for the Chiropodist could be used as a police base as it has a separate entrance. This would have to be arranged between the police and WCBC.

This was discussed and it seems there may be several groups planning events in the village. Mr. Gaade then offered to contact several people to come to a meeting in the Kenyon Hall to see if perhaps some things could be combined or just for anyone wishing to help with something! Posters to be put up and this to go on website when arranged.

5.GENERAL MATTERS; Waterways – letter sent objecting to planning for pots, decision pending. Work re-surfacing the Cross is to be started possibly 5/3/12. Thanks to Councillor Morris for his part in this! Councillor Morris reported that a 40m.p.h is to be implemented by WCBC on a section of the Wrexham Road.

6.KENYON HALL COMMITTEE – REPRESENTATIVE: A letter was received requesting this for the A.G.M. – Mrs Jones proposed Mrs Linda Roberts be elected again, Mr. Gaade seconded. Mrs Roberts accepted and all agreed.

7.FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS: The clerk will receive packs for existing councillors but anyone else interested in standing for election will have to contact the clerk. A timetable of the elections is on view on the website and in notice boards.

8.ROOF OF BOWLING HUT: A letter was received from the bowlers giving quotes to recover this. Mr. Lewis offered to liaise, with Mr. Kettle, as he had experience in the different coverings, The letter was passed to Mr. Lewis and he was thanked.

9.CEMETERY MANAGEMENT COURSE: This is to be held in April and it was agreed the clerk could attend if possible and any fee paid by the council. All agreed.

Chadsleigh, Castle Gardens – reduce south side crowns of 3 Beech trees (Mr. Lewis declared interest) no objections.
Foxlea, Rossett Road, Commonwood – erection of 2 single storey extensions to rear of property including add. External entry at front of property – no objections.
Garden Lodge, Deeside, Holt – fell to ground 1 blue Lawson cypress & 2 leylandi – no objections.
Holt Lodge Hotel – partial demolition of function room & side entrance & additions/rearrangements of function room, patio, w.cs & entrance foyer – no objections.
Gourton Hall, Borras Hall Lane – alterations & extensions to existing farmhouse – no objections.
Lodge Farm, Commonwood, - application to import & recycle a wide range of materials including energy crops & industrial bio wastes in existing anaerobic digester e.t.c. – The property is not in Holt but we were consulted as transport links are also access to property. A site visit was made and a letter sent to planning not objecting providing any planning granted be adhered to and also traffic not using the village!
Borras Hall, Llanypwll – Section 78 appeal – notification of withdrawal of application.
Land adjacent to Sycamore House – erection of agricultural building (Mr. Pridding had declared interest) – This development did not require planning permission.

Railings by by-pass – sticking out. Ask WCBC regarding playing field contract.
Shed, Wrexham road – Councillor Morris contacted Wrexham who are trying to devise a policy to cover building in proportion to size of land! Clerk to write to draw attention to this and the position it could create.
Sign for weight restrictions at appropriate points to stop lorries entering the village and having to turn. Hole in road, Frog Lane. Footpath to Castle, fencing leaning.


1861 – H.M. Revenue & Customs    PAYE for Clerk  2011/12                  £723-36
(clerk now paid net amount)
1862 – E.M.J. Services                       Clearing paths & hedge cutting       £150-00

Ms. Shone proposed Mrs Jones seconded these.

Next Meeting to be held on 27th March, 2012

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